How To Find Work From Anywhere (WFA) Companies & Jobs

Work From Anywhere

What does “work from anywhere” (WFA) mean?

Work from anywhere is a company policy or program that allows employees to perform their jobs outside of the office, the home, and their home state or country.

This could mean different things to different companies:

  • Some companies may offer work from anywhere they legally operate (80 countries, for example).
  • Some might allow up to two months of working from anywhere in the world.
  • Others might post a job and plan to hire the best person anywhere in the world (then get set up there legally).


If you are truly searching for work-from-anywhere companies and jobs only, be careful…many people use work from home, remote work, and work from anywhere interchangeably.

But they are not synonymous.

Companies could be fully remote (no offices), but not allow work from anywhere. Let’s say a company hires a remote position within one country (because that’s where they are legally established to operate, hire, and pay taxes). Alternatively, a company wants to hire people only within certain time zones so they can support customers during working hours. Those companies could be remote, but not WFA.

Here’s another way to put it: If “digital nomad” is the individual’s term, “work from anywhere” (WFA) is the company’s term.

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I put together this resource to filter the truly work-from-anywhere companies, jobs, and advice on working from anywhere — not just at home. I’ll update it whenever a new WFA company announces its new policy.


Companies That Allow Work From Anywhere

Here is the overview of each company offering a work-from-anywhere policy. Click on the policy name to learn more about each company’s work-from-anywhere program.


Policy Name




???? My Work Mode

???? Learn more.



 ???? Destination90

???? Learn more.



✈️ Live And Work Anywhere

???? Learn more.


Alphabet (Google)

???? Work From Anywhere

???? Learn more.


Meta (Facebook)

???? The Future Of Work

???? Learn more.



????️ Work From Anywhere

???? Learn more.



????️ Work From Anywhere

???? Learn more.



???? Pledge to Flex

???? Learn more.



???? Work Anywhere

???? Learn more.



???? Team Anywhere

???? Learn more.


Thomson Reuters

????️ Work From Anywhere

???? Learn more.



????️ Work Your World

???? Learn more.



???? Work from (Almost) Anywhere

???? Learn more.



????️ 60-Day Work Abroad

???? Learn more.


Quinn Emanuel

????️ Work From Anywhere

???? Learn more.



????️ Lead From Any Location

???? Learn more.



????️ Work From Anywhere

???? Learn more.



????️ Live and Work Wherever You Like

???? Learn more.


Spotify’s “My Work Mode”

My Work Mode - Spotify

  • Policy overview:
    • Work from home, office, or both
    • Work from any country or city (with legal limitations)
  • Number of employees: 6,600
  • Search for jobs at Spotify

What does Spotify do?

Since its launch in 2008, Spotify has evolved into a streaming service powerhouse for music, podcasts, and other creative endeavors. It’s a primary driver of music business revenue thanks to its 365 million users in 178 markets.

How does Spotify’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

Starting this summer, we’ll be offering more flexibility to employees by introducing My Work Mode, as well as flexibility when it comes to work location. My Work Mode allows employees] to work full time from home, from the office, or a combination of the two. … We will also introduce more flexibility when it comes to what country and city each employee works from (with some limitations to address time zone difficulties, and regional entity laws in the initial rollout of this program).”

Learn more here.


Shopify’s “Destination90”

Destination90 - Shopify

  • Policy overview: Work abroad for up to 90 days per year
  • Number of employees: 10,000
  • Search for jobs at Shopify

What does Shopify do?

Shopify develops the tools retail businesses need to grow and market their operations. Their platform has helped improve the shopping experiences of customers in 175 countries.

How does Shopify’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“Work abroad for up to 90 days per year. We encourage our people to expand their horizons in all ways, and this includes exploring different corners of the globe. Our Destination90 program gives you the flexibility and freedom to take on new adventures and gain a fresh perspective to do your best work.”

Learn more here.


Airbnb’s “Live And Work Anywhere”

Live Work Anywhere - Airbnb

  • Policy overview:
    • Work from home, office, or both
    • Work from anywhere in your country
    • Travel and work around the world
  • Number of employees: 6,100
  • Search for jobs at Airbnb

What does Airbnb do?

