Hybrid Work Software Tools: The Sortable List

hybrid work technology & software tools

The hybrid business isn’t going to operate like its fully remote or fully in-person counterparts. Why should it use the same technology?

We all know that apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and more are popular, and often integral parts of any hybrid workplace. But what other types of software do hybrid teams look to when they need help getting the job done?

You’ll notice right away that we haven’t featured some of the big names in this post. They’re ubiquitous enough that if you do need them, you’re probably already using them. But what else is out there? We wanted to know what other tools hybrid workplaces have put to work for them. So we asked our contributors to tell us what kind of tools they were using, as well as how they used them.

From project management to video conferencing and note-taking apps, read on to see the 38 technologies and tools we’ve compiled so far β€” and let us know if we missed any!

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Hybrid Work Technology & Software Tools

Asana (⭐ most recommended!)

πŸ“‹ Project Management, πŸ’Έ  Freemium

For managing your activities and projects, Asana is a fantastic task management solution. To keep records of what everyone is working on, you can gather all of your team members’ work in one location. Your team members can decide which activities to prioritize first, which ones to assign deadlines to, and how to prevent clutter by viewing your tasks as lists or as Kanban boards. Overall, Asana is a fantastic collaboration tool for hybrid teams looking for structure and a productive method to evaluate their tasks and long-term projects.

– Anthony Mixides of Bond Media

How it helps hybrid teams:

Asana is a perfect project management tool for small-to-medium-sized organizations. The majority of my work is assigning tasks and tracking the progress of my team; Asana helps me stay on top of my schedule. Plus, I can easily create Gantt charts, which I find extremely useful to ensure we’re always on track. All my team members update the work on the app in the stipulated deadline.

– Chris Smith of Compare TV

My team uses Asana to organize their workflow into Gantt-style timelines and add important deadlines directly to their Google calendars. My employees can vote on items or remarks and provide input on photos or PDFs using this platform, which can then be promptly shared with all stakeholders. Motivating remote workers can be difficult, but managers can use Asana’s milestone function to plan important occasions to recognize accomplishments.

– Gary Hunter of CompareGolfPrices

Hybrid work tool: Asana

Visit The Website:



Bamboo HR

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό Human Resources (HR), ❓ Unknown Price

This safe, all-in-one solution is advertised as HR software with a heart, and it frees small- and medium-sized businesses from the burdens of administrative work. BambooHR is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that can help improve the hiring process, assist with the onboarding of new employees, and automate administrative duties that sometimes overburden teams of human resources professionals.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Our HR department finds it simple to use BambooHR to monitor employee performance, generate timesheets, assess levels of job satisfaction, coordinate requests for time off, and process payroll and benefit payments for the teams they manage. Our HR managers are able to bypass time-consuming activities and instead focus on enhancing the business culture by utilizing the data BambooHR delivers.

– Michael Lees of EZLease

Hybrid work tool: Bamboo HR

Visit The Website:



Basecamp (⭐ most recommended!)

πŸ“‹ Project Management, β“ Unknown Price

Task management is more difficult than ever in the hybrid workplace. With coworkers who work remotely, it might be challenging to build momentum and manage team collaboration and time. Basecamp offers enterprises a comprehensive method for remote collaboration by fusing potent project management software with considerate communication capabilities. Work is divided into distinct projects where everything needed to do the task is grouped under one logical heading. Yes, everyone concerned can easily access every document, receipt, task, memo, and deadline.

– James Crawford of Deal Drop

How it helps hybrid teams:

Our managers benefit from Basecamp since they can use the convenient chat tool to send automated check-in messages. The campfire part also provides a dedicated area for me to post company-wide information and for my distant staff to chat with one another via instant messaging. By using Basecamp’s straightforward notification system, which can be set to turn off after hours, staff can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

– Dean Lee of Sealions

Because each board is specific to the task or assignment at hand, we’ve found that conversation tends to stay more focused than in a chat-orientated platform.

