Frequently Asked Questions About Buildremote

What is the purpose of Buildremote?

I (Henry) started Buildremote as a way to help people run fully remote companies that maximize productivity, employee happiness, and profitability.

I ran a fully remote company for six years before starting Buildremote. Everything I learned on the job led me to build what I call, “The Remote Operating System.” It’s a framework companies can use to build remote companies.

Who started Buildremote?

Henry O’Loughlin (writing this now) is the founder of Buildremote.

I worked at a fully remote marketing agency for eight years and was the Head of Operations for six of those years.

Learn more about the backstory of Buildremote.

How do you protect my privacy?

We have a few ways to protect the privacy of our website visitors. You can read more here:

Who writes your content?

I (Henry) write most of the content, but I also have a small team of contract writers I work with. Whenever a contract writer creates content for Buildremote, the writer conducts a “subject matter expert” interview with Henry.

What topics do you cover?

Buildremote writes articles to help three main groups of people:

  1. Remote managers: How to hire and onboard remotely, tips for building remote culture, etc.
  2. Remote workers: How to manage your time while working remotely, what to have in your home office, how to find the right remote job, great remote companies to work for, etc.
  3. Remote investors/researchers: Research on companies reducing office space, Fortune 100 companies returning to the office, fully remote companies, remote-first companies, etc.

What’s your review process?

We occasionally write reviews about home office products and software tools for remote companies. For every individual product review, we have either used the product ourselves (at the Buildremote team) or we’ve tapped our contributor network for input on products they’ve used.

Do you use A.I. to write your content?

At Buildremote, we do not write content with AI tools.

However, for our research reports, we will occasionally use AI for basic research like this:

Each time we use AI for research, a human reviews each response individually before including it in our content.

Who do I contact if I have questions about your site or its content?

You can contact Buildremote here.

How does your site make money?

Buildremote makes money in a few ways:

  1. Remote consulting and training
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Advertisements on the blog

Do you accept guest articles, story ideas, news, etc.?

No. Buildremote does not accept guest posts.

How do I advertise on your site?

You can contact us here if you’re interested in advertising on Buildremote.