Guest Post Guidelines & Submission


Look, I get it. I’m in marketing, too.

You need quality backlinks to help boost your site’s authority.

I need quality content written about…

  • Remote work
  • Working from home (home office)
  • Alternative work settings (like four-day work weeks)
  • The future of work.

That’s a lot about work. Sorry.

But, here’s a good chance for us to work together.

Buildremote’s guest posting guidelines

  1. Accepted topics:
    1. Remote work
    2. Working from home (home office)
    3. Alternative work settings (like four-day work weeks)
    4. The future of work
  2. Word count: 1,000+ words
  3. Written for our audience:
    1. Leaders at fully remote companies
    2. People who work from home
    3. Entrepreneurs thinking different about how work will be done in the future
  4. Linking guidelines: You can link up to three times to any website. And each must meet these criteria…
    1. Relevant articles and blog posts
    2. Research or data
    3. Resources that will genuinely benefit the reader
    4. (You’ll also receive a link to your homepage from your bio)
  5. Editing fee: $100
    1. You’re willing to fork over $100 so we can cover editing costs. That’ll guarantee your article is approved for posting.

Contribute to Buildremote

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Need to know more about Buildremote’s authority, rankings, visits?

Through your SEO tools, I’m sure you can access my up-to-date DA, rankings, and backlinks.

Here’s some harder-to-access info to help.


  • 2020 (our first year): 2,000 visitors (not much, huh?)
  • 2021: 100,000 visitors (50x increase)
  • 2022: On track for 1,000,000+ visits (10x increase)

Inbound links

  • Backlinks from NY Times,, Mashable, The Guardian, Forbes, Gitlab, Entrepreneur,, and more…

Track record

I’ve run content marketing for a number of B2B websites over the years. More than 10 of them have surpassed 1 million organic visitors per year, three of those have surpassed 3 million per year, and one is over 8 million and counting.

Buildremote is my current focus and we will pass 1 million organic visitors per year in 2022. We’d love for your early contributions to Buildremote to grow in value as our site grows.


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