Bitcoin Jobs: 5 Places To Find Your New Role

If you want to work for a Bitcoin company of some sort, my guess is you’re already pretty far down the rabbit hole. It’s just a guess.

You may be saying things like…

  • “I can’t take my fiat job anymore”
  • “Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions of all time”
  • “I can’t stand on the sidelines anymore.”

My point: I won’t give you the whole backstory on the importance of Bitcoin. You already know.

But, you’ve come to the right place for your search. In this article, I’ve organized the best places to look for jobs in Bitcoin. Let me say, there is only one board dedicated to jobs working on or in Bitcoin only (that’s the top spot you see below). Most of them are in the wider “crypto” market, in which case I’ve filtered for Bitcoin. Others are regular-old job boards that are big enough to have Bitcoin as a filter, which I’ve linked to specifically.

Find your role in the Bitcoin movement.

Where to find Bitcoin jobs

Bitcoiner Jobs

“Helping bring Bitcoiners together across all locations, industries and skill sets.”


Cory Klippsten, and the team at Swan Bitcoin, started Bitcoiner Jobs. Out of necessity to attract talent and help other Bitcoiners find a job in Bitcoin, Cory and his team built out this job board. It’s genuinely the only Bitcoin-only job board on the internet.

I’d recommend searching on and then subscribing to Bitcoiner Jobs, however works for you:


Other resources:

If you’ve read some of our previous Bitcoin posts, you’ll recognize some familiar names from the Swan & Bitcoiner Jobs teams.

How Swan Bitcoin could find a Swann and a Swenson, I’ll never know.

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“Start your career in Bitcoin and crypto.”

This job board is for the greater cryptocurrency industry, meaning you could find a job working on Bitcoin specifically, but it also could be other crypto assets. But Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Crypto Jobs and the host of the Pomp Podcast (a top Bitcoin podcast), is a Bitcoiner through and through. So, you’ll be able to find just about all of the Bitcoin jobs available on this board, you’ll just also have to sort through some altoin ones, too.

You can sign up as a job seeker here.


Cryptocurrency Jobs (Category: Bitcoin)

“Find great Bitcoin jobs at startups that use blockchain technology.”

This job board, which started in 2017, has the most job opportunities in the greater crypto space. But again, it’s further away from the Bitcoin-only jobs out there. But hey, people need to run a business.

Luckily, Cryptocurrency Jobs has a category page dedicated specifically to Bitcoin. That’s where you can search to find a job.

Here’s how you can subscribe:


Indeed (Search: Bitcoin)


Indeed is the largest job board in the world. Therefore, this is just a volume play. Sometimes, the hiring company may not choose to post to the niche Bitcoin- or crypto-specific job boards. If they don’t, they’ll likely end up on Indeed. That’s why I’ll recommend keeping an eye out here for Bitcoin jobs.

In order to cut out a step, I linked directly to a search for “Bitcoin.” Make that your starting point.


Ziprecruiter (Search: Bitcoin)

This is the same idea as Indeed. Use a big, job search engine that pulls in jobs from multiple job boards to collect any job opportunities in Bitcoin that may not appear on the boards mentioned above.

Live feed of Bitcoin job opportunities

I created a Twitter list to consolidate all of the Twitter accounts that share Bitcoin job opportunities. If you’re a Twitter user, feel free to follow the list here. Or, take a look at the live feed that’s embedded below. That’ll show you the most recent job opportunities in Bitcoin regardless of job board.


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