What’s in your home office? (My equipment list)


I started working from home in my early twenties.

We had four guys in a four-bedroom apartment near the beach in San Diego. You can probably picture the scene: dirty dishes stacked above the faucet, beer took up most of the fridge, and quarters were the hottest commodity on laundry day. 

I wasn’t exactly focused on building a nice work environment. I threw out a fold-out table (likely purchased for beer pong), bought a used office chair, and posted up in the hallway near the pop-a-shot basketball hoop.

Ahh, there it is.

My first work from home setup, 2014

Here’s a good picture of what it felt like to work in that environment.

Working at home in the hallway with three roommates.

It took a few years for me to care about my home office setup.

Now in my thirties – I’m married with two kids, both of us parents working from home – the home office environment is just a bit more important. We need a good space where we can think (and be professional on video calls). In fact, Fixr released results from a work-from-home survey that found “isolation from household distractions” is the most important factor in increasing work-from-home productivity.

After just under a decade of working from home, I finally feel pretty good about the equipment we have to make a nice home office setup. Here’s the list.

1) Desk: Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk ($470)

I love this desk. It’s high quality, simple and clean looking, and goes up and down with the push of a button. If you have the budget, it’s great. However, it is heavy (it’s quality), and I’m sure a hand crank adjustable desk would work just fine.

2) Chair: Ashville Mesh Task Chair ($100)

I don’t have much of an opinion on this chair. It gets the job done and has held up for about three years now, so I’d say it’s worth it. It’s just that 1) I stand half the day, 2) I’ve had a number of chairs and have never really formed an opinion except for really bad ones, and 3) I don’t have back problems so just about everything chair-wise has worked so far.

3) Laptop: 15-inch Macbook PrO, 2014 (Starting at $1,300)

I’ve done the PC thing and I’ve done the Mac thing. I’m a Mac guy now. I’ve had this computer for almost seven years and it still runs like new. I never had a PC that did that. I won’t go into detail here because you can find much better write ups on the internet (like here, for example).

4) Display/Monitor: Mac Thunderbolt Display (STARTING AT $800, Refurbished)

They stopped making these in 2016 and it’s been replaced by the Pro Display XRD. It looks like the standard version of that display starts at $5,000! I’d recommend buying a car instead.


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