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71 Remote Work Books For Your Home Office Shelf


Every so often you read a book that makes you say “Oh, wow.” It’s changed the way you think about your work, your company, your time, or priorities. It’s both relevant enough to your life and tangible enough to implement. You fly through the book. Whether you work from home or run a remote company, a major shakeup that only a book could provide is welcomed every so often...

12 Heads of Remote To Follow For Advice


Image credit: British Library/Flick. Just so you know, some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide Buildremote with a small commission at no cost to you. As far I can tell, there was only one “Head of Remote” in the world before 2020 (when the entire world went remote, as we know). That would be Darren Murph of Gitlab, the original Head of Remote. You could...

The 21 Best Bitcoin Podcasts + Guests


Let me guess… you’re looking to learn more about Bitcoin (or already know a lot but need a new fix), and audio is your preferred way to learn. You’ve come to the right place. (Don’t forget, we have a great list of Bitcoin books if you like to read as well.) These are my favorite Bitcoin podcasts listed in order. Your list and preference may differ from mine, so I tried to...

Every Company Doing A 4-Day Work Week: Nov 23, 2021 UPDATE


Why do we work five days and 40 hours per week? Is it the exact right amount of time for every full-time employee in all jobs across every industry? No. That’s not the reason why we all work five days per week. During the Industrial Revolution, factory workers often worked 80-100 hours per week. Employees were worked to the bone. But in 1926, “Henry Ford popularized the 40-hour work...

Every Company Announcing A Hybrid Work Model: Nov 15, 2021 Update


The spread of COVID-19 forced anyone who could work from home to do just that. Where and how work should be done was questioned in a massive, global experiment. As a result, many companies announced permanent policies for remote work. As some offices started to open again in 2021, other companies announced hybrid work plans. This is a list of all of those hybrid announcements. But first, here is...

8 Remote Work Misconceptions (From Remote Workers, Nonetheless)


I asked about 100 people who either work remotely or in a hybrid environment, “What is the best day of the week to work from home?” (I wrote the article in that link about the results.) So many people are working for hybrid-work companies right now, I wanted to know how people structure their weeks. But I learned a lot more about how people are misperceiving remote work in general. ...

Best Office Chairs: The Filterable List (2021)


Don’t do what I did. I’ve worked from home for a decade, but just recently prioritized my office chair. When I was 22, I sat in a recliner with my laptop on my lap. When I was 24, I sat in a plastic IKEA chair. At 25, I went wild and bought an office chair on Craigslist for $30. When I was 28, I sat in a dining room table chair. It’s only been in the last few years that...

Every Company Going Remote Permanently: Oct 11, 2021 UPDATE


As COVID-19 spread around the world in early 2020, offices were forced to close. Anyone who could work from home started to right away. Companies were forced to quickly figure out how to communicate, collaborate, share documents, and manage teams virtually. After just a few months, though, a number of business leaders started to figure out the whole work-from-home thing has benefits. That’s...

29 Alternative & Compressed Work Week Schedules


On September 25, 1926, Henry Ford announced his company would start working a five-day, forty-hour work week. The five-day work week was born and it was a breakthrough, clearly! It’s been friggin’ 95 years to the day and we’re still all doing it. But as we approach a century since the preeminent work schedule was invented, people are finally starting to question it. After all...