104 Companies That Offer Home Office Stipends

companies with home office stipend

This post was written on August 11, 2022. We updated the research and post on January 23, 2023.

Why did we build offices in the first place? We needed…

  1. A place to collaborate
  2. A place to get work done with the proper equipment

Well, the internet knocked out #1 as many major companies have gone remote. We can work together on Zoom, Slack, email, and remote collaboration tools just fine.

But #2 hasn’t quite been solved yet.

If you had a nice desk, good lighting, and great internet at the office (but a coffee table, dingy closet, and WiFi you share with your kids while working from home), you know what I mean. The office still wins on the equipment front.

But that’s changing as more and more companies have started to offer stipends for home office equipment.


Companies That Offer Home Office Stipends

Here are all of the companies that have publicly shared their home office stipend policies. Next to each company, you’ll see a link to find jobs at each company.

8th Light, Inc.

8th Light, Inc.Stipend policy: $200 one-time

Source: New hires receive a $200 stipend for home office furniture. In addition to a state of the art work device (Apple Notebook) and 4K monitors, accessories, and more– through partnership with FirstBase.

Search for 8th Light, Inc. jobs.



ActiveCampaignStipend policy: $250 quarterly

Source: Quarterly reimbursement of up to $250 for home office equipment, phone and utilities.

Search for ActiveCampaign jobs.



AdActionStipend policy: $1000 one-time

Source: All new hires (whether fully remote or not) are offered a $1,000 stipend to set up their home office.

Search for AdAction jobs.



AkeneoStipend policy: $600 one-time

Source: Choose whether you prefer working with a Mac or a Windows laptop, and spend your $600 personal remote stipend to maximize your home office set-up.

Search for Akeneo jobs.



AlmanacStipend policy: $200 monthly

Source: Almanac offers each full-time team member a monthly stipend of $200 to spend on their workspace.

Search for Almanac jobs.



AltStipend policy: $100 monthly

Source: Working remotely can require adjustments to your normal work style. To accommodate, Alt employees can expense up to $100/month to be used at their discretion on things like lunch or their home office.

Search for Alt jobs.



AndrosStipend policy: $200 one-time

Source: Along with a fun L&D budget for each employee, we also have a $200 stipend for extra home office equipment.

Search for Andros jobs.



AppcuesStipend policy: “$1,000 one-time $500 annually”

Source: We offer a $1,000 home office stipend, and an additional $500 annual budget for extra work-related technology.

Search for Appcues jobs.



ApplecartStipend policy: $300 one-time

Source: All new hires are have a $300 workstation budget to personalize your of office or at-home space.

Search for Applecart jobs.



Arc.devStipend policy: $200 annually

Source: Thanks to John Carlo of Arc.dev for the tip.



AutomoxStipend policy: $750 one-time

Source: Employees are able to submit reimbursements up to $750 to create their home office. Every employee will receive $50 mo to cover additional charges for the internet.

Search for Automox jobs.



AxiosStipend policy: $100 monthly

Source: Flexible, WFH stipend $100 / mo

Search for Axios jobs.



BasecampStipend policy: $1000 one-time

Source: Basecamp, a software company headquartered in Chicago, offers workers $1,000 to get their work station up and running at home.

Search for Basecamp jobs.



BonuslyStipend policy: $300 one-time

Source: We offer a one-time $300 stipend for WFH set up.

Search for Bonusly jobs.



BoxStipend policy: $600 monthly

Source: Other companies like Box in Redwood City, California, started giving its employees $600/month to compensate for perks they received in the office.

Search for Box jobs.



BufferStipend policy: $850 annually

Source: “Buffer, a software application company, has had a fully remote company since 2015. It pays its employees internet costs, gives them a $200-a-year technology stipend, plus a one-time payment of $500 to set up their offices. Workers also get a $200 per-month “Working Smarter” stipend for coffee shop purchases and an $850 annual stipend for continuous learning.

Buffer is ranked the #4 company with the best benefits.

Search for Buffer jobs.



CalmStipend policy: $750 one-time

Source: Calm provides a $750 work from home budget to go towards creating a more comfortable and productive home workspace.

Search for Calm jobs.


Carrot Fertility

Carrot FertilityStipend policy: $250 one-time

Source: A $250 stipend to help create your perfect home office setup when you join the team.

Search for Carrot Fertility jobs.



