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22 Four-Day Work Week Benefits I’ve Experienced


<< 4-Day Work Week: Complete Overview Next chapter: Schedules >> In January 2020, a fully remote company I run, Nectafy, implemented to a four-day work week. Therefore, I’ve run a company that operates on a four-day work week and personally worked the schedule myself as an employee. I’ve enjoyed the benefits of a four-day work week as an individual in my daily life and as...

How We Implemented The 4-Day Work Week, Step By Step


<< 4-Day Work Week: Complete Overview Next chapter: Benefits >> Lance (the guy in glasses) and I (beard) run Nectafy together. In January 2020, we switched our fully remote marketing agency to a four-day work week. We started discussing it in the fall of 2019 and it took three months to finally decide to implement it. It wasn’t actually that hard to implement. It’s just a...

29 Alternative & Compressed Work Week Schedules


<< 4-Day Work Week: Complete Overview Next chapter: Companies >> On September 25, 1926, Henry Ford announced his company would start working a five-day, forty-hour work week. The five-day work week was born and it was a breakthrough, clearly! It’s been friggin’ 95 years to the day and we’re still all doing it. But as we approach a century since the preeminent work...