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Monthly Donation

We are doing a weekly meeting and while most such meetings are around the tasks at hand, one week will be educational focus (for team skills expansion), and one week will be an ‘all team’ meeting, more focused around the company as a whole and team building. During this meeting each team member has the opportunity to tell about a charity they really like and why. It is a great team building activity, it opens up discussions and helps to know each other better. At the end we try to choose one ‘charity of the month’ that I then -as owner- make a donation too. Thank you to Kirsten Hopstaken of GYBO Marketing, who has worked from home for more than five years.


Virtual Brainstorming

The best virtual team building activity that I have ever used is a simple game of huddle brainstorming. This game gets your team to come together and share their ideas about an agreed upon topic. To play this game, you simply gather everyone virtually, and I use this activity to demonstrate how different personalities can work together as a team. It gives people an opportunity to discuss the topic and come up with ideas quickly, which is important for any workplace. This activity also helps members learn how other people think so that they have a better understanding of those around them. Thank you to Amira Irfan of A Self Guru, who has worked from home for three years.


Virtual Team Trust Agreements

Here are the steps to take for this virtual team building activity.
  1. Introduce the purpose of activity
  2. Set up breakout rooms of 3-5 people
  3. Share stories of what team trust looks like
  4. Identify behaviors that build trust
  5. Share with the larger group
  6. Group into themes of like behaviors from all groups
    • On a scale from 1-5, how well is our team doing exhibiting these behaviors with each other
    • Choose 2-3 behaviors that scored the lowest
  7. Brainstorm ideas for engaging in new behaviors
  8. Ask for verbal commitment and agreement to engage in trust building behaviors
  9. Recognize your team members when you notice them engaging in the behavior agreed upon
  10. Do a 90-day check in virtually and recommit to the agreement
Thank you to Tara Powers of Powers Resource Center LLC, who has worked from home for more than five years.


Fun Channel On Collaborative Platform

We set up a ‘Fun’ channel on our virtual workspace. This is where we post things that are non-work related such as our pets, children, funny and relatable memes, as well as birth, wedding and funeral announcements. This channel allows us to participate in each other’s big life milestones, condole with one another when one of us is bereaved, encourage each other, and make each other laugh.
Thank you to Brian Snedvig of Jofibo, who has worked from home for two years.


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Voluntary Bookclub

Every two weeks, we hold a book-club meeting where we discuss and analyze a book we have chosen to read as a team. Every one is invited to this discussion, and participation is voluntary. This activity is effective because it helps develop our active listening skills as individuals, enhances the quality of our communication as a team, and enables us to have discussions that explore the other facets of life outside of work. Thank you to Lisa Richards of The Candida Diet, who has worked from home for four years.


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Name That Tune

One of my favorites is the “Name That Tune” game. In this game, team members take turns naming songs and the other team members have to guess the artist and song title as quickly as possible. This game is a great way to improve communication and collaboration within teams. Thank you to Marcin Jablonski of LVBET, who has worked from home for one year.


Spreadsheet Pixel Art

We use Google Sheets for this. Users create a copy of the main spreadsheet and then use the color pallet and small squares to recreate a pixel image that has been provided. The spreadsheet is color formatted meaning that if you enter numbers 1-9 in any given cell it will turn that color. The aim is to replicate the original image within the allotted 10-minute time frame. It’s a lot of fun seeing team members scramble to try and get the image as accurate as possible. Thank you to Marc Bromhall of Trailer Hire Hub, who has worked from home for two years. It is when you add a code to automatically change numbers with colors for every cell. You can then create a picture of anything using these colors. You can set this activity in two ways. As a competitive or collaborative activity. Teams can create pixel art while chatting with each other. It can lead to increased harmony amongst team members and friendly competition. Thank you to Nazy Rafaeil of Jovani, who has worked from home for one year.


Virtual Murder Mystery

Teams have to solve a murder case within a given time limit. It is a great game to play with friends over a Zoom meeting. We’ve found this game to be more effective than standard team-building activities because it’s much more engaging and requires a lot of teamwork. Thank you to Gary Taylor of Book Your Data, who has worked from home for one year.


War of Wizards

This activity includes the elements such as RPG games, escape rooms and puzzle solving, which runs for 90 minutes. When different puzzles and mysteries are solved, it leads to sparkle points. This activity is effective for my remote team as it allows for an improvement in their communication skills. Thank you to Kim Abrams of Abrams Roofing, who has worked from home for one year. War of Wizards allows participants to engage in a 90-minute live event. It includes the mechanics of an RPG game such as escape room and puzzles. War of Wizards is the perfect fun-filled activity for virtual teams and is easily accessible for all age groups. Thank you to Keith Saint of Kind House Buyers who has worked from home for one year.


Virtual Escape Room

In this game, you and your team have to go through a series of rooms, and solve the puzzle in order to work out a mysterious murder. You have to escape in time though. This challenge is very interesting and takes the team approximately 70 minutes to complete it. This game is effective as it helps in improving communication among the team, helps them work together and build cooperative relationships. Thank you to Jessica Kats of Soxy, who has worked from home for two years. Virtual escape rooms are short (roughly 45 minutes each) activities that see our employees working together via Zoom in order to guide a real-life human or virtual avatar through multiple challenges and puzzles in order to escape. We’ve found massive success with these types of virtual activities, largely due to the fact that they serve as the perfect combination of team building and social interaction. Allowing employees to solve problems and engage with colleagues outside of their core team, this activity has helped to build trust and camaraderie across our workforce, something that’s extremely vital in a remote setting. Thank you to Harrison Sharrett of, who has worked from home for two years. It’s exactly what it sounds like – an escape room online that you and your team has to “escape” from by solving clues. This has been a big employee-favorite activity because it’s fun and gets your brain really working. We usually break into 2-4 random groups and compete, seeing which group can escape the fastest! Thank you to Kyle MacDonald of Force By Mojio, who has worked from home for five+ years. Virtual escape rooms with The Escape Game have been the one team building activity I don’t want to miss because it’s increased our teams morale and communication. With these games you get to join a Zoom call with a Game Guide inside of a real escape room and use them as your hands and feet to find clues and solve puzzles. I’ve played with plenty of people that say they’re not a “game person” and without fail, everyone ends up loving the experience. Thank you to Dylan Ward of Team Building Hub, who has worked from home for one year. A virtual escape room is done on a Zoom call. They’re similar to traditional ones except that you control a “field agent” in real-time to accomplish the challenges. They foster communication and team-building and provide a unique and fun experience to the entire team. Thank you to Ian Sells of RebateKey, who has worked from home for four years. This game is played via Zoom. The host can divide the whole audience into groups of 8 and assign each group to a room. Each team will use their own strategy to solve the problem and the host will also set a countdown timer to let participants know how long they have left in a particular breakout session. Before the timer is up the team is suppose to use clues in their digital dashboard to solve puzzles. Thank you to Justin Nabity of Physicians Thrive, who has worked from home for three years.


