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Every Company Doing A 4-Day Work Week: Nov 23, 2021 UPDATE


Why do we work five days and 40 hours per week? Is it the exact right amount of time for every full-time employee in all jobs across every industry? No. That’s not the reason why we all work five days per week. During the Industrial Revolution, factory workers often worked 80-100 hours per week. Employees were worked to the bone. But in 1926, “Henry Ford popularized the 40-hour work...

29 Alternative & Compressed Work Week Schedules


On September 25, 1926, Henry Ford announced his company would start working a five-day, forty-hour work week. The five-day work week was born and it was a breakthrough, clearly! It’s been friggin’ 95 years to the day and we’re still all doing it. But as we approach a century since the preeminent work schedule was invented, people are finally starting to question it. After all...