– Nabila Salem of Revolent

Communication is at the center of my company’s goals. When the team can effectively communicate, tasks are completed quicker, and there is less confusion about who is doing what. Basecamp allows my team to communicate as they complete their tasks and allows me keep an eye on what everyone is doing.

– Claire Grayson of Personality Max

Hybrid work tool: Basecamp

Visit The Website:



Bonusly (⭐ most recommended!)

🀝 Collaboration,  πŸ’°  Paid

This application is particularly helpful for preserving the culture of the organization when the team switches to the hybrid work model. It can be challenging to maintain the culture when people do not see each other in person as is prevalent in a remote culture.

How it helps hybrid teams:

With Bonusly, managers get the opportunity to receive a scalable, measurable method of identifying and rewarding employees. Every employee gets an β€œallowance” of points every month that are provided to the team members as a form of thank-you. Every time this paise is shared, it can be linked to the company values through hashtags. Employees can then redeem these points for gift cards, charitable donations, and more.

– Isla Sibanda of Privacy Australia

Employees are more likely to be motivated by monetary rewards and bonuses such as these. Workers are rewarded for their accomplishments with a monthly “allowance” of points that may be used for things like “thank-yous,” “bonuses,” and “direct reports” to colleagues and superiors, all of which are displayed on a dashboard full of informative data. Despite its low monetary value, the appreciation and teamwork it inspires among employees is invaluable.

– Edward Mellett of Wikijob


Hybrid work tool: Bonusly

Visit The Website:




🀝 Collaboration,  πŸ’°  Paid

Box is a collaborative tool that allows for teams to work on sensitive files remotely in a secure environment. The software also has features like e-signatures and workflow solutions for working with wider teams within the organization.

How it helps hybrid teams:

We feel Box is a more hybrid-suited, secure version of Google Drive. The nature of what we do and the hybrid approach of our team setup means there can be zero risks when dealing with documents that could even be slightly considered sensitive or confidential. For new team members especially, we’ve found Box to not only be easy to use, but secure and safe when onboarding new team members (simply put, it’s clear that they care about hybrid work security, too!).

– Krystal Suffling of Aspire2

Hybrid work tool: Box

Visit The Website:




πŸ“… Calendar, πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Calendly is a one-stop shop for scheduling. It allows users to schedule their availability and see how others have scheduled their availability for easy scheduling across a company.

How it helps hybrid teams:

It helps everyone in my company know what everyone else is doing, and therefore makes it easy to schedule meetings whether you are working from home or in the office. It also integrates well with other software that we use, such as Google Calendar and Slack.

– Granger McCollough of Elite Patio Direct

Hybrid work tool: Calendly

Visit The Website:



Cloud Booking

βš™οΈ Productivity, 🀝 Collaboration |❓ Unknown Price

We have been using Cloud Booking for the last few months and have found it really helpful when it comes to hybrid working and making sure everyone and everything is on the right page. The software is vast and offers a lot of great features. The occupancy monitoring helps us to know how many people are using the office, and on the slower days we have moved to remote working so that people can focus on being together remotely rather than having the trouble of being separated by physical and financial barriers.

How it helps hybrid teams:

The colleague finders helps everyone to know who is in the office or not during the day. Sometimes, you can lose track of people if they are in a lot of meetings, so this is a great way to know where they are and when you can speak to them. The space booking is also great for if you have a high demand meeting room that always seems to have too many bookings.

– Kevin Hwang of Ultimate Kilimanjaro

Hybrid work tool: Cloud Booking

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🀝 Collaboration,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Collaboration can be difficult for hybrid teams because delays in input and feedback can delay the whole project. Conceptboard is a collaborative online whiteboard that provides an infinite canvas for teams to work together in real-time. It is a virtual workspace to unleash ideas and connect them together with its features such as sticky notes, file import, and drawing tools.

