Pittsburgh, PA: #10 Best Place For Remote Workers (USA)

Pittsburgh: #10 best remote work city

Ranked #10 in our report, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, blends a rich industrial heritage with a burgeoning tech scene. The city’s unique mix of history and modernity provides a compelling environment for remote workers.

  • Score: 485 Points
  • Best Attribute: Cafes
  • Rank: #9 (out of 87 candidates)


  • Short-term rental points: 221
  • Quality of life points: 0
  • Cafe points: 133
  • Walkability points: 119
  • Public transit points: 12
  • Flight price points: 0
  • Coworking space points: 0
  • Popularity points: 0
  • Internet points: 0
  • Cost to visit (negative points): 0
  • Cost to live (negative points): 0


Pittsburgh’s Top Attributes For Remote Workers


  • Score: 133
  • Insight: Pittsburgh ranks #7 in the United States for cafes per capita, offering numerous spots for remote workers to enjoy a productive workday outside the home.


  • Score: 119
  • Insight: With a walkability score of 119 (#9 in the country), Pittsburgh’s compact and accessible neighborhoods make it easy for remote workers to navigate the city without a car.

Short-Term Rentals

  • Score: 221
  • Insight: Pittsburgh ranks #13 in the United States for short-term rentals per capita. This ranking highlights the availability of flexible accommodation options for digital nomads, making it easier for remote workers to find suitable places to stay for both short and extended periods.


Best Coworking Spaces In Pittsburgh

Industrious Pittsburgh

  • Website: Industrious Pittsburgh
  • Who It’s For: Ideal for professionals and teams looking for a high-quality workspace with excellent amenities.
  • Pricing: Coworking starts at $299/month.

Alloy 26

  • Website: Alloy 26
  • Who It’s For: Perfect for startups, freelancers, and remote workers seeking a dynamic and collaborative environment.
  • Pricing: Memberships start at $100/month.

Spaces Pittsburgh (Bakery Square)

  • Website: Spaces Pittsburgh
  • Who It’s For: Suitable for creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking for flexible workspace options.
  • Pricing: Unknown.


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