14 Best People To Follow For Bitcoin Analysis

If you were to price Bitcoin in your local fiat currency, the chart is volatile. Maybe you already own some Bitcoin and are looking to accumulate more at the right time, or you’re convinced it’s time to buy some Bitcoin but want a good entry point. Better yet, you’re looking for some real analysis about where Bitcoin might go over the coming decades.

You’ll see we’ve grouped the experts into three types of Bitcoin analysis: technical, on-chain, and macro. In the first section below, you’ll see our quick definition for each. After that, you can sort the list for the type of analysis you seek. The list will filter based on what you choose to see.

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The Foremost Bitcoin Analysts

Here is your filtered list of the Bitcoin analysts the internet has to offer.

Willy Woo

Specialty: On-chain analysis 


Willy Woo is one of the original Bitcoin on-chain analysts. Woo has come up with a number of original metrics and charts to measure Bitcoin’s on-chain activity. You can listen to Willy’s thoughts on the What Bitcoin Did podcast (rated one of our top Bitcoin podcasts).


Insightful Tweet

Website: http://charts.woobull.com/
Twitter: @woonomic
Substack: The Bitcoin Forecast (Willy just informed subscribers this would be ending by the spring of 2022)


Will Clemente

On-chain analysis


Will Clemente is a 19-year old, East Carolina University dropout. As told through numerous podcasts, Will was studying finance and economics through the Keynesian lens while also studying Bitcoin. The two concepts didn’t reconcile, and Will decided to leave college to pursue a career in Bitcoin analysis. The move worked out as he gained hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers in a year and became the Lead Insights Analyst at Blockware Solutions.


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Twitter: @WClementeIII
Podcast: Blockware Intelligence Podcast
Substack: Blockware Intelligence Newsletter

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Plan B

Stock-to-flow model


Plan B is a pseudonymous investor who created Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow ratio, a way to predict Bitcoin’s future value based on it’s scarcity. Stock-to-flow is a financial ratio that has been around for a long time and is used to calculate, typically, a resource’s scarcity: stock is the existing supply of the resource, flow is the annual amount at which the resource is produced. Plan B is the first to model out Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow to predict future price in dollar terms. The model has been accurate for years, with the most recent year’s price sitting on the low-end of the model’s acceptable bound.


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Website: https://planbtc.com/
Twitter: @100trillionUSD
Medium: https://medium.com/@100trillionUSD


Charles Edwards

On-chain analysis


Charles Edwards is the founder of Capriole Investments. Capriole’s goal is to outperform Bitcoin, which they’ve done each of the past two years. Edwards has a background as a quant investor and has created multiple on-chain metrics, including “hash ribbons.”


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Website: https://www.capriole.com/
Twitter: @caprioleio


Caitlin Long

 Macro analysis


Caitlin Long is the Founder and CEO of Custodia Bank (formerly known as Avanti), the first official bank for digital assets like Bitcoin. Long is incredibly knowledgeable about how fiat currencies work, rehypothecation, the danger of paper claims on Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s role in politics, and much more.


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Twitter: @caitlinlong_
Substack: (or something else)


Nik Bhatia

Macro analysis


Nik Bhatia is a professor of finance at USC, and more famously, the author of Layered Money (one of our top Bitcoin book recommendations). In his book, Bhatia paints the picture of a new financial system with Bitcoin as the base layer, trusted form of money.


Insightful Tweet

Substack: The Bitcoin Layer


Dylan LeClair



In 2020, Dylan LeClair dropped out of the University of Vermont to focus on Bitcoin. Dylan is a contributor to many Bitcoin-related companies. He  does market research and writes for Bitcoin Magazine, provides analysis for UTXO Management, and co-founded 21st Paradigm. Dylan is best known for on-chain analysis, but has moved into more macro analysis on Twitter as of late.


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Website: https://dylanleclair.info/
Twitter: @DylanLeClair_
Substack: Deep Dive

Bitcoin Magazine: Articles


Preston Pysh

 Macro analysis


Preston Pysh is an aerospace engineer, a former pilot in the Army, and Warren Buffett disciple. Each of those experiences seemed to help Preston better understand the fundamentals of money and Bitcoin, but also forced him to overcome some deep biases. Preston Pysh shares great macro analysis and charts explaining the state of fiat currencies and Bitcoin.


