How Remote Unlocks New Lifestyles w/ Michelle Coulson [VIDEO]

Michelle Coulson is the founder of Remote Rebellion where she has helped hundreds of remote job seekers to get a fully remote job in companies that align with their values and the lifestyle they seek.

With nearly 10 years of experience as a recruiter and her own digital nomad story by moving to Bali in 2021, Michelle is the perfect resource to help others find the life they want through remote work.

Below, you’ll find some key takeaways shared in answering each question. The takeaways were created by ChatGPT based on the written transcript of the interview.


Embracing the Remote Lifestyle

Michelle Coulson discusses how remote work offers unparalleled flexibility and freedom. Moving to Bali, she experienced increased productivity and happiness, illustrating the potential of remote work to enhance lifestyle choices and work-life balance.


Remote Work Trends

Coulson emphasizes the distinction between ‘fully remote‘ and ‘work from anywhere‘ roles. She underscores the growing trend of remote work, noting its rising popularity and the diverse opportunities it presents for both employees and employers.

When people can work from anywhere, they can move wherever best fits their lifestyle.


Global Talent Access and Remote Work

Michelle Coulson discusses the impact of remote work on accessing global talent. She explains how remote work models break geographical barriers, allowing companies to hire the best talent from anywhere in the world, leading to more diverse and skilled workforces.


Evolution of Digital Nomadism

Coulson explores the rise of digital nomadism, fueled by remote work flexibility. She discusses how individuals are leveraging this to travel and work simultaneously, leading to a new lifestyle trend that combines work responsibilities with exploration and adventure.


Overcoming Challenges In Finding Remote Work

With Remote Rebellion, Coulson helps people overcome challenges in securing remote jobs. She stresses the importance of online networking and strategic job applications, suggesting these as key strategies for success in the remote work arena.

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