How it helps hybrid teams:

The way our team brainstorms β€” from creating new products to proposing ideas for content marketing to project planning β€” is now made easy with Conceptboard. Bringing our ideas to life with this tool got everyone on the same page, promoted teamwork and interaction, and boosted our productivity.

– Ankit Batra of Hollyweed

Hybrid work tool: Conceptboard

Visit The Website:




βš™οΈ Productivity, 🀝 Collaboration | πŸ’°  Paid

Deskbird can be accessed through multiple devices and allows you to organize working locations β€” such as office space β€” and who will be using it at each given time. It also helps keep track of hybrid setups so there is seamless coordination between remote and in-office workers.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Deskbird is incredibly useful for keeping track of when office space is needed, and in what way. It also allows you to plan remote and in-person days, keeping track of when they take place, and for who.

– Shane Paarman of Awesomestuff365

Hybrid work tool: Deskbird

Visit The Website:




πŸ“… Calendar,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Members of a hybrid team often work from different places and time zones, and getting everyone for a virtual meeting can be difficult. Doodle helps overcome the challenge of scheduling meetings across time zones. Its Premium features send automatic reminders to members to key in what time slots work for them.

How it helps hybrid teams:

By asking members to choose convenient meeting times, we are encouraging higher attendance rates during meetings. Taking everyone’s time zone into consideration, employees feel that they are heard and that their time is respected.

– Deepanshu Bedi of Holistapet

Hybrid work tool: Doodle

Visit The Website:



Dropbox Paper

🀝 Collaboration, πŸ†“  Free

Dropbox Paper allows for real-time collaboration on a document between employees.

How it helps hybrid teams:

It brings “creation and coordination together in one spot,” facilitating real-time collaboration on ideas, plans, and even meeting notes among hybrid teams.

– Gerrid Smith of Joy Organics

Hybrid work tool: Dropbox Paper

Visit The Website:




πŸ“‹ Project Management,  πŸ’°  Paid

You can use Excalidraw in the place of a traditional whiteboard, allowing in-person and distributed teams to brainstorm and plan projects together. A premium version of the platform is available with additional functionality, although a free version is also available for smaller teams.

How it helps hybrid teams:

One of the more complicated issues that arises in hybrid workplaces is how to organize meetings and brainstorming sessions with hybrid teams. Finding a means to encourage and value the contributions of all employees, regardless of their physical proximity, has been crucial. Whether you’re attempting to plan the day or brainstorm a new project, your whole team or group can log in and start making notes right away.

– Gerrid Smith of Joy Organics

Hybrid work tool: Excalidraw

Visit The Website:




🀝 Collaboration,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

FigJam has been a great tool for us to use in our office as an alternative method of collaboration. My team and I utilize FigJam, a whiteboard collaboration application, to generate and structure ideas during the creative process. Any level of familiarity with design software is unnecessary for us to start jamming.

How it helps hybrid teams:

My team can brainstorm and work together in real-time or asynchronously using FigJam. Whiteboards, in my opinion, are a fantastic way to break up the monotony of the daily grind and keep things interesting, since they allow group members to share ideas and draw on the board together rather than just sit and listen to one another.

– Lulu Albanna of WRC Media

Hybrid work tool: FigJam

Visit The Website:



GoTo Connect

πŸŽ₯ Video,  πŸ’°  Paid

GoTo Connect is an all-in-one cloud phone and meeting system that enables businesses to connect from anywhere. For example, it has customizable phone features, team chat, integrated video conferencing, etc.

How it helps hybrid teams:

This tool enables my hybrid employees to stay connected with each other. Furthermore, the software has a mobile app through which my remote employees can answer the office phones while working from home. Therefore, we don’t miss out on important business calls.

– Rhett Stubbendeck of LeverageRx

Hybrid work tool: GoTo Connect

Visit The Website:




⏰ Time Tracking,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Harvest is an intuitive tool for time-tracking, reporting, and analysis. Harvest can track time from the browser, desktop, and mobile. And the reporting and analysis feature lets have a detailed look at cost and team capacity and capabilities by providing the related data.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Harvest allows us to set up a list of tasks and measure them with a stopwatch, tracking the time of specific projects during the week. It even allows us to create and move blocks of hours from one project to another.

