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Work-Life Balance Tips From 59 People


The work-life balance is something many — or most — of us strive for. But our 21st-century, “always on” lifestyles have led to a blurring between our professional and private lives. Achieving some sort of harmony between the two often becomes a challenge. Still, it’s got to be possible, right? I wanted to know what others thought about this challenge — and more specifically how...

What Is Work-Life Balance? (The Statistical Definition)


Work-life balance [noun]: parity between the time you have for personal and professional use The pursuit of work-life balance is inherently personal. For some who love their jobs or businesses, maximizing work time might lead to personal happiness. For those who dislike their jobs, doing the absolute minimum to retain income might maximize happiness. For most, work-life balance lies somewhere in...

122 Influential Work-Life Balance Quotes


122 quotes about work-life balance may be excessive, I’ll admit. But trust me when I say this: the list started with over 400 quotes! We whittled it down to by about 75% to bring you the best, most diverse, most influential work-life balance quotes we could find. Still, we don’t expect you to read every single quote. Peruse the library below to find some inspiration and motivation...