News from notable companies who are joining the remote work revolution

20 Niche Job Boards For Your Next Search


I’m fascinated by the trend toward niche job boards. To me, it mimics the trend toward remote work. We used to work where the work was (near farms, near factories, near cities) With remote work, we can work wherever is best for us personally This is a similar path the job market (or talent acquisition market) is heading down. We used to have to go to newspapers, career centers, and big job...

Every UK Company Doing The 4-Day Work Week


The Status Of The UK 4-Day Work Week The average weekly hours worked for full-time workers in the United Kingdom has trended slightly downward from 38 hours in the late 1990s to 36 currently. Workers are looking for more time outside of work as the decades have progressed.  The next logical push has been toward a four-day work week, which typically cuts both hours and days of work. As I...

Every Company That Pays For College


Benefits programs are mutually helpful for the employee and employer. The company foots the bill for a program that makes for healthier, happier, or more educated employees, which makes for a more productive company.  We’ve already covered some companies that are thinking uniquely about the benefits they offer their employees like four-day work weeks, permanent remote work, home office...

Every Company That Provides Work-From-Home Stipends


Why did we build offices in the first place? We needed… A place to collaborate A place to get work done with the proper equipment Well, the internet knocked out #1 as many major companies have gone fully remote. We can work together on Zoom, Slack, email, and remote collaboration tools just fine. But #2 hasn’t quite been solved yet. If you had a nice desk, good lighting, and great...

Every Company Offering Paid Sabbaticals


Sabbaticals (or extended breaks from work) lead to “a decline in stress and an increase in psychological resources and overall well-being,” according to one study, and the “positive changes often remained long after the sabbatical.” Breaks from work help the employee, which in turn, helps the organization. In 1977, McDonalds introduced the first well-known paid sabbatical...

Remote Work Tools: The Complete List (2022)


If you run a remote team or work from home, this is THE GUIDE FOR YOU. We keep it updated, too (and ask for contributions down here). This list includes 79 software tools for remote work organized by type of tool, how it’s priced, and my personal favorites (if anyone cares). You can filter the list any way you’d like. I asked over 80 people who work from home for their absolute...