The 21 Best Bitcoin Podcasts + Guests

Let me guess… you’re looking to learn more about Bitcoin (or already know a lot but need a new fix), and audio is your preferred way to learn. You’ve come to the right place. (Don’t forget, we have a great list of Bitcoin books if you like to read as well.)

These are my favorite Bitcoin podcasts listed in order. Your list and preference may differ from mine, so I tried to quickly describe each so you can start with a show that works best for you.

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After the podcast section, you’ll find a list of my favorite podcast guests. These people don’t have their own podcasts (for all I know), but I’ll follow them around the internet to any podcast they appear.

The Best Bitcoin Podcasts

The “What is Money?” Show

Robert Breedlove is a deep thinker and a great speaker and writer about Bitcoin. I love the title and premise of his podcast, “What is Money?” My guess is that most people get the process of buying Bitcoin backward (including me): we first ask “what is Bitcoin?” because we are intrigued by the returns, volatility, or technology. We assume to ourselves that we first understand money. But once you get into Bitcoin, you learn that you don’t actually know anything about the purpose and history of money in general. Then you take the step back to learn about that. Breedlove built a show where he interviews fascinating guests in long-form series about the history, purpose, use, and types of money. I particularly recommend the Saylor Series in which Breedlove interviews Michael Saylor, the founder and CEO of MicroStrategy.

  • Host: Robert Breedlove
  • iTunes Rating: 4.9/5

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We Study Billionaires: Bitcoin Fundamentals

We Study Billionaires is a podcast with three shows per week. The Sunday and Friday shows are about investing in the stock market from a value investing perspective and the Wednesday show is solely about Bitcoin. Why the split? Preston Pysh, one of the original hosts of the podcast and a value investor, started to learn about Bitcoin over the years. As he learned and invested more into Bitcoin, he started to theorize how value investing cannot work if the denominator (fiat money) is being printed. It’s hard to value a company’s future earnings if the supply of money is also changing rapidly. Preston started the Wednesday series in November of 2020 to discuss Bitcoin alone.

Preston’s perspective is fascinating: he’s an aerospace engineer, a former pilot in the Army, and Warren Buffett disciple. Each of those experiences seemed to help Preston better understand the fundamentals of money and Bitcoin, but also forced him to overcome some deep biases. Preston Pysh has done the work to understand Bitcoin deeply and it helps his ability to teach and discuss the topic clearly. His first Bitcoin Fundamentals podcast with Robert Breedlove, Bitcoin Common Misconceptions, is a great start.

  • Host: Preston Pysh
  • iTunes Rating: 4.6/5

(Preston was recently named one of our top people to follow for Bitcoin analysis)


The What Bitcoin Did Podcast

  • Host: Peter McCormack
  • iTunes Rating: 4.8/5

Peter McCormack is a self-proclaimed moron. But that’s good! He asks questions you as the listener would want to ask of really smart guests so you can truly understand what is being discussed. He’s just dumb enough to be a great podcast host. My one complaint, though, is that he’s getting a lot smarter at this stuff over the years. If you’re looking for a good introduction to many topics surrounding Bitcoin and want to learn more, this is the show to subscribe to. Peter puts out 3-4 shows per week with a wide-range of guests.


The Pomp Podcast

  • Host: Anthony Pompliano
  • iTunes Rating: 4.8/5

Anthony Pompliano, “Pomp”, hosts this very successful podcast with well-known guests. His guests and topics have expanded beyond Bitcoin, but the majority of episodes still cover Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Pomp is a good interviewer. He listens well and structures questions very coherently to guide the conversation. If you’re interested in Bitcoin, investing, and entrepreneurship, this is a great podcast. As for Bitcoin-specific episodes, I highly recommend this episode with Caitlin Long from March of 2020 (when Covid hit). It will change your view of the current monetary system and position you to better understand the purpose of Bitcoin.


The Bitcoin Standard Podcast

  • Host: Dr. Saifedean Ammous
  • iTunes Rating: 4.7/5

Saifedean Ammous is the author of The Bitcoin Standard, the book to read to understand the history of money, Bitcoin as a form of money, how it works, and how the future might look using Bitcoin. I’d characterize The Bitcoin Standard Podcast as a Bitcoin show with Saifedean’s personal passions and pursuits sprinkled in like government funding of science, the carnivore diet, and the Shitcoin Standard.

If you listen to each episode, you’ll see a coherent argument come through from the host: fiat currency has negatively impacted many areas of life that Bitcoin could solve. If you want to learn about Bitcoin through the lens of Austrian economics, sound money, and libertarianism, this is a good show.


Stephan Livera Podcast

  • Host: Stephan Livera
  • iTunes Rating: 4.9/5

Stephan Livera is an Austrian economist and libertarian who found Bitcoin. Stephan can break down complex topics simply and coherently which makes it a great beginner-intermediate podcast. Typically, each episode is with a guest that covers a specific topic happening within Bitcoin rather than an overview of the technology itself. He’s hosted some of my favorite guests like Lyn Alden, Adam Back, Jeff Booth, and Caitlin Long.


Bitcoin Rapid Fire

  • Host: John Vallis
  • iTunes Rating: 4.9/5

The host is a deep thinker about the potential positive impacts of Bitcoin and invites on guests that typically share the same values. If you are new to Bitcoin, this will feel like you’re dropping into the twilight zone as the discussions often include how Bitcoin changes you, what society might look like in hundreds of years on a Bitcoin standard, life in future Bitcoin citadels, and the corrosive effects of fiat currency. Now, if you’ve learned quite a bit about Bitcoin and want to jump to the next level, you’ll get a lot out of these discussions.


