22 Companies That Offer Pensions (Still)

Companies with Pensions

In this report, you’ll find the most up-to-date, comprehensive list of companies with pensions. But you’ll notice: there simply are not that many companies that still offer pensions. In fact, we came across more companies that have removed pension plans than ones that still have them.

Nonetheless, an employer’s pension plan could be a big part of your decision to work for a company. If that’s the case, this is the best list to start your job search.

One quick note: Please do your own research. Not every pension plan is created equal nor guaranteed. This is simply a list to start your own research.


Companies With Pensions (2024)

Here are 22 well-known companies that offer pensions. Next to each company, you’ll see a link to find jobs at that organization.





"Enroll in a cash balance pension plan after your first year of service and become fully vested after three years."


Atom Bank

UK Only: "We offer a generous pension plan to help you save for the future — we contribute up to 13% of your salary."



"Life is unpredictable, so we’re here to provide some additional financial support in addition to our competitive rewards: Life insurance, Disability insurance, Pension plan."



"Deloitte has a pension scheme based on defined contributions and which is held with Cappital."


Eli Lilly & Company

"Pension benefit – a paycheck for life – after 5 years of service."



"Regular, full-time employees automatically begin participating upon employment. In some cases, part-time employees may also participate. You are vested when you have five years of vesting service or reach age 65, whichever comes first."



"Starting in 2024, however, it will fund a 5% credit into a “Retirement Benefits Account” for each employee. The “Retirement Benefits Account” is a cash balance plan, a type of DB pension plan, which IBM will create within its legacy frozen pension plan. This means that IBM has reopened its pension plan!"


John Deere

"A company-funded defined benefit pension plan and defined contribution plan (401k) to create more security in retirement."


Johnson & Johnson

"Pension/retirement plans: We provide a non-contributory plan vesting after five years or upon reaching the age of 55."


Kaiser Permanente

"This defined benefit pension plan provides retirement income based on your compensation and years of service when you retire. Kaiser Permanente makes all contributions to this plan. You are vested in the plan after 5 years of service."


Mayo Clinic

"Mayo Clinic is proud to be among the few U.S. companies to provide a pension benefit at no cost to employees."


Merck & Co., Inc.

"In the U.S., for example, we offer a defined benefit pension plan as well as a 401(k) plan with company matching contributions. Outside the U.S., we have more than 80 pension plans (including defined benefit, cash balance, and defined contribution plans) in over 40 countries."



"We'll automatically enroll you into our pension scheme with Aviva. Monzo contributes the equivalent of 4% of your base salary. Monzo will match any additional contributions that you make up to a maximum of 6%."


Octopus Deploy

UK Only: "In the UK, we pay 5% of your salary to your pension on your behalf. The company also contributes an additional 5% that is not deducted from your pay."


Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

"Did you know that many Fortune 500 companies no longer offer pensions—and instead, only offer 401(k) plans? PG&E still offers both."


Pfizer Inc.

"The Pension Plan is a funded, tax-qualified, non-contributory defined benefit pension plan that covers certain employees, including several of the NEOs."



"The benefit you accrue is a quarterly earnings credit calculated as a percentage of your eligible compensation. The plan has a “cash balance” design, which means you accrue earnings credits and interest credits quarterly during the year."



UK Only: "In the UK, we use Royal London. Team members contribute 5% and PostHog contributes 4%, but you can opt out if you like. You can also transfer out of the plan as frequently as you want, in case you would rather manage your own private pension."


Southern Company

"Southern Company offers a defined benefit pension plan designed to provide employees with a monthly retirement annuity. The amount is based in large part on an employee's earnings and length of service."



"Pension can be received through contributions to the company’s plan, as a gross pension allowance, or a combination thereof."


United Parcel Service (UPS)

"We provide a pension for Teamsters-represented employees whether they're full-time or part-time. Pensions are a rarity today, especially for the part-time workforce."



"- (401k) Retirement savings plan - Pension plan"



Companies That Removed Pension Plans

As we did this research, we came across several outdated lists highlighting companies that have recently removed their pension plans. Here are a few examples of major companies that have done so recently:


“3M announced that it will freeze its U.S. pension plans for non-union U.S. employees, effective Dec. 31, 2028. Pension-eligible employees will continue to accrue benefits under the pension plans until the freeze date” (source).


General Mills

” General Mills Inc., Minneapolis, plans to freeze its U.S. defined benefit plans at the end of 2027, according to the company’s annual report filed Thursday with the SEC” (source).



“Accenture has completed the termination of its U.S. Pension Plan (the “Plan”), which was previously announced in March 2016” (source).


Coca-Cola Consolidated Inc.

“Coca-Cola Consolidated Inc., Charlotte, N.C., plans to terminate its primary U.S. pension plan. The consolidated bottling company said it began the process of terminating the plan during the first half of 2022” (source).


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