Exciting Sponge

The activity is exciting; each team member gets hold of a random object at arm’s length and narrates or fabricates a story about it; if they cannot find a viable object, the default objective is to base your story on a sponge. The other goal is to exaggerate as much as possible. You have to make other people believe that the object is amazing. For example, if someone picks up an “action figure,” they could explain its superpowers and how it’s alive waiting to save the world from the apocalypse. Thank you to Johan Liebert of DazzDeals, who has worked from home for one year.


Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

I try to make my team feel like they’re having an exciting happy hour with friends in this activity. What I do is host two rounds of virtual pub trivia. Everyone has drinks on their tables and gets the chance to answer questions from multiple categories. The themes range from “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” to Sports and even Celebrity Real Estate. This is an excellent way to improve team relationships and ensure that everyone has a memorable pub night. Thank you to Carl Panepinto of Storm Internet, who has worked from home for one year. In Trivia, everyone is divided into small teams, which can be done by forming Slack channels with each team. The leader (usually a manager) reads out trivia questions and each team has one minute to think of the answer and submit it to the manager. This is effective because it allows everyone to have a chance to answer, as well as bond with teammates on a more personal level! Thank you to Megan Jones of NutraSweet Natural, who has worked from home for one year. Virtual happy hour trivia is best for building connections between remote employees and since our company is completely remote these days, it is one of the best additions to the working model. Not only that, the fun game has aided in increasing collaboration as well. Thank you to Lauren Proctor of BenchMade Modern, who has worked from home for two years.



Virtual Happy Hour Trivia (With A Twist)

Just ask everyone in the virtual room to bring a bottle of wine and choose a dedicated host to ask questions. But the twist is, the first one who can provide a correct answer gets to drink their own wine. You might see some hesitation but when the wine’s effect kicks in and its magic, everyone will be sharing things they’re not supposed to share, and laughter will be all over the virtual room. Thank you to Burak Ozdemir of Alarm Journal, who has worked from home for less than one year.


Virtual Happy Hour

We love creating a virtual happy hour to spend time together and decompress. This allows us to separate work and still spend quality time together. My team enjoys this because it gives them an opportunity to share things with the team that doesn’t involve work and it increases the overall morale of the team. Thank you to Jeff Shipwash of Shipwash Properties LLC, who has worked from home for three years. After every project completion, each team holds a virtual happy hour. It is a laid-back zoom classroom where teams learn new skills together—like baking, pizza making, yoga, etc. It eases the friction between projects, and team members get to socialize. Thank you to Dave Polykoff of Zenpost, who has worked from home for three years.


Charitable Trivia Events

We run virtual trivia events for our team which align with themes like Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Pride. The trivia questions help our team learn about and support diversity, in addition to being a fun activity we do together. At the end of the event, the winning team chooses a charity (or multiple) that matches the theme, and the company makes a donation of $5,000 to it, plus an additional $1000 to a charity chosen by the event host. Thank you to Michael Alexis of TeamBuilding, who has worked from home for more than five years.


Black Out Truth Or Dare

This game is an online equivalent of “Truth or Dare” that you can plan on Zoom calls. The host reads off a series of prompts like “share your childhood nickname” or “sing a pop song”, and participants can turn off their video to opt-out, or leave the video on to show they are willing to complete the task. The host randomly chooses a few people to do the action, and awards points to successful ones. Thank you to Tasia Duske of Museum Hack, who has worked from home for more than five years.


Virtual Trivia Game Show

A trivia game tests your employees’ mental prowess by challenging them with various trivia questions that cover work-related material and more personal things like their favorite movies or childhood hobbies. Another option is to make this game collaborative rather than competitive, where everyone joins together in answering random trivia questions until there is a winner. Thank you to Cody Crawford of Low Offset, who has worked from home for three years.


Voice Conferences

A voice conference is one of the easiest virtual team-building activities to undertake. Everyone logs into a voice conference line, and each team member takes their turn sharing something interesting about themselves to everyone else on the call. The conversation can stay on topic or shift depending on the participants. Thank you to Chris Thompson of Backdoor Survival, who has worked from home for four years.


Learning Meetings

We offer every employee weekly paid learning time. And every week, everyone in our company meets virtually to share their learning updates. The meetings help build visibility and increase cohesion. More importantly, they expose everyone to new perspectives and encourage everyone to look at learning as a lifelong pursuit. This ties directly to our core values of Learning, Sharing and Giving Back. Thank you to Fraser Wilson of AnywhereWorks, who has worked from home for two years.


60 Seconds Of Fame

As our weekly meetings can become repetitive, I have decided to start them with a fun point. To do this, I ask each team member to share a joke, read a poem, sing a song or do something funny at the beginning of the meeting. In addition to helping break the ice and get to know the team better, I have also innocently discovered hidden superstars in my team! Thank you to Bartek Boniecki of Passport Photo Online, who has worked from home for two years.


Celebrate Together

We poll our teams to see which holidays they celebrate during the year. Everyone virtually dresses up according to the theme and trades gifts. This creates respect and tolerance towards everyone’s beliefs. Thank you to Andrew Raso of Online Marketing Gurus Australia, who has worked from home for three years.


Office Olympics

We host online games like Trivia and Pictionary or any other game that require teams to play together and compete. It is a great way to socialize and build team spirit before working on a project. Thank you to Charles Cridland of YourParkingSpace, who has worked from home for two years.


Guess Which One

For this activity, you choose a theme like “refrigerators” or “closets” and all participants take and submit a relevant photo. Then, have all players guess which photo belongs to which person. Players can use clues like spotting favorite drinks or a familiar shirt to help guess, and then you reward points and prizes based on the most correct guesses. Thank you to Melissa Kelly of Virtual Team Building, who has worked from home for two years.


Classic Show-And-Tell

The best virtual team-building activities strip away the usual formalities and allow everyone to come as they are, socializing in a way that is absent of pressure or potential embarrassment. A great activity that accomplishes this goal is classic show-and-tell with a set topic, like pets, house plants, or what’s for lunch that day. It’s easy, instant and can kick off some great conversations. Thank you to Laura Spawn (CEO of Virtual Vocations) of Virtual Vocations, who has worked from home for more than five years.


Open Mic Virtual Icebreaker

Everyone will have a chance to take the stage for a minute and perform something. It can be anything like sing a song or poem, or tell a joke or play any instrument, anything they want. This icebreaker activity create a strong bond between teammates which help in building trust and better communication. Thank you to Sanket Shah of InVideo, who has worked from home for two years.