Airbnb connects travelers with unique vacation rentals around the world. Since 2007, it’s allowed homeowners to become “hosts” that share their cabins, homes, and even yurts with over a billion guests.

How does Airbnb’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“We’ve designed a way for you to live and work anywhere — while collaborating in a highly coordinated way. You can work from home or the office; you can move anywhere in the country you work in and your compensation won’t change; you have the flexibility to travel and work around the world; [and] we’ll meet up regularly for gatherings.”

Learn more here.


Google’s “Work From Anywhere”

Work From Anywhere - Google

  • Policy overview: Work from anywhere up to four weeks per year
  • Number of employees: 150,000
  • Search for jobs at Google

What does Google do?

Google isn’t just the ubiquitous search engine — it’s also a global company with branches dedicated to cloud computing, advertising, and consumer electronics, among other things.

How does Google’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“Returning to the office doesn’t mean giving up on their geographic independence and all the reasons people want to keep working from home. Because Google staff now get four weeks of ‘work from anywhere’ time in, of course, in addition to paid time off.”

Learn more here.


Meta/Facebook’s “The Future Of Work At Meta”

Future Of Work - Meta

  • Policy overview:
    • Work from anywhere up to 20 days per year
    • Move and work to countries where Meta has high employee demand and is able to operate
  • Number of employees: 72,000
  • Search for jobs at Meta (Facebook)

What does Meta (Facebook) do?

Meta (Facebook) may be most famous for its social media platform(s), but it’s also spearheading the kind of technologies that help people connect and build communities. While it is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, Meta (Facebook) has offices around the world.

How does Meta (Facebook)’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“Through the rest of 2021, for personal travel, Meta employees can use a total of 20 business days to work from another location where they have work authorization. … For people interested in relocating across borders, Meta is expanding remote work across international borders gradually.”

Learn more here.


PwC’s “Work From Anywhere”

Work From Anywhere - PwC

  • Policy overview: Workfrom anywhere in the country (U.S.)
  • Number of employees: 295,000
  • Search for jobs at PwC

What does PwC do?

Founded in 1998, PwC now employs over 284,000 people in 155 countries. While each member firm is its own legal entity, the network is known for business-related services like strategy management and tax guidance.

How does PwC’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“PwC announced today it will allow all U.S. employees who can telework the ability to work virtually from anywhere in the continental U.S. moving forward. The company says it is the first professional services firm to offer workers a permanent work-from-anywhere option.”

Learn more here.


Amex’s “Work From Anywhere”

Work From Anywhere - AmEx

  • Policy overview: Work from anywhere up to four weeks per year
  • Number of employees: 64,000
  • Search for jobs at Amex

What does Amex do?

Amex, or the American Express Company, focuses on payment card services. Amex has 55 office locations around the world, with its global HQ in New York City.

How does Amex’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“Amex is adding a ‘work-from-anywhere’ policy that allows all employees to … work as many as four calendar weeks a year from a location other than their primary work location. The weeks don’t have to be taken consecutively.”

Learn more here.


SAP’s “Pledge to Flex”

Pledge to Flex - SAP

  • Policy overview: Work from home, office, or both
  • Number of employees: 107,000
  • Search for jobs at SAP

What does SAP do?

Founded in 1972, SAP focuses on innovative, business-related software and technology solutions. Headquartered in Waldorf, Germany, SAP has more than 105,000 employees spread around the world.

How does SAP’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“Today, SAP pledges to provide a setup that fits every role, style, and location with a 100% flexible and trust-based workplace as the norm, not the exception; an inclusive environment in which people can work from home, at the office, or remotely; [and] flexible work schedules, so employees can decide when they work aligned with business needs.”

Learn more here.


Nationwide’s “Work Anywhere”

Work Anywhere - Nationwide

  • Policy overview: Work from home, office, or both
  • Number of employees: 34,000
  • Search for jobs at Nationwide

What does Nationwide do?

Nationwide is known for its insurance services that range from pets and boats to life and auto. It also has a focus on retirement plans and other investing services.

How does Nationwide’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“Nationwide is to allow 13,000 office staff to choose where they work under a new flexibility scheme. They are also trialing an initiative in five sites where traditional office-based employees can work alongside branch colleagues.”

Learn more here.


