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71 Remote Work Books For Your Home Office Shelf


Every so often you read a book that makes you say “Oh, wow.” It’s changed the way you think about your work, your company, your time, or priorities. It’s both relevant enough to your life and tangible enough to implement. You fly through the book. Whether you work from home or run a remote company, a major shakeup that only a book could provide is welcomed every so often...

Best Office Chairs: The Filterable List (2022)


Don’t do what I did. I’ve worked from home for a decade, but just recently prioritized my office chair. When I was 22, I sat in a recliner with my laptop on my lap. When I was 24, I sat in a plastic IKEA chair. At 25, I went wild and bought an office chair on Craigslist for $30. When I was 28, I sat in a dining room table chair. It’s only been in the last few years that...

The 21 Best Bitcoin Books: A Sortable List


The money we all use every day (paper notes issued by the government, or fiat currency) is just one type of money used throughout time. Seashells, cows, gold, silver, rare rocks, and coins have all been used as money in the past Paper money is the present Digital money will be the future Bitcoin is the first form of digital money that has experienced mass adoption, likely because it solved some...

Best Home Office Desks: The Completely Sortable List (2022)


I’m on my fourth desk in eight years of working from home. I went cheap when I was younger and the desk didn’t hold up. I went foldable when my wife and I lived in a small apartment, but the folding park broke. Finally, I invested in a Fully standing desk. It’s expensive, but awesome. It’s been my desk for about four years and it’s still like new. Four rounds of home...

My Final Home Office Equipment List (With Pictures)


I started working from home in my early twenties. We had four guys in a four-bedroom apartment near the beach in San Diego. You can probably picture the scene: dirty dishes stacked above the faucet, beer took up most of the fridge, and quarters were the hottest commodity on laundry day.  I wasn’t exactly focused on building a nice work environment. I threw out a fold-out table (likely...

Anyvoo Review: My New Video Conference Background


 Anyvoo Review: My Take On The Video Conference Backdrop Transcript “I had a client meeting the other day. I’m here at my home office. The guy turns on the video camera and he says to me, Hey, you’re working from the bathroom today. You’ve got your towels hanging up. You got your shower curtain. I thought to myself, I got to figure out a backdrop situation. I’ve...