99 Five-Minute Team-Building Activities (Virtual)

Five-minute team-building activities

Here’s the ultimate list of five-minute team-building activities for virtual teams.

Virtual meetings tend to start… a bit stale: “Can everyone hear me?” “Is Brian here yet?” “Should we get started or give it a few minutes?”

At the fully remote company that I ran for six years, we lucked into some great virtual icebreakers. And we also had structured team-building games from time to time. That experience prompted me to write this guide – 99 short team-building activities organized into six categories. We did almost all of them ourselves. For the ones we didn’t do, you’ll see a source to learn more.


👉 5-Minute Virtual Team Building Activities: Complete List 👈

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The Best Game Websites For 5-Minute Team Building

These are seven great websites/apps where you can find team-building games.

1) Tiny Campfire

Tiny Campfire offers a virtual campfire experience where teams can come together to tell stories, play campfire games, and even roast virtual marshmallows. It’s designed to create a cozy, bonding atmosphere, ideal for team building and making connections in remote teams.

Visit Tiny Campfire.


2) Geoguessr

GeoGuessr is an online game that drops players into a random location via Google Street View. Players must then guess their location based on visual clues. It’s excellent for teams as it encourages problem-solving and discussion, making it perfect for short, collaborative breaks.

Visit Geoguessr.


3) Skribbl

Skribbl is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game where one person draws something related to a chosen word, and others have to guess the word correctly. It’s fun and light-hearted, suitable for fostering teamwork and laughter among colleagues.

Visit Skribbl.


4) Lumosity

Lumosity offers brain training games designed to enhance cognitive skills such as memory, attention, flexibility, and problem-solving. It’s great for teams looking to engage in mental fitness challenges together, encouraging a bit of friendly competition and cooperation.

Visit Lumosity.


5) HeyLime

HeyLime provides a variety of creative and collaborative online games tailored for remote teams, focusing on building connections and boosting team morale through interactive challenges and puzzles.

Visit HeyLime.


6) Wordle

Wordl is a word puzzle game where players guess a target word with limited tries, receiving feedback on letter accuracy in each guess. It’s a simple yet engaging way to stimulate team communication and strategy in a casual, inclusive environment.

Visit Wordle on NY Times.


7) Sporcle

Sporcle offers a wide range of trivia and quiz games across various topics. Teams can use Sporcle to host quiz sessions that are both educational and entertaining, perfect for breaking the ice and sparking discussions among team members.

Visit Sporcle.


The Best 5-Minute Games For Team Building

Here are some games your team can play together in five minutes.


8) Improv Storytelling

Participants build a story one sentence at a time, each person adding to the last, promoting creativity and quick thinking.


9) Birth Map

Team members place a pin on a digital map showing where they were born, leading to discussions about diverse backgrounds and cultures.

(Source: Atlassian)


10) Charades

One person acts out a clue while the rest of the team guesses.


11) Typing Speed Race

“In this activity, all team members take a typing test using typingtest.com or a similar website. Then, they post their results on the chat feature of their video conferencing software. This activity helps improve employees’ typing speed in a fun and engaging manner.”

– Aviad Faruzon at Faruzo


12) Spreadsheet Pixel Art

“Users create a copy of the main Google Sheets spreadsheet and then use the color pallet and small squares to recreate a pixel image that has been provided. The spreadsheet is color formatted meaning that if you enter numbers 1-9 in any given cell it will turn that color. The aim is to replicate the original image within the allotted 5-minute time frame. It’s a lot of fun seeing team members scramble to try and get the image as accurate as possible.”

– Nazy Rafaeil at Jovani


13) Personality Quizzes

Share the results of a quick personality or trivia quiz to spark discussions about preferences and traits.


14) Riddles

Solve challenging puzzles and riddles as a group, enhancing problem-solving skills and group cohesion.


15) Trivia

“Virtual happy hour trivia is best for building connections between remote employees and since our company is completely remote these days, it is one of the best additions to the working model. Not only that, the fun game has aided in increasing collaboration as well.”

– Lauren Proctor at BenchMade Modern


16) Name That Tune

“One of my favorites is the ‘Name That Tune’ game. In this game, team members take turns naming songs and the other team members have to guess the artist and song title as quickly as possible. This game is a great way to improve communication and collaboration within teams.”

