Anyvoo Review: My New Video Conference Background

Anyvoo Review: My Take On The Video Conference Backdrop

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“I had a client meeting the other day. I’m here at my home office. The guy turns on the video camera and he says to me, Hey, you’re working from the bathroom today. You’ve got your towels hanging up. You got your shower curtain. I thought to myself, I got to figure out a backdrop situation.

I’ve tried out lighting. I’ve tried out different backgrounds. And none of that has ended up working out. That’s why apparently I’m working in a bathroom these days. So I ordered Anyvoo webcam backdrop.

It came in the mail. I’m going to show you guys the parts, how to set it up and then give my review after that.

I’ve got all the parts right down here on the floor. It’s pretty simple. We’ve got the backdrop itself that came in a bag. We’ve got the stand and we’ve got two pieces to put together for the frame. All right. The first part I’m going to show you is how to put together the stand. I’m going to set this one up today for a standing desk, which I’m at now. So it’ll be higher a little bit closer to my low ceilings here. Just so you know, next up is the frame. So you take two of the opposite parts, one with the coroner one without we’re going to put those together and then just screw that shut.

Now we’ve got to go ahead and get the actual backdrop onto our frame. He’s this up on the stand.

You have your backdrop ready.

I’s a little less than six feet wide. And then you can adjust the height with the, with the stand. So it kinda just is enough space, but not too much space to fit for your meeting. So it’s a really nice backdrop like that. So let me show you around the office, show you what this looks like a little bit within the office, cause you’re going to keep it up most of the time, if you have a lot of meetings. So I’ve got my desk over here. You can see. And then here’s the stand probably about three and a half feet behind my standup desk. Uh, if you go around the backside, you can see my wife’s suite 12, we’d flipped over. So one I’ve noticed here is if you have a lot of light and we’ve got a window right out here, the dual sided might conflict. So one thing is to play with the blinds a little bit or cover up the back with something. And I I’m pretty sure anyone who has something, a black sleeve on the middle that could help with this. But if you can see, Buildremote coming through a little bit. So I have to play with the lighting right behind us here, but here’s what the stand would look like coming into the office. And you got a really nice setup right here.

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