– Ronald Williams of Best People Finder

Hybrid work tool: Harvest

Visit The Website:



Hive (⭐ most recommended!)

🀝 Collaboration πŸ“‹ Project Management,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Hive is the adaptable remote project management and collaboration technology that drives nimble teams at organizations like Google, Starbucks, and Toyota. it is a one-stop shop with all the features you require to collaborate remotely, including projects, action cards, email integration, file sharing, and meeting notes.

– Shad Elia of New England Home Buyers

How it helps hybrid teams:

Hive has been a great tool for our marketing team: it allowed our team to move faster, track everyone’s tasks and progress, and visualize several projects simultaneously. Not only did we have seamless collaboration, but our productivity increased because of team-wide resourcing and analysis of individual and team statistics on project progress.

– Jacob Villa of Authority

Hybrid work tool: Hive

Visit The Website:



Hypercontext (⭐ most recommended!)

🀝 Collaboration,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Hypercontext is a management app designed to make meetings simple and better. You get to prioritize tasks, take easy notes, create tasks from them and make all your upcoming meetings a delight, really. All the meeting notes will be automatically emailed right after the meeting is over; it currently supports integration with Google Meet, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

How it helps hybrid teams:

We have a small team of people wearing multiple hats, and we often have impromptu meetings. Thanks to this app, we receive all the meeting notes automatically after each meeting and we can focus more on getting things done rather than wasting time remembering every minute of a meeting.

– Andreas Grant of Networks Hardware

It allows me and others to jot down the minutes of the meeting held in-office, which can easily be sent to everyone’s emails afterwards, including those working remotely. It also lets you do quick post-meeting surveys and item trackers for post-meeting follow-ups. The tool also allows my team to set goals, track them much more efficiently, and collaborate on goals and OKRs as well as in meeting agendas.

– Linda Shaffer of Checkr

Hybrid work tool: Hypercontext

Visit The Website:




πŸ”’ Security,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

LastPass securely saves company passwords and shares them with your team.

How it helps hybrid teams:

LastPass helps our hybrid team quickly and securely share passwords with each other instead of sending them to each other through Slack. Our company has employees that work in many different states and a simple click can share the password with them (and they with you).

– Jasmin Diaz of Smoky Mountains

Hybrid work tool: LastPass

Visit The Website:



Loom (⭐ most recommended!)

πŸŽ₯ Video,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Loom is the perfect software tool for asynchronous meetings. It’s great if you want to explain something to your team but do not want to schedule a formal meeting. Loom lets you record a video and then send the link to others.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Loom has helped us avoid unnecessary meetings. Now one person can record what they have to say and send it to everyone else. Team members can also speed up the recording β€” saving us even more time, which is used for more purposeful tasks.

– Frank Barber of Learn About Gold

You can create password protection on your videos as necessary to increase security and improve asynchronous communication by responding to and commenting on videos. You can also learn who and how long they watched your videos, as well as increase viewer accessibility with closed captions and transcriptions.

– Adam Williams of Tools of Men

Hybrid work tool: Loom

Visit The Website:




🀝 Collaboration  πŸ“‹ Project Management,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Lumeer is a highly adaptable platform for managing teams and projects together. It facilitates the digitization and automation of processes with little effort on the part of the user, as well as greater openness, flexibility, and responsiveness in reporting, and a deeper understanding of what to do next, how to accomplish it, and why it matters. Everything can be managed in one place, from tasks to clients to projects to features to bugs to invoices to stock to budgets to expenses.

How it helps hybrid teams:

My business can maximize teamwork and collaboration by using this simple yet powerful application to plan, manage, and track any aspects of our projects.

– Michael Hess of Code Signing Store

Hybrid work tool: Lumeer

Visit The Website:



Miro (⭐ most recommended!)

