12 Zoom Backgrounds From “The Office” (U.S. Version)

The Office Backgrounds For Zoom

(Hey, there’s me in front of the conference room from ‘The Office’ background!)

The U.S. version of “The Office” may have debuted close to 20 years ago (it premiered on NBC in 2005!), but its lessons continue to impact the workplace. This is the show that taught us why it’s so important to have fire drills. It also likely inspired thousands of workplace pranks, some of which may have actually been funny.

The show’s continued popularity means that a good chunk of today’s workforce is pretty familiar with it. We may be all about remote life here at Buildremote, but we still smile when we see the Dunder Mifflin sales bullpen.

Evidently, other people feel the same way — so we weren’t really surprised to find “The Office” backgrounds featuring the bullpen, the conference rooms, and even characters floating around on the web.

We’ve collected 12 of our favorite Zoom backgrounds from “The Office” to share with you.


12 Zoom Backgrounds From “The Office”

Click on any background image below to download the full-size file to your computer.


“The Office” Conference Room Background

'The Office' Conference Room Background

Download ‘The Office’ Background

The classic conference room confessional background will make you look like you’re in “The Office.”


Jim Halpert’s Desk Background

Jim Halpert’s Desk Background

Download ‘The Office’ Background

When in doubt, choose the desk of the office prankster for your background.


Dunder Mifflin Employees Background

The Office Zoom Background

Download ‘The Office’ Background

Do you and your colleagues goof off during meetings? The hard-working people at the Scranton office will remind you that you should get some work done.


Pam Beesly Art Show Background

Pam Beesly Art Show Background

Download ‘The Office’ Background

Pam has a pretty awesome character arc through the show — why not display some of her art during your next virtual meeting?


“The Office” Work Zoom Background

The Office Work Zoom Background

Download ‘The Office’ Background

Do you really want the employees of Dunder Mifflin staring at your co-workers during your meeting? If so, this is the “Office” Zoom background for you.


Michael Scott’s Office Zoom Background From “The Office” 67

Michael Scott's Office Zoom Background from The Office 67

Download ‘The Office’ Background

Is your desk a cluttered mess? Your Zoom background doesn’t need to show that. Instead, behold the organized workspace of Michael Scott himself.


Dunder Mifflin Office Background For Zoom

The Office Work Zoom Background 9

Download ‘The Office’ Background

If you’ve ever wanted to look like you were attending a meeting from the floor of the Dunder Mifflin office…this is the background for you.


Michael Scott Zoom Background

Michael Scott Zoom Background

Download ‘The Office’ Background

This is one of our favorite “The Office” backgrounds for Zoom. And why not? You’ll be conducting or attending a meeting right next to the World’s Best Boss.


Michael Scott’s Office Desk Background

Michael Scott’s Office Desk Background

Download ‘The Office’ Background

Even if your co-workers don’t immediately recognize the background, they’ll notice the boxing bear.


Michael Scott’s Office Zoom Background From The Office

Michael Scott's Office Zoom Background from The Office

Download ‘The Office’ Background

Who wouldn’t want Michael Scott peering over their shoulder while they conduct a Zoom meeting?


Whiteboard From “The Office” Meeting Room

Whiteboard from “The Office” meeting room

Download ‘The Office’ Background

Encourage your co-workers to shoot for the stars. Or at least the hockey net.


Dunder Mifflin “The Office” Zoom Background

Dundler Mifflin “The Office” Zoom Background

Download ‘The Office’ Background


So what if you don’t actually work for a paper company? It’s the logo that counts.


Bring “The Office” To Your (Virtual) Office

So, you’ve got your backgrounds from “The Office” ready to go. How can you make sure your colleagues see them?

We’ve got you. As long as you have the desktop background you want to use downloaded to your computer, you can use them with a variety of video platforms. Keep reading to find out how.


How To Add A Virtual Background In Zoom

  1. Make sure you have admin rights to change your background.
  2. Put a solid-colored screen behind you for the best results.
  3. Sign into your Zoom app and navigate to “Settings.”
  4. Make sure the “Virtual Background” option is enabled.
  5. Click the “+” symbol to upload your own image from “The Office.”


How To Add A Virtual Background In Google Meet

  1. Open Meet and select a meeting.
  2. Hit “Apply Visual Effects” (located on the bottom right).
  3. Click “Upload a Background Image” and choose your favorite background from “The Office.”
  4. Click “Join Now” and get started.


How To Add A Virtual Background In Microsoft Teams

  1. Before a meeting starts, make sure your camera is on; click “Background Filters.”
  2. Click “Add New” and choose the background from “The Office” you want to use for this meeting (if you don’t see this option, it’s possible you aren’t able to use this feature).
  3. Join the meeting.


Other Zoom Background Options

We’ve covered a number of Zoom backdrops and backgrounds if you’re looking to present professionally on video meetings. (I know you’re just messing around with “The Office” Zoom backgrounds).

We’ve covered those video meeting backdrops a few different ways in these articles:


Enjoy Your Time In Scranton

Want to see some other libraries of Zoom backgrounds from “The Office”? We looked at just about all of them, and these were the four best. Our images come from these sources, so we’d encourage you to look at the following posts if you need more options:

Your meetings may not always be as exciting as you’d like, but you can certainly make yourself (or your colleagues) chuckle with “The Office” backgrounds for Zoom. Now go out there and make Michael Scott proud!

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