– Marcin Jablonski at LVBET


17) Emoji Translation

Write a sentence using only emojis, and let others translate it. Promotes laughter and light-hearted challenges.


18) Pictionary Sprint

Use a digital whiteboard to play Pictionary, with team members guessing what’s being drawn as fast as possible.


19) GIF Battle

Team members send GIFs in response to a theme or prompt and vote on the funniest or most accurate.


20) Virtual Lip Sync Battle

Team members pick a song and perform a lip-sync version for the team, which can be both hilarious and engaging.


21) Meme Creation Contest

Team members create and share a meme about their work life or current projects in a few minutes.


22) What’s That Sound?

Play a sound clip and have team members guess what it is. Could include animal sounds, musical instruments, etc.


23) Virtual Bingo

Play a quick round of bingo with cards that feature work-related situations or common interests.


24) Drawing Dictation

One person describes an object, and everyone else tries to draw it based on the description alone.


25) Haiku Happening

Each team member writes a haiku (a three-line poem) about their current mood or day and shares it.


26) Two Truths And A Lie

Each person shares two true statements and one false one about themselves, others guess which one is the lie.


27) Story From A Hat

Each member writes a random word or phrase and puts it into a virtual hat. Draw and tell a short story using the draw.


28) Where In The World?

Display a street view from Google Maps and have team members guess the location.


29) Flash Fiction Fun

Create and share very short stories (under 100 words) on a given theme, promoting creativity and quick thinking.


30) Quick Quiz

Conduct a quick trivia quiz on a variety of topics, using an online platform to keep track of scores.


31) Emoji Story

Build a funny story one line at a time using only emojis. Team members interpret and continue the tale.


32) Pop Culture Quiz

A quick quiz about current pop culture that can spark discussions and light-hearted debates.


33) Word Association

A game where one word leads to another, testing how quickly team members can think and how well they understand each other’s thought processes.


Interactive 5-Minute Team Building Ideas

34) Blind Origami

“Origami instructions will be emailed to one individual from each pair. The individual who has the instructions should use messaging or videoconferencing software to walk their partner (the receiver) through the steps of making an origami design (but with the camera turned off). During the call, the receiver can ask questions, request clarification, and provide comments. Participants can turn their cameras back on once each group has finished to observe if the receiver got the origami building correct. The goal of this activity is to emphasize the value of listening and soliciting feedback.”

– Zaeem Chaudhary at AC Design Solutions

35) Virtual Background Challenge

Change virtual backgrounds to fit a theme, and guess the theme or location depicted by each background.


36) Team Playlist

Each member adds a song to a collaborative playlist and explains their choice. Great for musical discovery.


37) Desk Stretch

Lead a quick session of stretches or simple physical activities to rejuvenate and boost energy.


38) Desk Yoga

A quick session of yoga poses that can be done while sitting at a desk to relax and stretch.


39) Group Fitness Challenge

A 5-minute fitness challenge (e.g., most push-ups, plank hold), encouraging health and a bit of friendly competition.


40) Mindfulness Minute

A guided one-minute mindfulness exercise to help relax and refocus, led by a team member or a chosen app.


41) Lightning Scavenger Hunt

Quick scavenger hunts where members find an item in their home that fits a quirky category, like something blue.


42) Virtual Handshake

Invent a new, funny handshake that team members can mimic and pass on.


43) Theme Dress Code

Decide on a theme (e.g., superheroes, 80s, hats) and everyone dresses accordingly during a meeting.


44) Virtual Dance Party

A spontaneous dance break where team members can dance on camera to a chosen song, boosting morale and energy.


45) Talent Show

A rapid-fire talent show where each member has a minute to showcase a hidden talent or fun trick.


46) The 5-Minute Journal

A quick journaling session where team members write down thoughts or feelings, helping to reduce stress and share insights.


47) Virtual Magic Tricks

Team members share a simple magic trick they can do, which can be a unique way to engage and surprise each other.


Visual 5-Minute Team Building Activities

These activities use photos, things around your house, and artwork to break the ice.


48) Home Office Tour

Team members give a virtual tour of their home office, sharing personal touches and workspace setups.


49) Logo Draw

Team members try to draw famous logos from memory, leading to fun and sometimes humorous results.