Sure, playing online Pictionary is great and a lot of fun. But what we prefer to do to strengthen our team bonds and fight isolation is to build real human connections. Being on a remote mode for nearly two years means that some of the team members haven’t had a chance to get to know each other at all. One of our favorite activities is putting together some pictures that are super special to us, be it from amazing holidays, pictures of family, or pets. Then each of us tells a story about that photograph. And those stories tend to be truly amazing. This is how we get to know each other and grow stronger as a team.  Thank you to Nina Krol of Tidio, who has worked from home for two years.


Virtual Retreats

If you can’t meet up in person, take a day or two out to do some fun and relaxing non-work activities together. Our most recent saw us enjoy a meal and quiz evening together (via Zoom) and over the following two days we had a clay sculpt-off, a geocaching session and an origami lesson. Thank you to Ifty Nasir of Vestd, who has worked from home for two years.

The way this game works is you will be dropped in the middle of a random place in the world and using Google maps you need to pin where you are. The closer you are to the actual location, the more points you get. It’s effective, because it allows the team to disconnect from their everyday and “travel” to different places without actually being able to travel. Our agile sprint team plays this once a month without fail and will probably continue to do so. Thank you to William Chin of, who has worked from home for three years.

Language learning applications can significantly aid employees in improving their language skills. Promova, along with other notable language learning apps like Duolingo or Babbel, provides comprehensive language courses and exercises. These apps offer interactive lessons, vocabulary training, and pronunciation practice to enhance communication skills.

While the other apps cover grammar, vocabulary, and conversation practice, Promova focuses on pronunciation. It includes a feature called “How to Pronounce,” which allows users to listen to correct pronunciations of specific words or phrases in different languages — particularly useful when employees encounter unfamiliar terms or struggle with pronunciation in a foreign language.



Something In Common

“Something in Common” is a quick and simple game that can quickly form unique bonds between coworkers – all it requires is splitting employees up into groups of about 3, and having them come up with 3-5 specific things they all have in common. It could be anything from a love of Duran Duran to a hatred of cilantro, and it’s simple, fun, and helps employees connect within minutes. Relationship building helps to form strong teams, and relationships require getting to know each other, which is why this little team building activity is so effective. Thank you to Stephen Light of Nolah Mattress, who has worked from home for two years.


Music Monday

One of my favorite team-building activities is ‘Music Monday’ where a different team member shares a tune they love, and we all take a listen. It gives us insight into something special about a coworker, starts the week off on a fun note, and often starts a really cool discussion about a certain genre. Thank you to Nick Drewe of Wethrift, who has worked from home for more than five years.


Picture Of The Week

Starting a ‘picture of the week’ tradition with your team is an excellent way to get to know one another, keep up the fun, and improve morale. All it involves is choosing a theme for the week – anything from ‘your favorite trip’ to ‘your dream home’ – and having each employee share their picture. This simple team building activity injects joy into the workweek and forms bonds between employees that might not have otherwise existed – plus, you’ll never run out of themes. Thank you to Roy Morejon of Enventys Partners, who has worked from home for two years.


Weekly Hangout Calls

It’s important to remind yourself that you’re not the only one dealing with isolation — your entire team is too. And while collaborative tools have helped bridge the gap in communication, the human element is still missing. To combat this shared feeling of loneliness, we started holding weekly hangout calls where the agenda is usually everything but work. Employees talk about what they’ve been busy with aside from work, any major milestones in their lives and bond with each other over shared interests, be it books, movies or outdoor activities. Thank you to Demi Yilmaz of Colonist, who has worked from home for three years.


Office Trivia and Quizzes

Quizzes are lighthearted and fun and the questions we ask help us get to know our members a tad bit more every time and find out about their passions. It’s more about learning about team members and nurturing our work culture rather than just another thing to check off the list. Thank you to Riley Beam of Douglas R. Beam, P.A., who has worked from home for one year.


Skribbl Cooldowns

Skribbl is an online drawing & guessing game and it’s one of the most fun things you can do as a team to cool down and relax after a hard day at work. It’s a really simple yet fun game to play with your team, inviting lots of laughs, creative ideas, and fun. It’s a really effective team activity as it helps everyone to relax, enjoy each other’s company, come up with creative solutions together, and of course — have a lot of fun. Thank you to Becky Brown of ShoppingKim, who has worked from home for three years.


Annotation And Mind Map Collaboration

The best virtual team building activity my team uses for remote work is 100% focused around communication. We jump on a zoom call and use drawing tablets to annotate over our screen share. We also create a mind map which provides a macro and micro overview of our current projects – this has significantly increased productivity and puts our team on the same wavelength. Thank you to Paul Michael of Mediapeanut, who has worked from home for three years.


Whose Office Is It Anyway?

Everyone takes a picture of their desk in the middle of the workday, without cleaning up or changing anything. All pictures are shared among staff, and one by one we all try to guess whose desk we’re looking at. It’s a really fun and insightful way for everyone to get to know remote colleagues. Thank you to Shaun Heng of CoinMarketCap, who has worked from home for three years.


Virtual Coffee

Have a cup of coffee or whatever drink you prefer during your break and chat with colleagues via Zoom. Thank you to Zac Houghton of, who has worked from home for Less than one year. Tired of constant meetings? Here’s a good way to get everyone to slow down. Set the timer for 10-15 minutes, and give each person a few minutes to ask the virtual team building activities ideas of their choice. At the end, everyone can share insights from their question-and-answer session. You can even use this time for light chit chat or game playing, like drawing names to see who buys the next coffee pot. Thank you to Chris Alexakis of Cabinet Select, who has worked from home for two years.


The Roles We Play

In this activity, group members are each given a “secret role” that no one else knows via the chat, (roles might include, “You are the leader,” “You must make sure everyone participates,” You must turn your back to the screen so you cannot see it,” “You must turn your volume all the way down so you cannot hear,” “You must stay muted and cannot use the chat,” etc). Participants are then asked to answer a set of questions that are outlined on a Google Slide, (e.g. How many people have pets in your group, and what type of pets are they? What are the middle names of everyone in your group? What are the birthdates of everyone in your group, etc.). In a debrief conversation, participants are asked to reflect on questions including, “What made this task challenging?” “What strategies did members of your group use to try to overcome these challenges?” “What did you notice or learn about teamwork through engaging in this activity?” Thank you to Eva Jo Meyers of Spark Decks, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Friendly Competitions

A little friendly competition never hurts anyone (or any team) and can actually bring people closer together. Create challenges for your teams to help them achieve a common objective. A fitness challenge is a fantastic choice for this. This not only creates some friendly competition, but it also improves overall health — a win-win situation! Thank you to Adam Fard of Adam Fard’ UX Agency, who has worked from home for two years.


