Origami Folding Desk: The 5-Year Review

Origami folding desk review
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Origami Folding Desk Review

Overall Rating: 4.9 Stars

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Foldability Design Quality Storage
4.7 stars
5.0 stars
Origami - best folding desk
5.0 stars
Origami folding desk quality
4.9 stars
Origami folding desk shelves


πŸ₯‡Winner: Best overall folding desk
πŸ₯‡Winner: Best folding desk for storage

Five years in, you can see how well the Origami folding desk looks and performs. It’s the highest quality folding desk on the market for people who want a real desk that folds rather than a little folding workspace. (If you’re looking for something smaller and less expensive, we have other folding desk options here.) In the Origami folding desk, you’ll get…

  1. A desktop that’s much bigger (47.5 inches wide) than most folding desks (typically 30-35 inches wide)
  2. Lots of under-desk storage space
  3. A frame made of steel that lasts for years
  4. A desk that folds up or down in 30 seconds

All of the pictures you see in this review are of a five-year old Origami desk (we bought it before I started Buildremote). 


Dimensions, Specifications, Pros & Cons

  • View today’s price, normally $190
  • Star Ratings: 
    • Amazon: 4.5
    • Origami: 4.9
    • Buildremote: 4.9
  • Color Options: Black, Wood
  • Desk Dimensions:
    • Width: 47.5 inches
    • Depth: 23.75 inches
    • Height: 30 inches
  • Folded Dimensions:
    • Width: 24 inches
    • Depth: 5.5 inches
    • Height: 49.5 inches
  • Materials: 
    • Black Desk: Powder coated steel
    • Wood Desk: Powder coated steel frame, chip resistant wood desktop
  • Desk Weight: 38 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 100 pounds
  • Assembly: 100% pre-assembled (no assembly required)
  • No assembly required
  • Easy setup and take down: Takes less than one minute
  • Small storage footprint: It stores in two pieces – the frame is 5.5 inches wide folded down and the desktop is about an inch thick
  • High quality materials: wobble-free, durable, sturdy
  • Long lasting: All of the pictures in this review are of a five-year-old desk
  • Under-desk storage: The shelves are helpful to hold a printer, small file folder
  • Wide desktop: 47.5 inches is one of the biggest folding desks on the market
  • Simple, clean, minimalist look
  • Not a lot of customizability:
    • Just two color options (there used to be more, but they must not have sold)
    • One size option
  • Stores away in two pieces: It requires two trips to the closet rather than one

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Set Up & Take Down Of The Origami Folding Desk

Foldability Rating: 4.7 stars

Buy the desk on Amazon.

🟒 Easy – it’s just two steps (unfold frame then close latch, add desktop then push desktop locks forward)
🟒 Fast – it takes about 30 seconds to set up and take down
🟒 Light enough to lift, yet high quality – the desk is 38 pounds, so neither piece is more than 20 pounds
🟒 Long lasting – we are on year five with the desk, two moves, and lots of folds (it’s still like new)
🟑 It stores in two pieces rather than one (for higher quality and durability but slightly less convenience)

Setting up and breaking down the Origami folding desk takes me less than a minute. There are desks that are easier, lighter, simpler to fold and store than the Origami (I’ve had one that was easier). But Origami prioritizes quality and longevity over simplicity and size. As a result, the Origami folding desk has lasted us five years now and still acts like new. And, it provides a wider desktop than most other collapsible desks on the market.

I would look at the Origami desk as a real desk that happens to fold and can store away. I look at most of the others for sale as cheaper folding tables. You can prioritize whatever you’d like.


Design Of The Origami Desk

Design Rating: 5.0 stars

Buy the desk on Amazon.

🟒 Clean, scratch resistant desktop and frame
🟒 Simple colors and design that can fit with any home office decor
🟒 High quality, sturdy, and steady (made from steel)
🟒 Easy to keep clean and new (scratch resistant)
🟒 Rounded legs


I like the style of the desk. It’s simple, clean, and looks like a nice desk in your home office. Most other folding desks can’t say that.

Here is the Origami desk in our two-person home office, side-by-side with a $800 standing desk.

Origami folding desk in home office

If you’re looking for a nice desk that also folds, this is the best choice.


Origami’s Quality & Longevity

Quality Rating: 5.0 stars

Buy the desk on Amazon.

🟒 Looks like new five years in
🟒 The latch and desktop locks still work like day one
🟒 The scratch resistant material works (we’ve folded it up and stored it many times)
🟒 It has a high weight capacity (100 pounds)

Design and quality are the main reasons the Origami folding desk is the best on the market. You can find a desk that folds down easier, or fits in the closet better. But you can’t find a longer-lasting, higher-quality desk that happens to fold and store away. All of the pictures I’ve taken are of a five-year old Origami desk. There is no bowing, no broken features, and no scratches.


Origami Folding Desk Storage

Storage Rating: 4.9 stars

Buy the desk on Amazon.

🟒 Lots of under-desk shelf space (43 inches across, 10.5 inches of depth in the middle, 16.5 inches of depth on the outsides)
🟒 Maximizes shelf space without getting in the way of your feet (the center shelf is set back)
🟒 Offers storage without compromising the foldability or increasing the weight of the desk


Keep this in mind first – you do not want a folding desk with lots of storage shelves and drawers. The more storage you have, the heavier the desk will be and the more likely things are to break. That’s why you generally don’t see any storage with folding desks.

The Origami desk provides plenty of under-desk shelf space without compromising the foldability of the desk. If you compare the Origami desk to a normal (non-folding) desk, the non-folding desk would have a lot more storage. But when you compare it to other folding desks, this is the best option for storage space.


Final Review: Origami Is The Best Folding Desk

Five years in, you can see how well the Origami folding desk looks and performs. It’s the highest quality folding desk on the market for people who want a real desk that folds rather than a little folding workspace. If you’re looking for something smaller and less expensive, we have other great folding desk options here.

If you’re ready to buy, here’s what I would do: Check the price on Amazon and on Origami‘s site.

If the prices are similar, buy it on Amazon. Here’s why:

  1. Amazon will likely ship it faster than Origami directly.
  2. You’ll be able to return the product, no questions asked, for 30 days. 

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Do you have any questions? Comment below. I’ll be happy to share my answer.

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