CheckStipend policy: $1000 one-time

Source: In addition to providing you office equipment to do your best work (MacBook Pro, monitor, webcam, etc.) we also offer a $1k reimbursement to help you setup/improve your home office.



Checkout.comStipend policy: $750 one-time

Source: You are allocated a total budget of $750 that you can use to purchase the home ergonomics and IT equipment that you need to work at home comfortably and effectively.

Search for Checkout.com jobs.



CheggStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: Online textbook company Chegg pays its remote workers’ monthly internet bill and gives them $500 for home office furnishings.

Search for Chegg jobs.



ChimeStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: $500 when you initially start with Chime, and $250 per quarter after.

Search for Chime jobs.



CircleCIStipend policy: $600 one-time

Source: $600 work from home equipment stipend

Search for CircleCI jobs.



ClearcoverStipend policy: $250 one-time

Source: We offer a one-time $250 stipend to set up your work from home office. Use this for anything that will support your work from home arrangement.

Search for Clearcover jobs.


Cockroach Labs

Cockroach LabsStipend policy: $1000 one-time

Source: $1,000 stipend for WFH office set-up.

Search for Cockroach Labs jobs.



CodecademyStipend policy: $200 quarterly

Source: $200 per quarter for you to invest in the things that will help make your space work for you (remote)

Search for Codecademy jobs.



connectRNStipend policy: $100 monthly

Source: All employees are given $100 per month towards their home office expenses.

Search for connectRN jobs.



ConvertKitStipend policy: $3,200 one-time

Source: All US-based employees receive a $3,200 work-from-home equipment allowance that you can use to purchase a desktop computer, laptop, or any other home office supplies you need.

Search for ConvertKit jobs.



DataDomeStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: We offer a $500 stipend for remote employees to work from the comfort of their homes.

Search for DataDome jobs.



DigitalOceanStipend policy: $200 monthly

Source: We provide $200 / month towards your internet and phone expenses, up to $100 for the headphones of your choice, and a custom workstation of your choice.

Search for DigitalOcean jobs.


Divvy Homes

Divvy HomesStipend policy: $350 one-time

Source: Divvy offers $350 home office stipend to all employees.

Search for Divvy Homes jobs.



DocuSignStipend policy: $550 one-time

Source: Work in the office, remotely, or a combination of the two. Up to $550 reimbursed for home workspace.

Search for DocuSign jobs.



DoistStipend policy: (Unknown amount, frequency)

Source: Every Doister has access to a recurring budget to spend on work-related equipment.

Search for Doist jobs.



DriftStipend policy: $100 monthly

Source: We offer a home office stipend to all employees, as well as a $100 credit each month towards internet, office supplies, etc.

Search for Drift jobs.



EduMeStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: Flexible working to support you, your life, and those around you, supported by $500 to set up your home working environment for comfort and success.

Search for EduMe jobs.


Eight Bit Studios

Eight Bit StudiosStipend policy: $1000 annually

Source: Now that we are fully remote, you get to expense $1000/year to improve your WFH environment and tech.

Search for Eight Bit Studios jobs.



EncampStipend policy: $150 monthly

Source: All Encampers receive an initial $500 stipend to set themselves up for success and $150 a month to pay for WFH related expenses or to work at a coworking space.

Search for Encamp jobs.



EtsyStipend policy: $1700 annually

Source: Our most flexible and default option, Flex mode comes with great perks like bookable workstations, tasty in-office meals and snacks, access to IT equipment, and a home office stipend to support you when working from home.

Search for Etsy jobs.



Meta (Facebook)Stipend policy: $1000 one-time

Source: There’s no single formula for helping with the home office expenses of your employees. Today, three tech leaders, Twitter, Facebook and Google, provide a flat $1000 for remote work expenses

Search for Facebook jobs.



FlatfileStipend policy: $10,000 one-time

Source: Flatfile’s offer to invest up to $10,000 on bespoke home offices for workers. Flatfile pairs employees with a designer who will ensure the end result is a professional home office and not, say, a geeked-out home theater. Homeowners using the money to renovate can spend up to $5,000, so there’s enough in the budget for furnishings.

Search for Flatfile jobs.


Focused Labs

Focused LabsStipend policy: $1000 one-time

Source: We have a $1000 home office stipend for remote employees.

Search for Focused Labs jobs.



FrontStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: Reimburse up to $500 to improve your work-from-home setup

Search for Front jobs.



GHXStipend policy: $125 monthly

Source: $125 per month.

Search for GHX jobs.



GimkitStipend policy: $300 monthly

Source: $350 a month working budget (for co-working space, coffee shop, home office improvement)

Search for Gimkit jobs.



GitBookStipend policy: (Unknown amount, one-time)

Source: While joining the team you will also benefit from a dedicated budget for home office set-up.

Search for GitBook jobs.



GoogleStipend policy: $1000 one-time

Source: In May, Google paid their employees $1,000 to set up or improve their home office.

Search for Google jobs.



GtmhubStipend policy: $300 one-time

Source: We’ve got you, to get you what you need! We’ll purchase the essentials – monitors, keyboards, accessories, etc, up to $300.

Search for Gtmhub jobs.



GustoStipend policy: $500 one-time $40 monthly

Source: $500 one-time WFH Stipend, $40 / mo Internet Stipend.

Search for Gusto jobs.



HingeStipend policy: (Unknown amount, one-time)

Source: Come in three days a week and enjoy opportunities to be remote throughout the year. For your home office, you’ll get a stipend to purchase equipment that sets you up for success.

Search for Hinge jobs.



HireologyStipend policy: $50 monthly

Source: Home Office Stipend for Remote Employees: $50/month directly to your paychecks.

Search for Hireology jobs.


Home Chef

Home ChefStipend policy: $50 monthly

Source: We are currently offering $50 per month to all remote employees to help pay for home office expenses.

Search for Home Chef jobs.



HotJarStipend policy: €4000 one-time

Source: HotJar provides comprehensive analytics and feedback so companies can understand how visitors find and use their websites. Although headquartered in Malta, the team is fully remote — and the benefits are pretty incredible. They include €4,000 home office stipend.

Search for HotJar jobs.


HSBC HongKong

HSBC HongKongStipend policy: HK$2,500 one-time

Source: HSBC is offering its Hong Kong staff the opportunity to work as many as four days a week from home as well as a one-off allowance of HK$2,500 to help them set up office remotely. The move is the latest sign how the pandemic is transforming the role of the office in business life.

Search for HSBC HongKong jobs.



HubSpotStipend policy: $60 monthly

Source: They provide one stipend for their remote people: $60/month tax-free monthly stipend to their remote people

Search for HubSpot jobs.



IndeedStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: Also in March, job marketplace Indeed said it would reimburse its employees up to $500 for standing desks, chairs or lighting in their home.

Search for Indeed jobs.



InstacartStipend policy: $600 one-time

Source: We have a $600 stipend for outfitting your home office, as well as monthly phone & internet reimbursement.

Search for Instacart jobs.



IterableStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: New Hire Work From Home $500 Allowance: Toward setting up your home office (examples: standing desk, air purifer, office supplies.

Search for Iterable jobs.



LeverStipend policy: $150 monthly

Source: Lever’s $150 monthly stipend can go toward ‘anything that makes working from home feel more comfortable and a little bit easier,’ said Caitlyn Metteer, Lever’s director of Recruiting.

Search for Lever jobs.



LikemindStipend policy: $300 one-time

Source: Each new hire receives $300 upon hire to get their home office set up perfectly!

Search for Likemind jobs.



LinktreeStipend policy: $1000 AUD one-time

Source: All Linktree team members receive $1000 AUD towards setting up their work from home space.

Search for Linktree jobs.



LiveControlStipend policy: $60 monthly

Source: We offer $60 monthly technology stipend.

Search for LiveControl jobs.



LogicMonitorStipend policy: $150 monthly

Source: If you are remote, you can use our $150 per month Harmony Bonus to help pay for home office improvements! Fancy a cool new mouse? Desk missing the perfect houseplant?

Search for LogicMonitor jobs.



M1Stipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: M1 allows employees to reimburse up to $500 for home office equipment for all employees.

Search for M1 jobs.



MANTLStipend policy: $400 yearly

Source: We offer a $400 annual home office stipend for our employees. We want to help our team-members work comfortably and productively from home.

Search for MANTL jobs.



MarketerHireStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: When you start with MarketerHire, you’ll get $500 to spend on your home office space. You’ll also get a $50/month stipend to put towards your internet costs.

Search for MarketerHire jobs.