Leadership Meeting

Every month we conduct a virtual leadership meeting with all team leaders in our organization (~100 employees). We hold activities, giveaways, and give a chance for all of our employees to directly engage with the executive team. It really lowers the barrier across verticals in our organization and allows for maximum transparency and comfortability. Thank you to Taylor J Goucher of Connext Global Solutions, who has worked from home for two years.


Guess The Hidden Word

The game master shows two pictures as clues. Players will guess the hidden word (mostly compound words) based on the picture clues. The first one who guess the right answer wins the game. Thank you to Tim Hill of Social Status, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Off-Topic Chat Threads

One of the things that can make the remote office feel like “home” is the persistence of certain conversations, threads, and messages in our various apps, especially when those messages are about things like our pets, Wordle, or the results of last night’s reality show we’re taking an episode at a time together. Giving a little time to these conversation threads every day helps everyone in the office better connect with one another and know each other as people instead of just email addresses. Thank you to Carter Seuthe of Credit Summit, who has worked from home for two years.


After Hours Happy Hours

These are times when we all get together on Zoom or other video chatting apps for something that is not work related. Sometimes we celebrate someone’s birthday. Other times we will watch certain shows or sporting events together. Still other times, there will be fashion shows for cats. Thank you to Devon Fata of Pixoul, who has worked from home for three years.


Virtual Charades

Our favorite virtual team building activity is “virtual charades.” To play virtual charades, divide your team into two or more groups. Have each group select a spokesperson, who will act out a word or phrase for the rest of their team to guess. The first group to correctly guess the word or phrase wins a point. You can either play for a set amount of time, or see which group can earn the most points by the end of the game. This is a great game for improving communication and collaboration among team members, as it requires them to work together to guessing the words and phrases being acted out. Thank you to Claire Westbrook of LSAT Prep Hero, who has worked from home for two years.


Virtual Paint & Sip Sessions

Each team member is sent a goodies box filled with art supplies, champagne and snacks for them to indulge in during the paint and sip session. We hop online and we’re all tuning via video call with an experienced artist, and we all try our best to copy an illustration the artist is drawing. Lots of fun and laughter ensues, and it’s a great way for our team to bond on a social level! Thank you to Courtney Stables of Custom Neon, who has worked from home for two years.


Word War

This is a simple game where you are given a set of words and asked to use them in the way you think they would most suit a sentence. I use the game to help teams come up with different ideas and solutions. Thank you to Sam Sweeney of Trivvy, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Fast Snaps

The Fast Snaps activity works by asking the team members to send a snap of anything from their current location. I begin a countdown from 10 and then they send me the photo and we’ll take turns telling the group about what we just took photo of. This acts as an ice breaker and a team-building activity as well because we usually insert this during meetings. I believe that this works because we are able to see bits and pieces of everyone’s lives through this and that helps us get to know each other better. Knowing each other better enables us to collaborate with less awkwardness in our midst, effectively building our team along the way. Thank you to Chris M. Walker of Superstar SEO, who has worked from home for five+ years.


A Picture Of Your Life

Request that each team member joins a shareable document or an online meeting board before the meeting starts and submit a photo of something from their personal life before the session begins. Then, ask them to tell you the narrative behind their photograph.  Thank you to Jeff Mains of Champion Leadership Group LLC, who has worked from home for one year.


Recipe Swap

We invite each team member to share their favorite recipe and how they did it. They are given the opportunity to present this in whatever form they like–may it be through a video file internally shown, a Tiktok video, or photo presentation every Friday during our informal virtual meetup. This activity effectively encourages employees to take time out from work to do something as satisfying as preparing food. Thank you to Michael Haas of Angry BBQ, who has worked from home for two years.


Remote Fitness

Interested colleagues can join every morning for 45-minute physical exercises led by a team member. The session is important because it’s a fun way for employees to bond and break ice leading to increased engagement and collaboration. Thank you to Ryan Yount of LuckLuckGo, who has worked from home for two years.


Tiny Campfire

Tiny Campfire is a website that aids organizations to have a virtual campfire activity as part of their team building, whose concept is just like in a literal campfire activity. There are ghost stories, open sharing, and even marshmallows on a fire. This activity is fun and good for improving relationships for the sake of better collaboration. Thank you to Matt Post of Attorney Marketing Solutions, who has worked from home for one year. Tiny Campfire was an activity that we specifically conducted to improve our remote communication. It served as a small icebreaker for new employees as well. Everyone would light a candle and roast a marshmallow on a toothpick while some people tell a spooky story. This created good work memories even at home and also boosted our employee engagement. Thank you to Gary Taylor of Book Your Data, who has worked from home for two years.


After-Work Snapshot Club

At the end of the work day, we shut down all work-related stuff, log into Slack, and use a shared virtual whiteboard where every member uploads a photo of their choice. We take turns explaining and discussing each photo. This activity keeps us excited and motivated through the day as we look forward to the photo club and also helps us to improve on our work-life balance. Thank you to Goodell David of Woodworking Clarity, who has worked from home for four years.



EngageWith is one of our employees’ all-time favorites. This tool assists us in rewarding and recognizing our team’s efforts, celebrating their victories, and progressing together. Each award comes with a set number of points that can be redeemed for exciting prizes from Flipkart, Amazon, PizzaHut, BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip, and many more. Thank you to Jordon Scrinko of Precondo, who has worked from home for two years.


Photo Of Your Life

In this challenge, each member is tasked with summing up their life in an image they have personally taken. It could be anything, from a location to hobbies, to family photos or pets. The image is then shared with everyone on the team along with an explanation on why they think the photo best sums up their life. This is a great way to present a more personal side to each member and allows others a peek on who they are as a person. Thank you to Scott McKinney of Debt Bombshell, who has worked from home for two years.


Who Am I?

It’s a virtual team activity for colleagues you haven’t met in real life before. This activity is effective and sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. You pair up with someone you haven’t worked with before, and for seven minutes, describe who you are as a person, not your job title. Thank you to Scott Steward of HiCollectors, who has worked from home for three years.


X or Y

One of the best team-building activities can be playing virtual games like “X or Y.” It is one of the most appropriate activities to understand other people. It is a simple activity in which team members can select some choice questions like “dog or cat” or “OTT or Cinema.” The team members can then discuss the answers to these questions and better know the colleagues’ personalities. Thank you to Daria Maltseva of KeyUA, who has worked from home for two years.