50) Caption This Photo

“The team members will have to pass around a mobile device that displays a funny photo. Each person is instructed to come up with a creative caption for it. You can make the rules as flexible or strict as you want. For example, you might require everyone to submit their caption within the next 10 minutes. It’s a good way to help people loosen up and get more creative with their thinking.”

– Brice Gump at Major Impact Media


51) Handwriting Challenge

Everyone writes a specific sentence and shares it, comparing styles and perhaps discussing the lost art of handwriting.


52) Ugly Sweater/Holiday Outfit Contest

A fun and festive contest where team members wear and showcase their ugliest sweater or holiday-themed outfit, promoting light-hearted fun.


53) A Classic Show-And-Tell

“The best virtual team-building activities strip away the usual formalities and allow everyone to come as they are, socializing in a way that is absent of pressure or potential embarrassment. A great activity that accomplishes this goal is classic show-and-tell with a set topic, like pets, house plants, or what’s for lunch that day. It’s easy, instant and can kick off some great conversations.”

– Laura Spawn at Virtual Vocations


54) Photo Of Your Life

“In this challenge, each member is tasked with summing up their life in an image they have personally taken. It could be anything, from a location to hobbies, to family photos or pets. The image is then shared with everyone on the team along with an explanation on why they think the photo best sums up their life. This is a great way to present a more personal side to each member and allows others a peek on who they are as a person.”

– Scott McKinney at Debt Bombshell


55) Guess The Desk

Team members submit a photo of their desk and others guess whose desk it is.


56) DIY Desk Decor

Team members use quick crafts to create or modify a desk decoration, then share their creations.


57) Coffee Art Contest

Team members try their hand at creating latte art or arranging a creative coffee mug snapshot to share.


58) Show And Tell

Team members take turns showing something from their home/workspace and explaining its significance.


59) Pet Parade

Team members showcase their pets on camera, or share a photo if their pet isn’t nearby.


60) Quick Draw

Team members quickly draw something related to a prompt and then share with the group. Encourages creativity.


61) DIY Puppet Show

Quickly create simple puppets and perform a short sketch or tell a story using them, sparking creativity and teamwork.


62) Snapshot Moments

Each team member shares a photo or image that had a significant impact on them recently and explains why.


63) Slogan Rewrite

Rewrite famous slogans for products or companies, fostering creativity and humor in marketing and brand understanding.


5-Minute Discussions For Team Building

These are structured ways to get conversations going.


64) Personal TED Talks

Team members give short, inspiring talks on topics they are passionate about, modeled after the famous TED Talks format.

(Source: The Go Game)


65) X Or Y

“One of the best team-building activities can be playing virtual games like “X or Y.” It is one of the most appropriate activities to understand other people. It is a simple activity in which team members can select some choice questions like “dog or cat” or ‘OTT or Cinema.’ The team members can then discuss the answers to these questions and better know the colleagues’ personalities.”

– Daria Maltseva at KeyUA


66) Debates

Quick, structured debates on light topics where team members express and justify their viewpoints, enhancing communication skills.


67) Bucket List

Sharing personal bucket list items, revealing dreams and aspirations, which can help in building deeper personal connections.


68) Recipe Swap

“Angry BBQ invites each team member to share their favorite recipe and how they did it. They are given the opportunity to present this in whatever form they like–may it be through a video file internally shown, a Tiktok content, or photo presentation every Friday during our informal virtual meetup. This activity effectively encourages employees to take time out from work to do something as satisfying as preparing food.”

– Michael Haas at Angry BBQ


69) Hot Seat

One member answers quick-fire questions from others, helping the team learn about them in a fun and engaging way.

(Source: Deel)


70) Eat And Greet

“We’ve created virtual lunches in a program called Gather Town. It’s a virtual office that gives our team of 100 employees the time and chance to meet each other over our lunch breaks. It’s become a really great way for all of us to stay in touch even though most of us are working remotely.”

– Amanda Kelly at NorthOne


71) Learning Meetings

“We offer every employee weekly paid learning time. And every week, everyone in our company meets virtually to share their learning updates. The meetings help build visibility and increase cohesion. More importantly, they expose everyone to new perspectives and encourage everyone to look at learning as a lifelong pursuit. This ties directly to our core values of Learning, Sharing and Giving Back.”

