In-depth reviews of remote and home office tools

Monday’s Workforce Software: The 21-Person Review


    What is monday’s workforce software? Work OS (operating system) is an award-winning project management software with 100,000+ companies as clients. Now… that is what the nice people at say, so let’s take it with a grain of salt. They do have those awards to back it up, though. But we can always verify those lofty claims through third parties...

Anyvoo Review: My New Video Conference Background


 Anyvoo Review: My Take On The Video Conference Backdrop Want to see how Anyvoo stacks up against four other video conference backgrounds? Read this in-depth buyer’s guide: 5 Video Conference Backgrounds Reviewed (Avoid These 2!)   Transcript “I had a client meeting the other day. I’m here at my home office. The guy turns on the video camera and he says to me, Hey...