Virtual Cooking Classes

Every month we pick a recipe to all cook together, if possible a local dish from wherever our team is based. We order all the ingredients to our teams addresses, then cook and eat together! It’s a fun activity that’s also practical and gives the team a bit of a change from the standard Zoom quizzes. Thank you to Charlie Clark of Minty Digital, who has worked from home for two years.


Remote Work Bingo

You start by building a bingo board full of standard phrases or activities that have become so ubiquitous during our time working from home. Think of a five by five grid where the spaces have things like “Saw a cat on a team call” or “Sorry, I was on mute” – all of the common gaffes that we’re now very used to dealing with. I’ve found that this gives everyone a passive bit of fun they can do all the time, plus coming up with new bingo sheets is a great activity for our internal discussions! Thank you to Dragos Badea of Yarooms, who has worked from home for three years.


Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Everyone turns their camera off, you name a random object, and the first person to show the object on camera scores a point. The person with the most points in the end wins a prize.  Thank you to Leslie Gilmour of Cube Digital, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Wine Tasting Sessions

As I run a wine related business, me and my team meet up regularly to have online wine tasting sessions. I have the wine delivered to their homes prior to the activity, and we all work together to find out as much as we can about the wine. It’s a fun way to get to know the team and build up relationships in a relaxed manner. Thank you to David Bowen of Bordeaux Undiscovered, who has worked from home for two years.


Virtual Bar Crawl

There’s a fun virtual equivalent to the real-life bar crawl – without the drinking. Here’s how it works: find an interesting website, explore it with your colleagues, and chat about it for 10-15 minutes. Then, move onto the next one. One of my favorite places I like to look is here – it’s full of interesting websites ranging from creative tools and educational resources to entertaining widgets. Thank you to Patrick Casey of Felix, who has worked from home for less than one year.


Minigame Madness

To breathe new life into the old, tired Zoom meeting, play games from the Zoom App Marketplace. The Marketplace includes Bingo, Heads Up, #AskAway, and many more. This is a great way to connect with your colleagues and get to know them on a more personal level. Thank you to Mike Grossman of GoodHire, who has worked from home for three years.


Virtual Coffee Breaks

At CocoSign, we have live virtual coffee breaks where managers can talk with each other and become more efficient. Every day, our virtual team members have a chance to hang out and chat with each other. It helps to create an informal work atmosphere and keeps people socially connected, which leads to increased morale in the office. We also know that these types of activities are especially important for remote workers because when they don’t get breaks all day, it can be hard for them to stay engaged and motivated. Thank you to Stephen Curry of CocoSign, who has worked from home for one year. As the name suggests, it’s a coffee break that takes place virtually. Team members sit down and have an informal conversation as talk through a video app like Zoom or Google Hangouts. This helps recreate some of those water cooler chats that are critical in team building. Thank you to Chris Nddie of ClothingRIC, who has worked from home for one year.


Virtual Games on Jackbox.TV has some interesting games, especially the Trivia Murder Party. It works like other multiplayer games where one person hosts and the rest of the group joins using a code. It is a fun trivia game, where the last person to not be murdered wins. Time flies! Thank you to Phil Strazzulla of SelectSoftware Reviews, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Work Jeopardy

Just like the show, employees compete against each other for prizes via zoom. The host rotates every week and they set the topics/answers. Points given for creativity, humor, and knowledge of the subjects Thank you to Chris Kille of Elevate Outsourcing, who has worked from home for two years.


Team Pub Trivia

“Online trivia game site Jackbox Games may be played through video conference by anybody. Everyone uses their cell phones to answer questions throughout this session. Use a Random Trivia Generator instead if you like. To disclose the answers, have the presenter show their screen with the group. For online pub trivia to be effective, only one rule must be followed, no one can Google the answer! “ Thank you to Gerrid Smith of Joy Organics, who has worked from home for two years.


Can You Hear Me Now?

This is one of the most interactive and fun virtual activities that can be played in a virtual conference room. In this activity, you nominate one person to be the speaker and the rest are the artists. The speaker sources a suitable image and the purpose is to describe the image in a way that artists can draw it. The one guideline here is that the speaker can only use geometric shapes. This game is an effective way to improve communication among the team, and bond with other team members. It is a fun and interactive way to indulge with the team and develop social relationships. Thank you to David Clelland of Infiniti Tracking, who has worked from home for two years.


Monday Morning Coffee

Every Monday morning, before we address the up coming business for the week, and go over the previous week, we spend an hour just hanging and drinking coffee on Zoom. It gives a us a chance about our lives and to each other, and offers an opportunity to bond over natures greatest gift. Coffee. Thank you to John DiBella of NetLocal, who has worked from home for three years.


Virtual Office Trivia

As a leader, you can prepare a set of questions based on different topics ranging from sports to fashion. You can use Zoom to host a video conference to conduct this trivia night. Each employee can have a couple of drinks at their end and answer the questions you ask. This develops engagement and builds trust within the employees. Additionally, they all learn how to collaborate and work together as a team. Thank you to Sam Cohen of Gold Tree Consulting, who has worked from home for one year.


Typing Speed Race

In this activity, all team members take a typing test using or a similar website. Then, they post their results on the chat feature of their video conferencing software. This activity helps improve employees’ typing speed in a fun and engaging manner. Thank you to Aviad Faruzon of Faruzo, who has worked from home for two years.


Virtual Book Club

Every week one of our team members decides to share a story or a book review, and all the other team members have to comment on it. My coworkers also share the reviews of the book their children are reading, which makes the activity very light and fun. This has helped team members to explore their creativity, and increase their communication with each other. Thank you to Eduarda dePaula of FindByPlate, who has worked from home for less than one year.


Team Workouts

Sport is the ideal way to form a bond and develop relationships. Fixing times to co-work out and sharing Wednesday Workout Wins encourages team work and promotes fitness. Whether you do group runs, bike rides or home workouts it is a great way to motivate your team. Thank you to Keron Howe of Property Nation, who has worked from home for three years.


Music Brings The Whole Team Together

We curate a new Spotify playlist each month of songs selected by our in-house, hybrid, and remote team members, along with some tracks suggested by our brand partners. And from metal to folk, these curations span multiple genres of music. Our playlists reflect the uniqueness of our employees and partners and promote our culture, creating a more inclusive, positive, and productive work environment no matter where we’re working. Thank you to Jason Sherman of TapRm, who has worked from home for two years.


Ideathon Hosted Over Airmeet

Remote employees are sick of Zoom video calls, and scheduling a monthly team lunch is fun but not productive. I schedule Innovation Ideathon events using Airmeet virtual conferencing software to provide a unique, memorable, and dynamic online experience for engaging remote workers and inspiring them to brainstorm and collaborate to solve a business issue. Airmeet offers multiple interactive features, including video breakout groups of 4-8 people, main stage presentation to everyone, live chat, ability to bring speakers “on stage,” ability to share mic/hosting privileges for group presentations. Thank you to Jon Boggiano of Everblue, who has worked from home for two years.


