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What Is The Best Day To Work From Home?


I asked 93 people this question: If you work in a hybrid setting (sometimes in the office, sometimes remotely), which day of the week is your favorite to work from home? Why? Here’s what we learned: Ranking the best days to work from home, most popular to least: Wednesday: 30% of people picked this day as the bestMonday: 28%Friday: 25%Tuesday: 9%Sunday: 4%Thursday: 2%Saturday: 2% Some other...

Working From Home With Kids: The Necessary Products & Tools


My dad worked from home for 40 years–using a landline and fax machine–with four sons running around the majority of his career. I remember when he had a phone call and us kids were being too loud, he’d snap his fingers and scowl at us. That was our cue to be quiet. Let’s officially put that down as his top tip: Scowl and snap if your kids are being too loud. But you may not need...

The 2-Person Home Office: Through 4 Years Of Marriage


My wife, Shannon, and I have worked from home together for four years now. Since 2017. During that time, we’ve gone through a number of changes to where and how we work: First, we both worked full-time from a one-bedroom apartment Then, worked from the road during three months of travel We shared the guest bedroom as our office (and had our first kid) We shared a desk within our bedroom (since...

16 Benefits Of Working From Home (For Employers)


1. Happier employees In a 2019 study, OwlLabs found that “full-time remote workers say they’re happy in their job 22% more than people who never work remotely.” We talked about 23 benefits for employees in this article: no commute, more time for friends and family, healthier breaks, less exposure to illness, fewer distractions, and more. If your employees capitalize on only a...

23 Benefits Of Working From Home (For Employees)


1. No commute The average one-way commute time in the United States is 26 minutes. That is 52 minutes per day, and 4 hours, 20 minutes per week. If you were to remove that average commute time, you could replace it with a half day of work, more sleep, more time with family, an entire week’s worth of workouts, and more. 2. More time for family, hobbies, & fitness By saving nearly an hour...