Closing The Loop

  • Host: John Vallis
  • iTunes Rating: /5

Closing The Loop is another podcast hosted by John Vallis provided by seetee, a Bitcoin investment firm, and a notable company that holds Bitcoin in its treasury. This is a Lightning Network-enable podcast. Closing The Loop has one-on-one discussions with people building companies in the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Swan Signal (A podcast By Swan Bitcoin, where I accumulate)

  • Host: Brady Swenson of Swan Bitcoin
  • iTunes Rating: 4.7/5

This is the only show on this list that has two or more guests for each episode. The format allows for interesting discussions as topics are addressed from different viewpoints. Keep in mind, everyone on the show is a Bitcoiner, but having multiple guests opens up different ways to look at the same story. A frequent pairing is Preston Pysh of We Study Billionaires and Andy Edstrom, the author of Why Buy Bitcoin, one of my ten favorite Bitcoin books, and a member of the Swan Bitcoin team (where I accumulate). Episodes are released twice per month, so I’d recommend subscribing and seeing if the guests on a new episode are of interest to you. These are done first as live YouTube videos then turned into podcasts after.


Bitcoin Fixes This

  • Host: Jimmy Song
  • iTunes Rating: 4.7/5

Jimmy Song is an early Bitcoin developer since 2011, the author of some of our favorite Bitcoin books like Thank God For Bitcoin and The Little Bitcoin Book, and the host of the “Bitcoin Fixes This” podcast. In his podcast, Jimmy asks great questions and is a good listener. I say that because you can tell he also has an well-informed answer to the questions, but gives the guests plenty of room to explain and share in their own way. He offers two types of podcasts: one form is a discussion with a guest and the other is a reading of an article on his blog, Bitcoin Tech Talk. I personally listen to the discussions and would recommend them to any level of Bitcoin, beginner to maximalist.


Coin Stories

  • Host: Natalie Brunell
  • iTunes Rating: 5/5

Natalie Brunell was an investigative journalist and media personality for companies like ABC and Spectrum News who gave it all up recently (2021) to work in Bitcoin. She launched the Coin Stories podcast in May of 2021. Like Natalie, many of her guests gave up successful careers to dive deeply into Bitcoin once they truly understood what Bitcoin could become. Each podcast features a one-on-one discussion with people in Bitcoin. You’ll first learn about why these people got into Bitcoin and then their perspective on where it goes from here.


Bitcoin Audible

In each episode, Guy Swann, reads an interesting Bitcoin article written by someone else. If you like to learn in this format (written essays read verbally), this will be your absolute best place to learn. Whereas the other podcasts are free-flowing discussions, this one is a reading. He’s got a great voice, too.


Orange Pill Podcast

  • Host: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
  • iTunes Rating: /5

Are you ready for the earliest, brashest, boldest Bitcoin maximalists? Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert pair up to bring in-your-face views about Bitcoin (but they’ve been just about right for years now, though). These start as live streams and then are turned into podcast episodes. Max and Stacy talk about their view on how fiat currencies are failing and Bitcoin is growing in front of our eyes. If you prefer this style of discussion, this is your podcast.


Best Bitcoin Podcast Guests (Who Don’t Have A Podcast)

Another way to experience podcasts is to find guests you like and follow them around as they appear on shows as guests. These are my favorite Bitcoin guests on podcasts who I want to mention because they don’t have their own shows (well as far as I know). I’d highly recommend listening to any appearance these people make and have linked to my favorite from each.

  1. Michael Saylor: The founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, the first publicly-traded company to choose Bitcoin as its reserve asset. My favorite episodes are the Saylor Series on the “What is Money?”
  2. Plan B (a Buildremote top Bitcoin analyst): An anonymous investor who created the stock-to-flow model for Bitcoin–a financial projection for Bitcoin’s value based on the scarcity at each halving cycle. The model has held up for a few years now. This episode on We Study Billionaires from 2019 explains the model and how to value Bitcoin really well.
  3. Caitlin Long (a top Bitcoin analyst): The founder and CEO of Avanti Financial Group, the first official bank for digital assets like Bitcoin. My favorite episode is Caitlin’s appearance on The Pomp Podcast in March of 2020 (still applicable today).
  4. Raoul Pal (a top Bitcoin analyst): The co-founder and CEO of Real Vision, a great macroeconomic investor, and one of the first well-known traditional investors to buy Bitcoin. Real Vision has a number of great podcasts and videos about investing, macroeconomics, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. I listen to Raoul every appearance he has on the Real Vision Daily Briefing.
  5. Lyn Alden (a top Bitcoin analyst)A former engineer, Lyn Alden now runs her own premium content service where she provides investing advice and stock portfolios. A few of favorite episodes are Lyn’s appearance on the Coin Stories podcast and the Bitcoin Risk Assessment episode on What Bitcoin Did.
  6. Jeff Booth: An entrepreneur and the author of The Price of Tomorrow. In this book, Jeff lays out the best case for what is wrong with our monetary system today. His first appearance on The Pomp Podcast changed my view permanently and I listen to any other appearance I can find like this one with Preston Pysh.
  7. Vijay Boyapati: The author of The Bullish Case for Bitcoin with a fascinating background in computer science, as an early Google employee, in politics, and now dedicted to Bitcoin. My favorite episode is Vijay’s appearance on Preston Pysh’s Bitcoin Fundamentals podcast.
  8. Alex Gladstein: Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. Gladstein is the best person who makes the humanitarian case for Bitcoin–there is no one better. He’s highlighted stories of Bitcoin being used in Cuba, Afghanistan, El Salvador, and Palestine. His most in-depth interview is this one with Lex Fridman.


What did we miss? If you’d like to recommend a Bitcoin podcast or guest, please comment below. I’ll get in touch for more details and will include helpful recommendations.

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