MediavineStipend policy: (Unknown amount, frequency)

Source: We offer an array of comprehensive benefits designed to support a healthy work/life balance, from home office reimbursement to virtual yoga classes to continuing education support.

Search for Mediavine jobs.



NarrativStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: $500 one-time payment and a $50 a month stipend for continuous support

Search for Narrativ jobs.



NeighborhoodsStipend policy: $250 one-time

Source: Employees are eligible for a one-time $250 stipend to equip their in-home office setup.

Search for Neighborhoods.com jobs.



NoomStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: $1,000 WFH Tech Budget (one-time: design your home office), $500 Home Office Budget (one-time: these items are yours to keep!)

Search for Noom jobs.



OpteraStipend policy: $300 annually

Source: $300 yearly budget with 3yr computer replacement.

Search for Optera jobs.


Papaya Global

Papaya GlobalStipend policy: $500 yearly

Source: Here at Papaya Global, we kept it streamlined, implementing a $500 per year “home office allowance” for our employees. This seems to work really well, so that everyone is able to have the items they’ll need at their desk to be productive during the workday. Then, for larger items, requests can be made and approved by our human resources department on a case-by-case basis.

Search for Papaya Global jobs.



PelotonStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: Peloton offers up to $500 to their employees to cover their home workspace expenses.

Search for Peloton jobs.



PlaidStipend policy: $1000 one-time $200 monthly

Source: $1,000 at-home office stipend, $50 monthly internet stipend, and a $150 co-working space stipend (for those joining the CXP team only).

Search for Plaid jobs.



PostscriptStipend policy: 2000 one-time

Source: $2,000 Home Office Stipend PLUS a new computer.

Search for Postscript jobs.



PricefxStipend policy: $240 monthly

Source: Pricefx is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) organization, we’ll give you $240 tax-free each month ($2880 per year) towards your laptop, mobile, and internet.

Search for Pricefx jobs.



RechargeStipend policy: $350 monthly

Source: $350 / mo combined remote work benefit (for home office, gym membership, etc). Up to $450 / mo co-working space reimbursement.

Search for Recharge jobs.



RedditStipend policy: $1800 one-time

Source: Work in the office, remotely, or a combination of the two. Up to $1,800 reimbursed for home workspace.

Search for Reddit jobs.



RobinhoodStipend policy: $1000 one-time

Source: $1,000 stipend

Search for Robinhood jobs.


Scholly, Inc

Scholly, IncStipend policy: $750 one-time

Source: $750 home-workspace stipend

Search for Scholly, Inc jobs.



SendleStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: All the equipment you need to do your best work from home, plus a home office set-up budget of $500 to maximize your work space.

Search for Sendle jobs.



SenseStipend policy: $200 annually

Source: Home office setup allowance ($200/year)

Search for Sense jobs.



ShopifyStipend policy: $1000 one-time

Source: E-commerce company Shopify announced in March that it would give its newly remote employees $1,000 to set up their new home office.

Search for Shopify jobs.



SkillshareStipend policy: $750 one-time

Source: $750 stipend for setting yourself up for success at home (think: desk, headphones, plants, ergonomic chair)

Search for Skillshare jobs.



SprigStipend policy: $3500 one-time

Source: $3.5k stipend

Search for Sprig jobs.


Stack Overflow

Stack OverflowStipend policy: $2000 one-time

Source: Remote employees will also be provided with a one-time reimbursable allowance of the equivalent of up to $2,000 USD to purchase office furniture, monitor, and computer peripherals.

Search for Stack Overflow jobs.



SuperhumanStipend policy: $3000 one-time

Source: Email company Superhuman gives its employees a stipend to have a standing desk at home.

Search for Superhuman jobs.



SurefootStipend policy: $2000 one-time

Source: New hires receive a $2,000 technology / WFH office budget.

Search for Surefoot jobs.



TatariStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: $500 WFH reimbursement

Search for Tatari jobs.



TelnyxStipend policy: $300 one-time

Source: While Telnyx is mostly remote due to COVID-19, we are offering a stipend of $300 towards the purchase of a desk and/or chair to complete your Work From Home set-up.

Search for Telnyx jobs.


Toast, Inc.

Toast, Inc.Stipend policy: $300 one-time

Source: $300 on any equipment you may need plus $150/monitor, up to two monitors.

Search for Toast, Inc. jobs.



TonkeanStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: Remote employees receive a one-time work from home setup stipend (reimbursable) of $500 upon commencing employment to purchase desk, chair and other work from home tools.

Search for Tonkean jobs.



TrueCarStipend policy: $300 one-time

Source: Reimbursment for a desk of your choice up to $300.

Search for TrueCar jobs.



TulipStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: Marco Osso, VP of employment success at Tulip, says that the company was able to offer the work-from-home stipend without decreasing other employee benefits by assessing funds saved from remote working. ‘We looked at the cost savings from office maintenance, office snacks and travel during this time and we just repurposed it back towards this $500 stipend.

Search for Tulip jobs.



TwitterStipend policy: $1000 one-time

Source: To assist employees in working from home, Twitter offers each of its remote employees a $1,000 home office stipend.

Search for Twitter jobs.



UberStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: Uber told employees that they could work from home through June 2021 on August 4. Employees will also receive a $500 stipend to set up a home office.

Search for Uber jobs.



UnsupervisedStipend policy: $1,000

Source: Unsupervised provides a $1000 home office stipend for new employees, and $100/month stipend to cover ongoing phone and internet expenses due to remote work.

Search for Unsupervised jobs.



VelocityEHSStipend policy: $100 monthly

Source: Employees receive $100 per month to spend how they see fit to optimize their work from home experience.

Search for VelocityEHS jobs.



WebflowStipend policy: $250 monthly

Source: They provide three stipends for their team: $250/month for remote workers $200/month (for everyone) health & wellness stipend $1,000/year (for everyone) continuous learning stipend.

Search for Webflow jobs.



WixStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: A $500, one-time benefit for setting up a comfortable and productive at-home working environment.

Search for Wix jobs.



WorkflowStipend policy: $200 monthly

Source: Workflow provides their team members with $200 a month to spend on health and wellness items, ranging from gym memberships to workout gear to meditation apps.



YieldstreetStipend policy: $300 one-time

Source: Each employee gets $300 for remote work supplies.

Search for Yieldstreet jobs.



ZapierStipend policy: (Unknown amount, frequency)

Source: Home office setup stipend

Search for Zapier jobs.



ZillowStipend policy: $450 one-time $150 monthly

Source: 90% of employees may work from home at least part-time. $150 / home office reimbursement, $450 one-time home office set-up.

Search for Zillow jobs.


Zone & Co

Zone & CoStipend policy: $500 one-time

Source: Zone offers $500 per employee for home office needs.

Search for Zone & Co jobs.


50 Companies That Provide Equipment To Work From Home

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What Is A Work-From-Home (WFH) Stipend?

A work-from-home stipend is a fixed sum of money paid from employer to employee to be used for home office equipment.

Also known as a remote work stipend, there are two kinds that companies offier:

  • A one-time stipend is a fixed amount provided at one point in time (upon starting or six months into employment, for example) to cover costs of home office equipment
  • A monthly stipend is an amount paid each month for home office equipment, or reimbursements for phone and internet


What is the average home office stipend amount?

From our research on the list of companies you see above…

  • The average one-time stipend for remote work is $812
  • The average monthly stipend for remote work is $160


What should you buy with a home office stipend?

Assuming that a laptop is provided outside of the home office stipend, here is a full list of home office equipment. In order, this is what I recommend after a decade working from home:

  1. Chair: pick one here
  2. Desk: pick one here
  3. Monitor: we send out these to people at Nectafy
  4. Wireless keyword and mouse: I have a magic keyword and mouse
  5. Video conference background: I have an Anyvoo
  6. Storage: pick from the best options here


What does a typical home office stipend policy look like?

One-Time Stipend

“Employees can purchase office equipment such as lamps, office chairs and a new desk, then submit the one-time remote allowance of up to $1,000 through their expense reimbursements.”

Monthly Stipend

“Employees will be reimbursed up to $200 a month to put toward the rental of a co-working space, internet, or home office equipment.”

Cell-Phone & Internet Expenses Reimbursement Rate

“Employees will be reimbursed at the following rate:

  • Full-Time: Cell-phone & Internet: Up to $150/month
  • Part-Time: Cell-phone & Internet: Up to $100/month”


Looking for a work-from-home job?

I always recommend Flexjobs.

FlexJobs is the leading job board for remote and flexible job listings. You’ll see many of the companies on the list below hire on FlexJobs, too. >> Find a remote career now.

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