41 Mind-Blowing Remote Work Statistics


The adoption of remote work took an exponential leap forward as a result of pandemic lockdowns. Anyone who had the ability to work from home was either forced or recommended to do so. As you’ll read in the list of remote work statistics below, generally about 3% of the US working population worked from home before 2020. Now, ten times that (29% of respondents) would leave their job if it...

We Studied 18 Remote Work Studies: Here Are The Key Stats


I thought about doing a remote work study. I really did. Then I remembered that I read amazing ones from Buffer and Owl Labs each year. Then I remembered I read one from GitLab this year that was fantastic. I came to the conclusion that the world does not need yet another remote work, or State Of Remote Work, study… especially in 2021. But, we may need someone to go through all of the...