28 Companies That Offer Relocation Assistance

Companies that offer relocation assistance

If you’re interested in relocating for work, I’ve compiled a list of large US companies that offer relocation assistance. Next to each company, you’ll see a link to its career page where you can explore open positions and perhaps, find a new home.

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The Best Relocation Assistance Companies

Start your search for jobs with companies that pay to relocate employees. Here are the biggest US companies known for their relocation programs.


3MTo make the transition to your new job and location as smooth as possible, 3M provides valuable relocation benefits and services to you and your immediate family. (source)

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AmazonAmazon offers some relocation assistance so that one can at least settle into life in Seattle to help its employees move freely between their homes and the workplace. (source)

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AppleApple relocation package is quite fascinating. Its standard package covers all basic expenses which an employer has to face while shifting to a new city, state, and country. The payload of relocating to a new place includes airfare, temporary housing rent, transportation cab charges, arrangements of food storage, etc.’ (source)

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AstraZenecaAstraZeneca is committed to easing the transition of new employees as they join our team. (source)

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AT&TStaley estimated that among the managers affected, about 9,000 — or 15% — will face the choice of relocating or leaving the company. For those who decide to move, relocation offers will be made on a case-by-case basis, an AT&T spokesperson told the outlet. (source)

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Babock International

Babock InternationalWe offer information and guidance on local accommodation. Relocation assistance may be paid in exceptional circumstances where appropriate and agreed. (source)

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Capital One

Capital OneCapital One wants your transition to be as smooth as possible. The relocation program is designed to facilitate your move and support you during the relocation process. Through Capital One’s partnership with Plus Relocation Services, LLC. (source)

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ChevronChevron does not allow new hires or current employees to self-move in conjunction with any job posting or job offer. For positions that are relocation-eligible, Chevron will provide relocation assistance utilizing the appropriate relocation program. For positions that are not relocation-eligible, Chevron will source local candidates that do not need to relocate to the posted job location. (source)

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DeloitteWe put ourselves in the expatriates’ situation to fully understand their specific needs, problems and worries. The purpose of Deloitte Relocation Services is to provide personalised services to both the employing company and the expatriate family. (source)

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DHLDHL relocation package is a kind of help given to new recruits who are required to relocate to another city due to their new job with DHL. (source)

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DisneyDisney also offers relocation packages to their employees moving between states and countries. While every company has its customized policies for relocation. Disney has its relocation packages limited and available only for particular titles. (source)

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ExxonMobilExxonMobil relocation services are administered by Cartus Corporation. Your Cartus Relocation Consultant will guide you through every step of the process by answering questions, outlining information needed to expedite your relocation, and coordination a team of people to assist you during the move. (source)

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Freshworks Studio

Freshworks StudioLive and work wherever! Our team works from over 20 countries. We are also happy to offer support to help you and your family move to our HQ in Victoria. (source)

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General Electric

General ElectricThe company will pay the cost of moving your household goods and personal effects from your current home to your new home, including the cost of packing, transporting, unpacking and appliance connections. The GE relocation center will select a qualified carrier and will track the shipment throughout your move. Your contents are insured through electric insurance during the move. (source)

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Hewlett Packard EnterpriseHewlett Packard Enterprise Relocation Service provides a single point of contact and management for every move related task—from planning and new site surveys to equipment re-installation and testing. (source)

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HoneywellMoving is exciting, and Honeywell wants to make it as easy as possible for you. In circumstances where Honeywell is reimbursing you for the relocation, you will receive information from HR. (source)

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IntelIntel’s relocation package varies significantly based on the specifics of your move – the number of members in your family moving with you, the distance you are moving, etc. Depending on your circumstances, the relocation package can be upwards of $15,000 within the United States. (source)

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kpmgWe can support individuals to understand their multi-jurisdictional tax exposure and reporting needs, provide tax residency advice and help with departure and arrival tax planning. (source)

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LyftLyft offers a comprehensive benefits package with a very strong relocation offering. They offer up to $40k for international relocation and a competitive domestic relocation package. (source)

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MastercardThe MasterCard Relocation Card allows employees to pay for most of their relocation expenses with greater convenience and without having to cover costs out-of-pocket. You can set key controls such as overall spending limits, single purchase limits, and approved merchant acceptance—all of which can be customized to the type of employee being relocated. (source)

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MicrosoftRelocation allowance to help you cover expenses like getting a new driver’s license, rental deposit, and more. The allowance usually ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. (source)

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NetflixWhen Netflix moves you for your new role, from one city, country, to another, we have a Talent Mobility team dedicated to supporting you and your family. We understand that relocating can be multi-faceted and that there is a lot to consider. Our goal is to remove distractions by providing inclusive, fair, and meaningful benefits, which allow our stunning colleagues to settle quickly and focus on their role at Netflix. (source)

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OracleLyft offers a comprehensive benefits package with a very strong relocation offering. They offer up to $40k for international relocation and a competitive domestic relocation package. (source)

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PepsiCoThe Company will cover reasonable expenses associated with up to thirty (30) days of temporary living between the origin and destination location, at a Company-approved facility. Temporary living may be required as you vacate your residence in the origin location and while awaiting the arrival of your household goods in the destination location. (source)

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PwCOur dedicated team of experienced Expat Services professionals act as solution providers for all your relocation needs. We propose a varied offering that combine competencies such as Immigration, Tax, Legal and Relocation. (source)

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SiemensThe Siemens US Relocation Program provides services to HR and Talent Acquisition partners in attracting the best talent by including US Domestic Relocation services as part of the benefits in joining a company. (source)

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SonyYes, Sony will cover relocation fees including flights and moving service payments. Additionally, you will receive logistical moving assistance throughout every step of your way to Japan. (source)

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Wells Fargo

Wells FargoWhen it comes to relocating employees, connecting them to home financing that meets their needs matters. With their financing in place, they can settle into their new homes and new work locations. That’s where the dedicated Wells Fargo Home Mortgage team can make a difference. We’ll provide start-to-finish support, home financing options for all types of buyers, and keep everything moving along toward closing. (source)

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What is it called when a company pays you to relocate?

When a job offers to cover your expenses to move for work, it’s generally referred to as a “relocation package” or “relocation assistance.” This package might include coverage for moving expenses, temporary housing, travel expenses, job search assistance for a spouse, and even assistance selling your old home or buying a new one. The aim of such packages is to alleviate the financial burden and stress associated with relocating for a job.


What are some popular companies that relocate employees?

Here are five well-known companies with the best relocation packages (for certain employees in certain roles):

  1. Amazon
  2. Apple
  3. Chevron
  4. Intel
  5. Netflix

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How much do companies usually offer for relocation?

The amount companies offer for relocation can vary widely based on factors such as the level of the job, the size and resources of the company, the distance of the move, and the local cost of living. Here are some general brackets that might be offered (again, highly generalized):

  • New college graduates: A company might offer a few thousand dollars as a lump sum to cover moving expenses
  • Mid-level employees: Relocation packages could range from $5,000 to $10,000
  • Senior executives: Relocation packages could exceed $10,000, sometimes reaching into the $100,000 range for high-level positions at large corporations

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