Private Companies That Own Bitcoin: The List Of Treasuries

Remote work, freelancing, and Bitcoin (I’d add tokenization, AI, and others… I just don’t know much about those) are three massive tools being adopted at exponential speed. The internet has enabled…

  • Work to be done anywhere (remote)
  • Value to be generated and earned on your own (freelance), and
  • Value to be stored and exchanged digitally without a middleman (Bitcoin)

How and where we work and live is changing quickly as a result. If buzzwords are your thing, you’ve heard terms like The Great Resignation, The Great Migration of 2020, and Hyperbitcoinization to explain these phenomenon.

In this article, we will keep a running list of private companies that own Bitcoin (not notable individuals, investment funds, or publicly-traded companies). If Bitcoin truly is the best savings technology in human history, you’ll see this list grow quickly in the coming years. It’s still early.


Public companies with Bitcoin treasury holdings does a great job going into detail about each and every publicly-traded company that owns Bitcoin in reserves. You’ll see some big names on there like Tesla, Square, and Coinbase. You’ll also see publicly-traded funds and ETFs that hold Bitcoin and even governments.

I encourage you to check it out below.

Bitcoin Treasuries

The idea of this post is to show the more grassroots movement happening with Bitcoin and private companies. We’ll keep this list updated whenever we hear about a new company stacking Bitcoin.

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Private companies that own Bitcoin: A running list

I’ve organized the list into two sections simply because of my personal preference. In the first section, you’ll find private companies that own Bitcoin. These companies have chosen to use Bitcoin instead of cash with a portion of their reserves. In the second section, you’ll see private companies that are plugged into Bitcoin as part of their business. To me, it’s much easier to see why those companies would own Bitcoin.




Companies (unrelated to Bitcoin) that own BTC



Tahinis Restaurants




Challenge Coins 4 U



Marketing services

Stone Ridge

Asset management

The Motley Fool

Investment advice

Ask The Doctor

Online medical content

ALL OUT Parking Lots


Bedford FC

Professional football club





Angel Studios

Streaming Platform

Octagon Networks


Bitcoin(ish) companies that own BTC

B1 (


Tezos Foundation


What Bitcoin Did



Social networking



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