What Is The Best Day To Work From Home?

I asked 93 people this question: If you work in a hybrid setting (sometimes in the office, sometimes remotely), which day of the week is your favorite to work from home? Why?

Here’s what we learned:

Ranking the best days to work from home, most popular to least:

  1. Wednesday: 30% of people picked this day as the best
  2. Monday: 28%
  3. Friday: 25%
  4. Tuesday: 9%
  5. Sunday: 4%
  6. Thursday: 2%
  7. Saturday: 2%

Some other interesting takeaways about the results:

  • People really don’t like to work from home on Thursdays (2/93 people chose this day, 2%)
  • Just as many people would work from home on a SATURDAY! as they would on a Thursday (2%)
  • MORE people prefer to work from home on SUNDAYS! than on a Thursday (4%)
  • People don’t like to work from home on Tuesdays (8/93 people chose this day, 9%)
  • Wednesday is the most popular day to work from home, but just barely over Monday and Friday (30% chose Wednesday)
  • Monday (28%) and Friday (25%) are equally popular days to work from home


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What’s your favorite day to work from home?

We clearly need more data. So I ask you for help.

Please fill out the survey below.

I will add the results to the main chart and article periodically. If you’d like to share your opinion about a certain day, comment on the article below for a chance to be included.

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Why is that your favorite day to work from home?

I asked survey respondents why they each chose the day they did. I thought this may be more insightful than the results themselves. If you have the chance to work in a hybrid setting and are deciding which days to work from home, here are some selected responses organized by day.

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Monday (28%)

“Mondays are the worst day of the week. It’s the official end to the weekend and the start of the work week which we all dread. Working from home on Mondays allows all to gently ease their way back into the work week and eliviates stress.”

Thank you to Nikola Webster of Brit On The Move.

“Mondays are never easy. You’re trying to get back into the work groove, plan your week and catch up on any news/changes from the weekend. Working from home gives you that added flexibility to begin the day your way.”

Thank you to Fraser Wilson of AnswerConnect.

“A lot of people actually suffer from ‘Sunday anxiety’ which is the anxiousness of returning to work on Monday. I feel like working from home on Monday can help mitigate that!”

Thank you to William Chin of yourdigitalaid.com.

“The emotional strain of commuting to work and having to reacclimate yourself to office life after having two consecutive days off can strain productivity. Not only does working from home on Monday help me ease back into ‘work mode,’ but I find I am much more productive.”

Thank you to Rolf Bax of Resume.io.

“Mondays used to be a dreaded workday because it signals the end of the weekend. However, I don’t feel the same dread in the remote working environment.”

Thank you to Stephen Light of Nolah Mattress.

Tuesday (9%)

“I find that Tuesdays are the perfect day to work from home as usually Monday goes into planning out the week and setting tasks so Tuesday tends to be the main day to begin executing on those deliverables.”

Thank you to Sir Sanju Ganglani of gang&lani media.

“Mondays are generally more hectic since you’re not just completing tasks but also setting expectations and deadlines for the rest of the week. In the midst of this, you need to make time for in-person meetings or team calls to ensure everyone’s on the same page. For this reason, I personally find Tuesday’s a lot more productive and focused since you can zero in on tasks with a lot more focus without disrupting your workflow. Moreover, Monday pretty much acts like a primer that gets the ball rolling for the rest of the week. The next day is obviously a good day to ride this wave of productivity.”

Thank you to Richa Nathani of Dialed Labs.

“Tuesdays always seem to be more productive due to finally settling in to true work versus spending most of Mondays answering emails and blocking time for the upcoming week’s projects. Since my freelancing days to being a business owner, I’ve always spent a bulk of Monday’s planning the upcoming week’s work, and Tuesdays were super productive because you’d start the day with an exact focus and workload. Plans make everything easier, and I always get more quality work completed in less time with a plan.”

Thank you to Ron Lieback of ContentMender.

Wednesday (30%)

“Choosing Wednesday as your work from home day might seem strange. It’s right in the middle of the week. But that’s exactly why it’s the most appropriate day. Firstly, having a WFH day in the middle of the week gives you a well deserved break from all the commuting and social interactions that drain you. You come back on Thursday all fresh and ready for the last two days of the week.”

Thank you to Elizabeth Hicks of Parenting Nerd.

“In case partially working from home I prefer to work from home on the Wednesday to use the middle of the week as a recalibration moment. Here I evaluate my actions that week so far and make adjustments to the plan for the rest of the week. Doing this from home gives me the mental space and opportunity to do this effectively.”

Thank you to Tom of Cat & Friends.

“Wednesdays are your best bet. It’s a nice way to break up the week: two days in the office, one day working from home, and two more days in the office. This results in a consistent workflow that includes a number of planning meetings early in the week, a productive working from home Wednesday, and two equally productive and collaborative days at the end of the week.”

Thank you to Edward Smith of Nootropics Official.

“It breaks up the week and promotes work-life balance for employees. It also ensures accountability as employees need to report back to the office on Thursday.”

Thank you to Arash Fayz of LA Tutors 123.

“When developing an alternate work schedule, the temptation is to make Monday or Friday your flex day to have the feeling of a 3-day weekend. However, it is too easy to begin to treat it as a day off rather than a work day. Instead, making Wednesday (or Tuesday or Thursday) your remote day will break up the week, giving you relief from the commute and leaving you reenergized, without having a negative impact on productivity. It is critical to maintain productivity when working remotely; if productivity drops, management might decide you aren’t effective working remotely and recall you to the office full time.”