🀝 Collaboration πŸŽ₯ Video,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Miro simulates whiteboard collaboration by providing templates, connectors, voting, video conference, and responses for participants. Ultimately, this note-taking app allows you to move project items around and reorganize them in a manner that is most beneficial for each participant. It helps people collaborate properly as if a physical interaction inside a college classroom.

How it helps hybrid teams:

For instance, when we conduct marketing conferences to identify our ROI, it’s easy for us to derive which marketing tactic isn’t functioning at best, as well as which one appears viable. It helps our company operate because it saves time, energy, expertise, and productivity not just for me but also for my team and colleagues as a whole. It promotes optimized communication wherein everyone has the chance to dissent and be heard.

– Dawood Khan of Pixelied

Miro has helped our team to collaborate better by giving out our inputs through a canvas that we personally make and share it with the whole team. That way, we comprehend each other’s ideas better and avoiding misunderstanding.

– Jeff Mains of Champion Leadership Group LLC


Hybrid work tool: Miro

Visit The Website:




⏰ Time Tracking,  πŸ’°  Paid

Monitask helps facilitate a hybrid work setting. It allows employees to track their time, see what projects they are working on, and get alerts when they need to take a break. This helps keep everyone on the same page and makes it easier to stay focused while working from home.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Using tracking and productivity software can help us better understand our employees and operations while also streamlining processes.

– Loran Marmes of Medicare Solutions Team

Hybrid work tool: Monitask

Visit The Website:



My Digital Office

🀝 Collaboration,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

My Digital Office is a full-featured virtual workspace that includes desks, meeting spaces, as well as an office phone. You have all the advantages of having a physical workplace without actually needing one. In a single glance, view the time and current status. Your avatar updates to reflect any changes to your status. To keep everyone informed, My Digital Office automates status and task management. With just one click, you can collaborate on a webinar, whiteboard session, or working paper.

How it helps hybrid teams:

My Digital Office, created by an entirely remote staff, is the answer for those who feel cut off from their coworkers and who are “bored with green status circles.” Users of this tool can create their own digital working space.

– Robin Antill of Leisure Buildings

Hybrid work tool: My Digital Office

Visit The Website:



OfficeRnD Hybrid

🀝 Collaboration | πŸ’°  Paid

OfficeRnD Hybrid allows our employees to book desks and meeting rooms when they plan to come into the office. They can also see when colleagues will be present in the office during the week. The software makes it easy for people who need to collaborate to sit together in the same area.

How it helps hybrid teams:

As a hybrid company, we need a way to manage office space and to facilitate collaboration and communication. OfficeRnd Hybrid allows us to manage our flexible workspace smoothly in a way that increases employee engagement. Furthermore, its analytic features help us to optimize space utilization.

– Leanna Serras of FragranceX

Hybrid work tool: OfficeRnD Hybrid

Visit The Website:




πŸ”’ Security,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Okta keeps passwords and authentication for several apps, letting you safeguard and empower workers, independent contractors, and partners.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Okta is a fantastic solution for remote work. One of their most popular features is single sign-on, which enables you to sign on with a single password to all of your tools and integrates with mobile and web apps. This is perfect if you’re working from a remote location with a laptop because you’ll have access to all material and apps.

– Ricardo Pina of The Modest Wallet

Additional tip on remote security:

A remote desktop protocol (RDP) is a software application that allows you to remotely control another computer. RDPs are often used by IT professionals to help troubleshoot issues on a remote computer. However, they can also be used by attackers to gain access to a victim’s machine. To avoid this, make sure you’re only using an RDP from a trusted source, and never connect to an untrusted RDP.