Getting To Know One Another

Before the game starts, we ask everyone to write down their first job and we email them to the host of the event. The game is for everyone else to try and guess who had what job and ask questions to find clues. It’s a great way for everyone to open up and have fun getting to know their team mates history. Thank you to Ouriel Lemmel of WinIt, who has worked from home for two years.


Super-Specific Office Trivia

The goal is to test everyone’s awareness of the company. The organizer comes up with super specific questions about the company, and the goal is for the group to discuss facts about the place they work. They learn more about each other and the organization. Thank you to Mark Daoust of Quiet Light, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Virtual Hangout: Dinner & Board Games

Our team has tested out multiple ways to hang out virtually, but the most effective one was a simple dinner and a board game. It works really well for our team, because we’ve never met in person. This type of activity gives us a chance to get to know each other in a more casual setting, and have fun. Thank you to Aleksandra Jovicic of Pixellu, who has worked from home for four years.


Crime Junkie Virtual Ice Breaker

A link shall be the portal of employees for various games such as escape rooms, puzzles and clue-solving themed virtual games. You send them the link and let all teams choose what game to play until they reach a consensus. What makes this game a little interesting for teams is that they can select from various games that can all challenge their cognitive, decision makings and even cognitive skills as an individual and as a team. Thank you to Tommy Mello of A1Garage, who has worked from home for one year.


Virtual Pictionary

This fun weekly ritual allows our team members to relax and let loose a little bit. We get to know each other on a personal level, and find out who’s secretly competitive. It’s a great way to unwind and gives us something to look forward to after a stressful work day. Thank you to Jean Gregoire of Lovebox, who has worked from home for three years.


Virtual Bingo

It may seem cheesy and very old school, but we like to play virtual bingo each week as a team building activity. All week we play behind the scenes, and on Fridays we take about a half an hour to talk with everyone as a break. Most of us use this time to ask questions that can fill out our bingo card, but it helps us to get to know each other better. In turn, we become more comfortable with each other, and when working, are a much stronger team. The prize is always a gift card to a coffee shop, so all of us try really hard to win. I find mini games like bingo are very lighthearted and it has helped us to be more comfortable with collaborating, and gives us a little break from work!” Thank you to Brian Chung of Alabaster Co., who has worked from home for less than one year. This activity encourages employees to interact beyond office hours and get to know each other. It serves as an opportunity to promote team dynamics and have them identify the strengths and weaknesses of their co-workers and learn who they can approach for specific situations. Thank you to Alex Buchnev of Paddling Space, who has worked from home for two years.


Online Fitness Club

Is your group the adventurous, outdoor type? It doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate and encourage each other’s fitness objectives even if you can’t go for a hike or run with your team. You can effortlessly track your physical activity – from workouts to bike rides – and keep up with your coworkers’ athletic achievements using a social fitness app. The software tracks your own achievements and allows you to share your activity with your social network. You may also view what your connections have been up to, leave comments, and give accolades in your feed! Thank you to Daniel of Foley, who has worked from home for two years.


Video Gaming Session

Every two weeks some of our teams organize online integration meetings via a video game session. We usually play Among Us and War of the Wizards, which are both a lot of fun and excellent for integration. Thank you to Bartek Boniecki of Passport Photo Online, who has worked from home for two years.


Explore Europe At Home

Engage a professional tour guide from another country to provide a live guided tour of their city. The tour safely transports our colleagues to a world beyond their four walls. The team learns together, they ask questions and share their travel experiences and dreams with each other. We find commonality in the wonder and adventure of exploring a new city together. The tour is also very serene and transformative which supports mental health. Thank you to Ann Walton of Voices, who has worked from home for two years.


Two Lies And A Truth

In this game, each employee has to make 3 statements about themselves. Then rest of the team has to guess which of these 2 statements are false and 1 which is correct. This encourages employees to know each other beyond professional boundaries, and discover crazy stuff by employees. Thank you to Alex Bryce of WeInvoice, who has worked from home for two years.


Donut Dates

Donut Dates is a virtual coffee/donut date with team members where they connect via Zoom to talk about all things BUT work. I incentivizing the team to connect with team member and engage in Donut Dates by sending them delicious donuts. Our system random connects different team members, making Donut Dates the perfect opportunity to connect coworkers from different teams that they would otherwise not get a chance to work with. Thank you to Jeanna Barrett of First Page Strategy, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Email Engagement

We run a simple – but fun – email engagement exercise that allows everyone to get to know each other. We send out an email to everyone with a specific request (ie: share a meal you cook well, share a favorite place in your home) and ask them to respond. This is a great way to start conversations between employees, allow everyone to get to know each other, and it’s fun! Thank you to James Parsons of Content Powered, who has worked from home for three years.



GameApart allows users to play quick, casual games on any free virtual platform such as Zoom, FaceTime or Teams. GameApart was created during the pandemic as a way to prioritize mental health and provide a fun way for teams to connect during the pandemic.  Thank you to James Simmons of GameApart, who shared his company’s product.


Weekly Team Virtual Game Hour

Each week, our team meets via Zoom for a short, time-boxed break where we can have fun together. We can take our mind off work, blow off some steam, and it allows for people to have something to do that doesn’t have to involve talking, keeping in mind not everyone is a social butterfly. Thank you to Amy Spurling of Compt, who has worked from home for two years.


Themed Happy Hour

Having themed happy hours can help the team have more of an organic and fun conversation. Some of the themes we’ve done in the past are wine night, taco Tuesday, tapas Thursday, trivia night, etc. We usually do a poll a week or two in advance to see what our employees would want to do, and it gets them really excited to participate. Thank you to Rich Rudzinski of Drivey and Tragic Media, who has worked from home for two years.


Guess The Car

We zoom in on a small section of a car at the start of the meeting and every ten seconds we zoom out a little more, while our staff take guesses at the model of the car. First one to guess it gets an entry into our employee prize draw each month. You’re allowed one guess per weekly meeting. Thank you to Max Turner of Car Donation Centers who has worked from home for three years.


Netflix Nightmares

We all love a horror film, so I paid for all staff to have a Netflix subscription and at least one night a month we all watch the same horror movie at the same time. texting each other from behind the sofa (for the scary bits) commenting on the film. It’s a social, fun event and we all support each other through stressful times, so office work doesn’t seem so bad. Thank you to Brett Downes of Haro Helpers, who has worked from home for three years.