Thank you to Dr. Deb Geller of Just Ask Dr. Deb (Formerly Assoc. Dean of Students at UCLA).

“Wednesday being in the middle of the week is best to work not only from home but to simply work as it is far from Monday blues and Friday fever! Wednesday is identified as the most productive day at Meetanshi.”

Thank you to Aastha Shah of Meetanshi.

“Wednesday is a good day for staying at home because you split the week and allow yourself a day to rest from the routine. You can sleep longer, finish some housework and prepare everything you need for the rest of the week. When I went to the office every day, I would become very tired and nervous on Thursday already because I’d spend a lot of time commuting. That’s why I love making a short break from the traffic on Wednesday and staying at home.”

Thank you to Navarre Trousselot of Navexa.

Thursday (2%)

“The day you work from home will likely be your most productive day of week! You want it to be later in the week so that you can sit in meetings and gather all the tasks you need to do early in the week. Then, spend your day working from home getting all those tasks completed. I recommend Thursday instead of Friday to reduce any temptation of ducking out a little early for the weekend. You are also most likely to take Fridays off for a long weekend. If you are working on Fridays it’s a great day to wrap up any outstanding items from the week and have any necessary meetings.”

Thank you to Sarah Ohanesian of SO Productive.

“It will be more productive to do the most important collaborative works in the first three days of the week (Mondays to Wednesdays). Starting Thursdays, it is more productive to work on projects that need more time at home after tasks are divided or when you need to focus on your work without the constant pressure in the office.”

Thank you to James Idayi of Cloudzat.

Friday (25%)

“In my experience as a marketing manager at a software company, the best day to work from home would be Friday. The volume of customer queries and meetings with potential clients and brand partners tend to decrease during Fridays, and so for me, it’s easier to work from home on that day.”

Thank you to Maya Levi of ReturnGO.

“Fridays are by far to the best day to work from home because it means you can start your weekend sooner! A long commute is an exhausting end to the week. Being able finish work and still have the time and energy to do something with the family with a blessing.”

Thank you to Scott Nelson of MoneyNerd.

“I have never gotten over the feeling of a 3-day weekend, and I think Friday is the perfect day to kick it off. My daughter also gets off from preschool early on Fridays, which is perfect because I get to pick her up and spend more time with her every week. Only going into the office 3 or 4 days a week has made a huge impact on my life over the years, as I consider the days I’m working from home to be just as good as the weekend.”

Thank you to Nelson Sherwin of PEO Companies.

“Friday is the best day to work from home if you work Monday through Friday and have off on Saturday and Sunday. By having the flexibility to work from home on Friday, it really opens up your weekend options. Having one extra day that you can work from anywhere allows you to travel to places and do things that you otherwise wouldn’t have the time to do.”

Thank you to Patrick Connelly of Stellar Villa.

“Ultimately, the choice of WFH day comes to when you are most productive. And for me, Friday has been the most productive day of the week for years. I always try to keep this day free of meetings and deadlines, so I have more freedom to get creative or think about the strategy. I start this day with a different kind of energy because I realize that it’s the last chance to get things done without the distractions of the office. That motivates me to stay focused on the critical tasks that I have to finish and tackle chunkier tasks. Time saved without commute is a pleasant bonus that allows me to have a more balanced schedule because I can start enjoying my weekend earlier.”

Thank you to Chad Sakonchick of BetterLegal.

“Friday is the best and most productive day to work in any environment. The weekend is ahead of you and that optimistic energy just takes over making you finish even more work. Also, the fact that co-workers and managers (and clients) aren’t really starting conversations or projects makes Fridays more quiet and work focused.”

Thank you to Tihana Drumev of Best Response Media.

“Friday is the best day to work from home. Let’s face it – working in the office on a Friday isn’t very productive. There’s more downtime and clock-watching as the day goes on than any other day of the week.”

Thank you to Devin Ahern of Mid Florida Material Handling.

“In my opinion, Fridays are the ideal day to work from home. It means you can cut down on a commute and start your weekend a little earlier, which is ideal for most people. It’s also better for managers since we tend to avoid scheduling meetings on Friday.”

Thank you to Daivat Dholakia of Force by Mojio.

Saturday (2%)

“Every day is a good day to work from home, but having remote access on the weekend allows you to keep tabs on urgent tasks without having to waste time commuting or being tied to a desk.”

Thank you to Andrew Latham of SuperMoney.

“I know that working on Saturdays is not ideal for some people, but for me it is the best. I don’t have any business meetings (Zoom calls) on the weekends because the staff is not required to work that day. I also don’t have to answer any client emails on Saturdays as it is not an expected work day. I am able to just focus on my task list and get things done for most of the day. If I do make plans to go out or socialize on Saturday, I can work before or after the plans. I love the peace and quiet of working from home on Saturdays.”

Thank you to Addys Guerra of Alliance Technology Group Solar.

Sunday (4%)

“I would have to go with Sunday, because it’s the calmest day of the week. I don’t believe in Mondays, so I get a head start to my week by working on Sunday from home in tranquility.”

Thank you to Sharon Van Donkelaar of Expandi.

“Because it’s the first working day of the week for me (I work Sunday-Thursday). Working from home on that day helps me avoid that first-day-of-the-week dread we all know and hate. It’s a really nice way to ease myself into a new work week.”

Thank you to Velin Dragoev of Keen Fighter.

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