Hybrid work tool: Okta

Visit The Website:




🀝 Collaboration πŸ“‹ Project Management,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Orangescrum is a project management and collaboration tool for teams of all sizes. It is available in editions for the cloud, the cloud self-hosted, and the open-source enterprise self-hosted. With features like Gantt charts, time logs, Kanban views, daily catch-up, recurring tasks, project and task templates, invoicing, and more, Orangescrum enables organizations to coordinate projects, teams, and tasks. There are also mobile apps for iOS and Android.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Orangescrum keeps my team or clients on the same page. Additionally, it includes a variety of tools that make our workflow and communication much easier to manage. Scrum boards, Kanban, and sprints all assist me in being agile and increasing my overall productivity. My business benefits from Orangescrum’s project planning capabilities, which include the recording of milestones and task groups, the tracking of task status, the defining of priorities, the sharing of documents, and the handling of invoices.

– Josephine Lee of Cicinia

Hybrid work tool: Orangescrum

Visit The Website:




πŸ“‹ Project Management,  πŸ’°  Paid

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management tool that encourages collaboration and teamwork.

How it helps hybrid teams:

ProofHub really benefits hybrid and remote teams because of its ability to help you stay organized. It’s simple but strategically designed to gel with the routine and schedule of teams who need this type of platform.

– Andrew Hill of Distribute Digital

Hybrid work tool: ProofHub

Visit The Website:




🀝 Collaboration,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Range is a communication tool that encourages employees to share “check-ins.” These are small updates of how the team’s days are going, what they have planned, and anything exciting that has happened. It also has an icebreaker question function to allow team members to get to know each other better.

How it helps hybrid teams:

It helps my company operate by building connections between team members. I believe that team-building is one of the most important parts of a business because it can improve efficiency and communication (as the team learns who everyone is and how to talk to one another!).

– Simon Bernath of Furnace Prices

Hybrid work tool: Range

Visit The Website:




🀝 Collaboration,  πŸ’°  Paid

With the help of the cloud-based corporate phone system Ringblaze, you can manage team and customer communication from a single location. No matter where they are around the world, Ringblaze keeps you engaged and connected with both your staff and your customers.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Give your business unique phone numbers. Call forwarding and call recording lets you better organize your incoming calls. Share a dashboard and work together as a team, and use the call owner function to enhance internal communication and define responsibilities.

– Bhargav Bavarva of NextPinnacle

Hybrid work tool: Ringblaze

Visit The Website:




πŸ“‹ Project Management,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

This tool for managing projects and teamwork has made a big step toward increasing the visual appeal of digital Kanban boards. It gives you high-level project management; thanks to the detailed visibility, team members may work together seamlessly on the same board.

How it helps hybrid teams:

The workload view shows what our team is doing and makes collaborating on assignment details easy. I can add watchers, comments, and files, and debate the next steps. And Teamhood’s Gantt chart lets us plan projects and customize progress dashboards. Smart dependencies keep us on top of changes.

– Tyson Quaid of London-fs

Hybrid work tool: Teamhood

Visit The Website:



TeamViewer (⭐ most recommended!)

🀝 Collaboration | πŸ’Έ  Freemium

TeamViewer eliminates the need to physically be at an employee’s desk to be able to assist them with its remote access feature. It is also a great way for those with slower computers and mobile devices to access their computer in the office. With TeamViewer, they are able to work directly on those machines without having to leave the house.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Many employees feel much more comfortable at home so that they can be around for their family, so providing a tool that makes their work much easier and efficient is a benefit to them. Because they feel comfortable at home, they work much more productively, and giving them access to the powerful machines in the office means nothing can slow them down.

– Chad Price of Chad Price

TeamViewer enables remote desktop access. TeamViewer allows employees to access their office computer while working remotely, attending a meeting from afar, demonstrating technical details to other attendees, and navigating a presentation while dictating via video and audio.

– Travis Lindemoen of Nexus IT Group

Hybrid work tool: TeamViewer

Visit The Website:




πŸ’¬ Chat, β“ Unknown Price

In the modern workplace, debates and choices are focused in a forum called Threads. This is the option you should go with if you wish to ask your team questions and get answers that are straightforward and simple to find.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Threads allows us to keep casual chats in messaging apps and proposals, changes, and decisions in threads to separate the noise from the signal. You can quickly keep track of threads as well as stay up to date with discussions across forums, ensuring that you never miss another crucial debate.