Virtual Gaming

We use Virtual 8 Ball Pool because it is a great team building activity that allows teams to communicate, negotiate, think strategically and generate ideas to improve their pool game. The best part is that they are having fun while being engaged in activities that add value to their professional development. Thank you to Denis Leskovets of Office Consumer, who has worked from home for two years.


Netflix Party

My favorite virtual team building activity is to watch a Netflix show together. We do this once a month and it’s been amazing for bonding, getting to know each other, and improving teamwork. This has been extremely useful for us because usually when people are stuck at home they want to watch TV but they don’t want to be alone. This way we can hang out with friends and bond over the same shared experience. Thank you to Khamis Maiouf of Book of Barbering, who has worked from home for two years.



We hold huddles at the start of nearly every day! As a virtual company, it helps us bond as a team while working together on any hot topics of the day or emergencies. We start our huddles with personal conversations to catch up and allow our team to get to know one another as people, which facilitates us working smoothly together. Then, I check in to see if anyone needs collaboration or advice on pressing issues which we solve as a group. Lastly, we identify any necessary follow-up meetings before we break for the day. Our huddles are incredibly effective for team-building and engagement. Once a month, I even DoorDash everyone donuts to motivate our team as we snack & discuss daily issues. Thank you to Laura Berg of AskVet, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Chubby Bunny

Chubby Bunny is played by requiring each team member to put a marshmallow in their mouth. Then let them say “chubby bunny.” An additional marshmallow is then added every round until only one person is left. Thank you to Brian Bram of Home Gym Strength, who has worked from home for one year.


Virtual Lunch Hangouts

One effective virtual team-building activity is virtual lunch hangouts. The company will pay for the employees’ lunch, while they all hop in one online conference room like a Zoom or a Microsoft Teams call to hang out. This is a great way to catch up with colleagues and meet new ones. To make things even more engaging, everyone could play a virtual game like Kahoot where incentives or rewards will be given by the company to the winners. Not only would a reward system make everyone a bit more excited, but this is a good chance to build teamwork and strengthen camaraderie without the looming pressure of work deadlines. Thank you to Joey Sasson of Moving APT, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Pancakes Vs. Waffles

This is a lighthearted game where everyone works as a team and basically decides what to “keep” and what to “get rid of forever,” starting with pancakes and waffles. Then, you substitute in a new object and go for as long as you want. It’s a fun way for being to get out of their shells, be goofy, and get to know each other better. Thank you to Kristen Bolig of SecurityNerd, who has worked from home for three years.


Bring Me “The Item”

This activity requires employees to look for specific items and show them on the video camera. The first person who can get and present the desired object wins the round. It may be a simple activity, but it teaches employees to be resourceful and efficient in achieving their objectives. Thank you to Jake Smith of Absolute Reg LTD, who has worked from home for two years.


Monthly Breakout Groups

Our company-wide monthly meeting always concludes with everyone breaking out into smaller groups of five to seven members each. All participants join a video call with their group to discuss three random prompts that relate to their interests and personal viewpoints, and they each take turns sharing their opinions and learning about each other on a more personal level. We find this practice to be a quick and effective way for everyone to get a sense of each others’ personalities and start forming connections with one another. Thank you to Johannes Larsson who has worked from home for five+ years.


Virtual Treasure Hunt

Virtual treasure hunts are fun, exciting and add an intriguing element of the unknown to any gathering. And the best part? You can keep it simple and focus on solving the puzzle or get more involved by bringing along a puzzle master who can help direct your search. We use a virtual treasure hunt or you can call it a scavenger hunt. All that our employees were supposed to do was to look around for clues on any social media platform and solve the puzzle before time runs out and! And as an added bonus, we had tons of fun with friends and family. Thank you to Lynda Fairly of Numlooker, who has worked from home for one year.


Online Multiplayer Word Games

Every Tuesday evening, my team and I engage in a competitive online word game. The individual who won the last week’s game gets to choose which word game will be played the following week. It’s a great way to fuel the competitive spirit of each individual, and to have fun together while taking a break from work. Thank you to Lisa Richards of The Candida Diet, who has worked from home for four years.


Virtual Gym Challenges

Every Saturday, we dress up in gym attire and meet online where we decide on the exercises to do such as lunges, rope skips, squats, pushups, and so on for two hours. Each of us is allocated their time to complete a set of the exercise as the others watch and cheer. We not only enjoy the exercises but also get to laugh, bond some more, and ensure everyone is getting the much-needed physical nourishment for healthy living. Thank you to Yasser Al-dhamary of SkillsBuildTraining, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Four Facts And A Fib

Allow sufficient time for participants to write down five “facts” about themselves, one of which must be a falsehood but one that is convincing. “I once swam with dolphins,” rather than “I wrestled a shark!” Discuss the results after each person has shared their facts and lies. This activity is perfect for a team with members who are unfamiliar with one another since it provides an informal setting for people to discuss personal information and create trust. Thank you to Bram Jansen of vpnAlert, who has worked from home for two years.


Blind Origami

Origami instructions will be emailed to one individual from each pair. The individual who has the instructions should use messaging or videoconferencing software to walk their partner (the receiver) through the steps of making an origami design (but with the camera turned off). During the call, the receiver can ask questions, request clarification, and provide comments. Participants can turn their cameras back on once each group has finished to observe if the receiver got the origami building correct. The goal of this activity is to emphasize the value of listening and soliciting feedback. Thank you to Zaeem Chaudhary of AC Design Solutions, who has worked from home for two years.


Scrabble Scramble

Assign each participant two or three letters at random, then divide the group into teams. Each group must use their letters to make as many words as possible in a limited amount of time while keeping a few things in mind, such as Each letter tile can only be used once in each word, and it must include three or more letters; plurals of previously used words are not permitted. For instance, you can have “tree” or “trees,” but not both. Proper names, such as place names or forenames, are not permitted. A five-point bonus is awarded to the longest word. This entertaining practice is intended to stimulate creative thinking, promote teamwork, and improve communication. Thank you to Gerrid Smith of Criminal Defense, who has worked from home for three years.


A Peek Into Each Other’s Homes

Members of the team must electronically open their homes to one another as part of this virtual team development exercise. Each member of the team will record a short film showcasing their home and some of their favorite things. This activity helps team members to get to know one another on a more personal level, which can foster friendship and togetherness. This entertaining game is more suited for smaller groups, but it’s still a wonderful team-building activity for any group seeking to get started. Thank you to Ariana Flynn of ProxyRack, who has worked from home for three years.


