Ann Arbor, MI: #12 Best Place For Remote Workers (USA)

Ann Arbor for remote workers

Ranked #12 in our report, Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers an ideal mix of professional opportunities and lifestyle amenities, making it a top destination for remote workers. Known for its vibrant arts scene and the prestigious University of Michigan, Ann Arbor stands out as a prime location for digital nomads.

But Ann Arbor is also unique in our rankings. It is ranked as the #1 overall city for quality of life, but does not appear in the top rankings for any of the other attributes. In other words, “quality of life” carries the city single-handedly into the rankings.

  • Score: 425 Points
  • Best Attribute: Quality of Life
  • Rank: #12 (out of 87 candidates)


  • Short-term rental points: 0
  • Quality of life points: 425
  • Cafe points: 0
  • Walkability points: 0
  • Public transit points: 0
  • Flight price points: 0
  • Coworking space points: 0
  • Popularity points: 0
  • Internet points: 0
  • Cost to visit (negative points): 0
  • Cost to live (negative points): 0


Ann Arbor’s Top Attributes For Remote Workers

Quality of Life

  • Score: 425
  • Insight: Ann Arbor’s high quality of life (#1 city in America) is a major draw for remote workers. The city offers a blend of educational excellence, cultural activities, and a strong sense of community. It’s known for its vibrant downtown, parks, and overall livability.


Best Coworking Spaces In Ann Arbor


  • Website: Cahoots
  • Who It’s For: Perfect for tech startups and entrepreneurs looking for a collaborative and innovative workspace. Cahoots offers a dynamic environment with a focus on fostering tech innovation and community engagement.
  • Pricing: Memberships start at $239/month.

Ann Arbor SPARK

  • Website: Ann Arbor SPARK
  • Who It’s For: Suitable for entrepreneurs and growing businesses looking for comprehensive support. Ann Arbor SPARK offers coworking spaces, business acceleration programs, and networking opportunities.
  • Pricing: Memberships start at $115/month.

By providing a high quality of life and a supportive environment for innovation, Ann Arbor proves to be an attractive destination for remote workers looking to balance productivity and lifestyle.



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