– Patrick Johnson of C&H Essentials

Hybrid work tool: Threads

Visit The Website:



Time Doctor

⏰ Time Tracking βš™οΈ Productivity,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Time Doctor is a time-tracking and productivity software that can be used for both office and remote work. It tracks time spent on applications and websites, as well as idle time. This information can be used to improve productivity and efficiency.

How it helps hybrid teams:

This tool helps us operate by providing data-driven insights to improve performance. By understanding which employees are most productive and which areas need improvement, we can optimize their operations for maximum efficiency.

– Jonathan Saeidian of Brenton Way

Time Doctor helps hybrid companies to operate because it provides both accountability and tracking. If a client wants to know what work has been done for them, this tool enables you to provide reports to them showing the time that was worked on for their benefit.

– AJ Silberman-Moffitt of Tandem

Hybrid work tool: Time Doctor

Visit The Website:




🀝  Collaboration  πŸ”— Automation  
πŸ’°  Paid

If there are not enough parking spaces at work, you’re looking at reduced employee efficiency as your people will be wasting time searching for a parking spot instead of getting settled at their desks. Hybrid companies can use Wayleadr to streamline parking on in-office days. 

Wayleadr SaaS Tool


Trello (⭐ most recommended!)

πŸ“‹ Project Management,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Trello makes it simple to monitor the progress of jobs and includes the appropriate parties at each stage. Projects for clients can be completed more quickly and precisely by assigning the right tasks to the right individuals and keeping track of how much time was spent on each task.

How it helps hybrid teams:

We’ve been utilizing Trello for our business for 2.5 years now. We may collaborate on several projects at once, share files, leave comments on cards to keep resources current, and color-code priority.

– Shaun Martin of Cash for Houses

Trello has templates that employees can use to define the scope of a project, delegate tasks to other employees, and keep everyone apprised of the status of the endeavor in a single place. Team members can boost their department’s collaborative efforts by integrating Trello with other popular office apps like Slack, Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive.


Hybrid work tool: Trello

Visit The Website:




πŸ—‚οΈ Document Management,  πŸ’Έ  Freemium

Xtensio lets teams quickly create and share stunning living documents, including presentations, web pages, and PDFs.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Xtensio is perfect for remote work. You won’t have to be concerned about inadvertently erasing a colleague’s modifications or any other potential problems with collaboration.

– Sep Niakan of Condoblackbook

Hybrid work tool: Xtensio

Visit The Website:




βš™οΈ Productivity,  🀝 Collaboration | πŸ’°  Paid

The Yarooms team is available to help you get started with YAROOMS and make the most of its many features. Our room-booking business, in which renters share spaces, benefits greatly from this solution. The interfaces for mobile apps and tablets are functional, uncluttered, and efficient.

How it helps hybrid teams:

Initiating hybrid work environments can be challenging for businesses, but YAROOMS makes it possible to do so without sacrificing open communication or the independence of employees. HR managers may create work planning targets and criteria for their staff, while facility managers can get control over occupancy parameters and obtain visibility on actual bookings using YAROOMS. Staff members are still free to organize their own workdays, as well as their access to office equipment and communal areas.

– Ellie Shippey of EZContacts

Hybrid work tool: Yarooms

Visit The Website:




What are the most recommended hybrid work software tools?

When we asked our list of contributors for the software tools they use at their hybrid companies, 9 tools were recommended by three or more people. These are the most recommended tools for our list:

  1. Trello
  2. Asana
  3. Basecamp
  4. Hypercontext
  5. Miro
  6. Bonusly
  7. Hive
  8. Loom
  9. TeamViewer


Hybrid Work Model: The Complete Overview


Want to add a software tool you use for hybrid work?

Do you think we’ve missed a great tool for companies using the hybrid work model? Tell us on Twitter for a chance to be included.

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