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Website: https://www.theinvestorspodcast.com/
Twitter: @PrestonPysh
Podcast: Wednesday episodes of We Study Billionaires (rated a top Bitcoin podcast)


Lyn Alden

Macro analysis


Lyn Alden is the best macro analyst I follow. With a background as an engineer, Alden views the macroeconomy like a machine and has the ability to assess inputs, outputs, actions, and reactions with amazing clarity. In 2020, Lyn did a deep analysis on Bitcoin and decided to invest personally. Since then, she’s become a trusted source analyzing Bitcoin’s role in the future of the world economy.


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Website: https://www.lynalden.com/
Twitter: @LynAldenContact


Rekt Capital

Technical analysis


Rekt Capital writes a paid newsletter with technical analysis of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He shares some of the insights on Twitter for short- to medium-term predictions based on technical charting.


Insightful Tweet


Website: https://www.rektcapital.co/
Twitter: @rektcapital
Substack: Rekt Capital Newsletter


Jurrien Timmer

Macro analysis


Rekt Capital writes a paid newsletter with technical analysis of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He shares some of the insights on Twitter for short- to medium-term predictions based on technical charting.


Insightful Tweet


Website: fidelity.com
Twitter: @TimmerFidelity

Raoul Pal

Macro analysis


Raoul Pal is the co-founder and CEO of Real Vision, founder of Global Macro Investor, a great macroeconomic investor, and one of the first well-known traditional investors to buy Bitcoin. Raoul has incredibly insightful views about how demographics, technology, debt, and more will play out over the coming decade. Raoul was listed as one of our top podcast guests to follow around the audio internet.


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Websites: Real Vision | Global Macro Investor
Twitter: @RaoulGMI



On-chain analysis


Root is a Twitter account with fantastic charts and models based on Bitcoin on-chain analysis and adoption. Root came up with the Bitcoin spiral charts you may have seen that show the growing market cap based on the halving, and introduced the HODL Model to analyze Bitcoin’s illiquid supply.


Insightful Tweet

Twitter: @therationalroot


The Moon Carl

Technical analysis


Carl Martin went from working at a grocery store to being a cryptocurrency analyst, trader, and personality worth millions of dollars. He shares daily videos and tweets alerting his followers to technical moves in the prices of many cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin. If you are looking for short-term (within the day) trades, this is a good follow.


Insightful Tweet


Twitter: @TheMoonCarl
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/themooncarl


How We Define The Types Of Bitcoin Analysis

Some of these categories of analysis overlap with one another. And some people on our list may be great at multiple categories. Below, we’ll do our best to describe each type of analysis.

Technical (or Chart) Analysis

Technical analysis is a general term to describe the evaluation of investments based on chart patterns and data in the price and volume of an asset. This type of analysis relies on historical data as a potential predictor for future moves. In Bitcoin, this is typically used to attempt to predict short- to -medium-term price moves in fiat terms.

On-chain Analysis

Bitcoin’s blockchain is a public ledger listing all of the transactions made on the network, including public addresses, transaction amount, transaction fees, and more. On-chain analysis is a technique to pull out trends and metrics based on the fundamental use of the Bitcoin network.

Macro Analysis

Global macro is an investment strategy that seeks to interpret and predict the highest-level factors  – like interest rates, debt, growth rates, international trade, elections, and more – in the worldwide economic and political landscape. Bitcoin is a new and growing asset that increasingly plays a bigger role in the macroeconomic and political analysis. Therefore, macro analysis as it relates to Bitcoin, is the analysis of how Bitcoin may be impacted, or may impact, global trends in markets and politics.


Are we missing an incredible Bitcoin analyst?

This list is my personal, favorite Bitcoin analysts who I rely on for analysis. But it probably doesn’t cover the full list of top people to follow. Want to add someone to the list? Fill in the form below.

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