Virtual Field Tour

What we do is that we pick a location that the team members would like to visit. The team uses Google Street View and takes turns picking out interesting aspects of the area to share with the group. For example, when in Seattle I helped point out the infamous gum wall that was created by people sticking their chewed gum on the walls. Sometimes we tour British Museum, Great wall of China, and even remote city tours. The idea is to help develop communications skills since you can’t see or touch something that’s not there in real life. Thank you to Benjy Katchen of Wahi, who has worked from home for one year.


Book Club

Book Club is our go-to virtual activity. To play this activity, pick out a selected book for the month, set a meeting time to discuss it, and give everyone enough time to read. Put together an online chat room or Google Hangout to discuss the book. Members can ask questions, share their feelings on the story and debate opinions. The next month, select a different book and repeat. It really sets out the pace for virtual collaboration. Thank you to Lovelia Horn of Every Creature Counts, who has worked from home for two years.


Caption This Photo

The team members will have to pass around a mobile device that displays a funny photo. Each person is instructed to come up with a creative caption for it. You can make the rules as flexible or strict as you want. For example, you might require everyone to submit their caption within the next 10 minutes. It’s a good way to help people loosen up and get more creative with their thinking. Thank you to Brice Gump of Major Impact Media, who has worked from home for two years.


Blackout Poetry Round

This activity may sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. The goal is to get people thinking outside of their comfort zone and formulating creative ideas. Divide your team members into pairs and instruct them to create an eight-line poem with four lines of regular text and four lines of blacked out text. They can choose their own topic and let the conversation flow naturally. To add a little incentive, declare an award for the best poem. Thank you to Rowena Murakami of Tiny Kitchen Divas, who has worked from home for one year.


Virtual Field Trip

This activity requires a little bit of planning, but it can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. Pick a topic that the team members are interested in and plan an event for them. You can hold it at any time during the month or go all out for a team celebration. For example, if you’re planning a virtual event, choose a place that they can virtually visit using Google Earth. It can be a museum, zoo, sports stadium, or any anywhere else. Thank you to Steve Hruby of Super Humn, who has worked from home for two years.


Sport Trivia

This fun virtual team building activities idea brings together everyone’s favorite sport facts. Start by creating a list of 10-15 sports trivia questions, then have everyone go online to Google Talk or Skype at the same time. Everyone has 5 minutes to search for their answer, then type it into the chat window. As the first person to answer correctly, you get to ask the next trivia question. The first person to answer correctly moves on until everyone has a turn. The final trivia question is open to all members to answer, and the person with the most correct answers wins! Thank you to Lovelia Horn of Every Creature Counts, who has worked from home for two years.


Name That Tune

Pick a theme for this virtual team building activities idea, such as country music or ’90s pop. Once the theme is selected, assign everyone a song and announce when to start. Everyone must go online to Campfire or another chat service at the same time. When the reveal is set, everyone types in their song name and presses enter! You can play this game more than once with different songs, and award the members who guessed correctly. Thank you to Chris Alexakis of Cabinet Select, who has worked from home for two years.


The Clue Murder Mystery Game

The Clue Virtual Murder Mystery game is a virtual activity that creates an experience that features activities that foster cooperation, communication, critical thinking, healthy competition, and problem solving. Through the software, employees are randomly split into teams, ensuring that employees work with different players in each round. Created teams are then tasked with solving the mystery murder case of Neil Davidson using clues, review case files, crime scene photographs, interviews, and so on. Thank you to Aaron Masterson of Local Furniture Outlet, who has worked from home for one year.


Roundtable Wins

During our virtual weekly team meetings, before any work is discussed, we go one by one sharing our Roundtable Wins. Each team member shares a personal win (something fun that’s happened since our last meeting) and a business win (something they’re proud of in the business). Recently, we’ve also added our favorite, a customer win (where each team member shares a win from our customers). This system helps us take inventory of what we’re completing as well as celebrating each other and our customers! Thank you to Rachel McMichael of McMichael Consulting LLC, who has worked from home for five+ years.


Guess Who?

This game is great for team-building exercises. It takes little preparation and can be played by small groups or large groups (even hundreds). It is fun, playful and requires everyone’s participation. Guess Who? is a fun, interactive game that can be played by small groups or large groups. The goal of the game is to identify clues about each other’s personalities based on the clues you have been given. The mix of real and fake information used in the game leads to a lot of laughter and interaction as players try to figure out who they are dealing with. Thank you to Chad Price of Life Grows Green, who has worked from home for two years.


Lumosity – Brain training game!

We play Lumosity, a brain training game that helps us break out of the WFH stress and have fun with each other. Lumosity helps enhance brain activity, and we incentivize the one at the top of the leaderboard to encourage them. Thank you to Mohamed Natheem of RadicalStart , who has worked from home for one year.


Vision Boards

Vision boards are visual representations of one’s goals and aspirations. Your workers may develop vision boards as a team during this free virtual team-building activity. Making a vision board is as simple as stapling together images and statements that inspire you. After that, adhere them to a piece of poster board or construction paper with a little craft glue. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you may decorate your board. To close the meeting, invite each person to present their vision board. Thank you to Henry Bell of Vendorland, who has worked from home for two years.


Photo Scavenger Hunt

One of our favorites is the ‘photo scavenger hunt’. Give participants a list of items or photos to find and take pictures of, then have them upload them to a shared online album. This is a great way to get people working together and explore their surroundings. Thank you to Max Benz of, who has worked from home for one year.



Quick Connect

Using Zoom’s breakout rooms, Quick-Connect is an opportunity for teammates to spend 1-2 minutes with just one other teammate answering a question presented by the facilitator. Give folks a way to figure out who is answering first (and also lets them learn more about a teammate they may not have met in person), such as “the person whose birthday is coming up next” or “the person who is taller.” Speed keeps things interesting and builds momentum, so move fast; no need to de-brief with the full group when returning from breakout rooms. Thank you to Zoe Goodman (created our game); Michelle Wells (submitting) of LifeLabs Learning, who has worked from home for two years.



Common Ground

This activity is perfect for the start of a meeting with small groups (4-6). Give the group five minutes for each person to write on a sheet of paper everything they did in the past week (tell them to avoid the obvious like sleep). When the time is up, ask them how many items they listed and just for fun, ask them to share some of the most interesting items. Thank you to Dana Hayes-Burke of DHB Vision Strategists, who has worked from home for five+ years.



Pour Over Coffee Class

This is a great class to do virtually. Send your team a kit with everything they’ll need and have an expert coffee maker teach everyone how to create different coffee concoctions. You can either hire a barista or assign a coffee-lover on your team to teach the class. Either way, you get a chance to all learn a new skill together and add a little pick-me-up to the day. Thank you to James Bennett of FireFly Team Events, who has worked from home for fifteen+ years.


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