– Fraser Wilson at AnywhereWorks


72) 60 Seconds Of Fame

As our weekly meetings can become repetitive, I have decided to start them with a fun point. To do this, I ask each team member to share a joke, read a poem, sing a song or do something funny at the beginning of the meeting. In addition to helping break the ice and get to know the team better, I have also innocently discovered hidden superstars in my team!”

– Bartek Boniecki at Passport Photo Online


73) Guess Who?

Team members provide obscure personal facts to the group, and others have to guess who the fact belongs to.


74) Recipe Roundup

Share quick recipes or favorite snacks, possibly related to productivity or health.


75) Hero Award

Quickly nominate and award a “Hero of the Week” for team members who went above and beyond.


76) Speed Debating

Quick debates on harmless topics (e.g., is cereal soup?) with team members randomly assigned to positions.


77) High-Speed Networking

Quick 1-on-1 chats between team members randomly paired, rotating every minute.


78) Appreciation Round

Everyone takes turns to appreciate or thank another team member for their help or work.


79) Express Gratitude

Each team member quickly shares something they are grateful for, fostering a positive team environment.


80) Fast Fact

Each member shares a quick, unknown fact about themselves. Builds deeper understanding of each other.


81) Commonality Quest

Discover things that all team members have in common, fostering connections and revealing interesting facts.


82) Virtual Coffee Break

A structured 5-minute break where team members grab a coffee and chat about non-work topics.


5-Minute Virtual Ice Breakers For Team Building

These are icebreaker questions specifically. We grabbed them from our main virtual icebreaker post.


83) What Was Your Worst Job?

Sharing experiences from unpleasant jobs, often leading to humor and a sense of common ground among colleagues.


84) Would You Rather Have A Rewind Button, A Fast Forward Button, Or A Pause Button On Your Life?

A philosophical discussion where members choose a hypothetical life control and justify their choice.


85) Do You Think You’re An Introvert Or An Extrovert, And Why?

Members discuss their personality traits, providing insights into their behavior and preferences in social settings.


86) Do You Think You’re An Optimist Or A Pessimist, And Why?

Individuals explain their outlook on life, facilitating deeper discussions and understanding among the team.


87) If You Can Give One Sentence Advice About How To Live Life, What Would It Be?

Members share profound or practical life advice in one sentence, reflecting their life philosophy or practical mindset.


88) If You Can Instantly Become An Expert In Something, What Would It Be?

Team members share which skill or field they wish to master instantly, revealing personal interests and aspirations.


89) If You Had A Time Machine, Would Go Back In Time Or Into The Future?

A thought experiment where team members choose their preferred direction in time and explain their choice.


90) If You Had To Choose To Live Without One Of Your Five Senses, Which One Would You Give Up?

A challenging question that prompts members to evaluate and discuss the importance of each sense.


91) What Is The Farthest Place You Have Ever Traveled To?

Team members describe the most distant place they’ve visited, potentially sharing interesting travel stories and experiences.


92) What Is A Unique Phrase In Your Area Of The World?

Members share and explain a unique phrase or slang from their local area, fostering cultural exchange and learning.


93) What Is The Best Piece Of Advice You’ve Ever Been Given?

Individuals share impactful advice they’ve received, which can be inspiring and motivational for the team.


94) Would You Rather Meet Your Ancestors Or Meet Your Descendants?

A choice that encourages team members to reflect on their values and what they might want to learn from or impart to their lineage.


95) What Was Your First Job?

A discussion about each person’s first job, often revealing funny or humble beginnings and shared experiences.


96) What Is Your Best Scar Story?

Team members share the stories behind their scars. This activity allows individuals to reveal personal experiences, challenges they’ve faced, or unique activities they did/do outside of work.


97) Describe Your Dream Vacation

Team members describe their ideal getaway, sharing personal interests and dreams, which can help in understanding each other’s preferences.


98) Describe Your Worst Haircut Experience

Sharing humorous or disastrous haircut stories to foster laughter and camaraderie among team members.


99) Movie Pitch

Team members quickly pitch a silly or dramatic movie idea that includes elements chosen by the team.


Resources For Virtual Team Building

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