Atlassian’s “Team Anywhere”

Team Anywhere - Atlassian

  • Policy overview: Work from home, office, or both
  • Number of employees: 8,200
  • Search for jobs at Atlassian

What does Atlassian do?

Atlassian develops and deploys tools that connect teams around the world — if you’ve used Jira or Trello, for instance, you’ve used an Atlassian product. Since its founding in 1998, the company has grown to 7,000 employees in 13 countries.

How does Atlassian’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“Atlassians choose every single day where they want to work — whether it’s in one of our offices, from home, or a combination of the two. We call this Team Anywhere.”

Learn more here.


Thomson Reuters’s “Work From Anywhere”

Work From Anywhere - Thomson Reuters

  • Policy overview: Work from anywhere up to four weeks per year
  • Number of employees: 2,500
  • Search for jobs at Thompson Reuters

What does Thomson Reuters do?

Thomson Reuters connects accounting, legal, and other professionals with the tools and services that will grow their businesses and assist their customers. It’s also the parent company of Reuters, the noted news agency.

How does Thomson Reuters’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“An expanded Work-From-Anywhere policy to include international destinations beyond an employee’s home country. Beginning July 1, employees can now work up to four weeks of their 8-week annual allowance outside of their country of employment.”

Learn more here.


Publicis’s “Work Your World”

Work Your World - Publicis

  • Policy overview: Work from anywhere up to six weeks per year
  • Number of employees: 87,000
  • Search for jobs at Publicis

What does Publicis do?

Headquartered in Paris, France, Publicis focuses on advertising and PR. With 80,000 employees in more than 110 countries, it’s also one of the largest multinational communication firms in the world.

How does Publicis’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“Every one of its employees will be allowed to work from anywhere in the world for six weeks a year, with the initiative — ‘Work Your World’ — opening up any of the 100+ countries the group is present in to staff.”

Learn more here.


Kayak’s “Work From (Almost) Anywhere”

Work from (Almost) Anywhere - Kayak

  • Policy overview: Work from anywhere Kayak is able to operate
  • Number of employees: 1,200
  • Search for jobs at Kayak

What does Kayak do?

Kayak is an online travel agency and search engine headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. It searches hundreds of travel sites to connect travelers with everything they need — from rental cars and flights to hotels and even vacation packages — for a successful trip.

How does Kayak’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“Our policy lets you work from any corner of the globe where we can legally hire you. Work from (Almost) Anywhere means you get to design the work-life you want so you can be present in your actual life-life.”

Learn more here.


Revolut’s “60-Day Work Abroad”

60-Day Work Abroad - Revolut

  • Policy overview: Work from anywhere up to 60 days per year
  • Number of employees: 3,500
  • Search for jobs at Revolut

What does Revolut do?

Since its founding in 2015, Revolut has grown to 3,500 employees serving over 20 million customers. Revolut offers banking services, crypto exchange, and more; it’s also developing “the world’s first truly global financial superapp.”

How does Revolut’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“With our new 60-day temporary work abroad policy, Revoluters can work from almost anywhere in the world — as long as they have the right to work in their destination of choice.”

Learn more here.


Quinn Emanuel’s “Work From Anywhere”

Work From Anywhere - Quinn Emanuel

  • Policy overview: Work anywhere in the country (U.S.)
  • Number of employees: 1,600
  • Search for jobs at Quinn Emanuel

What does Quinn Emanuel do?

Quinn Emanuel specializes in business litigation and arbitration — in fact, it’s the largest law firm of its type in the world. With a company HQ in Los Angeles, California, Quinn Emanuel’s firm has 23 offices across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

How does Quinn Emanuel’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“Our lawyers should work from wherever they do their best work. That’s why all of our U.S. lawyers, including first-year associates, can work from anywhere in the country indefinitely.”

Learn more here.


GitHub’s “Lead From Any Location”

Lead From Any Location - GitHub

  • Policy overview: Work near an office (or not)
  • Number of employees: 2,500
  • Search for jobs at GitHub

What does GitHub do?

Founded in 2008, GitHub allows developers to collaborate on software projects — as well as store them and track/control versions. With over 200 million repositories and 83 million users, GitHub makes collaborative coding easier than ever.

How does GitHub’s work-from-anywhere policy work?

