Download The “Step-By-Step Remote Onboarding Template”

I ran a fully remote company for six years.

At the beginning, our remote onboarding process sounded something like this:

“Do you have a laptop? We could probably send you one if not.”

“Why don’t we meet at 9 AM on your first day. I can send you a calendar invite.”

By the end, we had a dialed-in, repeatable process for onboarding remote employees in every way.

Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Start: Receipt of a signed job offer letter and signed employee handbook
  • Set up the new employee in the HR system
  • Send a welcome email from the manager
  • Allow the employee to pick home office equipment, then send
  • Create accounts for the new employee
  • Schedule trainings and meetings
  • Add to existing team meetings
  • Assign the first set of tasks in your project management tool
  • Phase in job responsibilities
  • End: The 6-week review meeting ends the onboarding process

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