“GitHub is a remote-first company with offices located throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. … GitHub believes you can do your best work wherever you are. If you work remotely, you will receive a stipend to outfit your home office and receive reoccurring reimbursement refreshes.”

Learn more here.


HiBob’s “Work From Anywhere”

Work From Anywhere - HiBob

  • Policy overview: Work from anywhere up to two months per year
  • Number of employees: 700
  • Search for jobs at HiBob

What does HiBob do?

HiBob builds HR technology designed for the evolving workplaces that drive modern businesses. Their platform — called “Bob” — can be customized for remote, hybrid, or in-office work.

How does HiBob’s work from anywhere policy work?

“This policy gives Bobbers the freedom to work from anywhere (literally) for up to two months a year, in addition to its already-existing (and standard) hybrid work model.”

Learn more here.


Buffer’s “Live & Work Wherever You Like”

Buffer's work from anywhere policy

What does Buffer do?

Buffer is social media management platform that helps with publishing, engagement, analytics, and team collaboration.

How does Buffer’s work from anywhere policy work?

“Buffer is a fully remote team, spread across the whole planet. We have teammates in 15 countries, 11 timezones and 42 cities (and counting!). As a member of our team, you will be invited to work wherever you’re happiest and most productive.”

Learn more here.


Work From Anywhere Job Boards

Here is the overview of each job board that has a section specifically dedicated to working from anywhere. Click on the policy name to learn more about each company’s work-from-anywhere program.

Job Board



Job Postings


???? Anywhere Jobs by Flexjobs

This is a specific tag for remote jobs without a location listed.

???? Learn more.



???? Work From Anywhere by Indeed

This is a job board and mobile app for all jobs listed on Indeed as remote or work from home. 

???? Learn more.


Truly Remote

???? Truly Remote

Truly Remote is a job board for work-from-anywhere jobs exclusively.

???? Learn more.


There are really just three job boards with specific sections dedicated to work-from-anywhere jobs. There are fantastic remote job boards and plenty of opportunities to find work-from-home jobs on the big boards like Indeed and Monster, but work-from-anywhere jobs are specific.

FlexJobs: “Anywhere Jobs”

Flexjobs Anywhere Jobs

What does FlexJobs do?

FlexJobs is the biggest job board dedicated to work from home, remote, and flexible jobs. As the job seeker, you pay a subscription to access the jobs. The FlexJobs team researches and screens each company and job before it goes up, so you don’t have to sift through misleading posts. FlexJobs has been around since 2007 and attracts more than six million visitors to the site each month.

What are “Anywhere Jobs”?

On FlexJobs’s board, 95% of remote job positions have a physical location listed (example: Remote: New York, USA). At this position, you could work from home if New York is your primary residence. Most likely, the company is set up to legally hire and operate within New York and wants to fill positions there but is willing to hire full-time remote.

“Anywhere Jobs” at FlexJobs make up the other 5% — remote jobs without a location listed. At these jobs, you could be considered as a candidate no matter where in the world you live. On FlexJobs, you can put “anywhere” into the location search bar to pull up these listings.

Find an anywhere job on FlexJobs


Indeed: “Work From Anywhere”

Work From Anywhere by Indeed

  • Overview: A job board and mobile app built by Indeed for “Work-From-Anywhere” jobs only
  • Number of job postings: 700,000+ remote jobs
  • Search for Work-From-Anywhere jobs

What does Indeed do?

Indeed is the biggest job site board in the world, receiving 250 million unique visitors each month. Indeed is free for the job seeker.

What is the “Work-From-Anywhere” job board?

Indeed created a separate job board and mobile app for all jobs listed on Indeed as remote or work from home. Keep in mind that Indeed is using “work from anywhere” and “remote” interchangeably, which I do not. The jobs listed here are 100% remote, though; they are not hybrid, and they do not have office requirements. Search for “remote” in the location bar to build a search that mimics work-from-anywhere jobs.

Find a Work-From-Anywhere job


Truly Remote

Truly Remote - WFA jobs

What does Truly Remote do?

Truly Remote is a job board for work-from-anywhere jobs exclusively. Companies can post a WFA job to the site directly, but it also looks like the people at Truly Remote search for and syndicate WFA jobs only. There is a good, small list of truly work-from-anywhere jobs on the site now.

Find a job on Truly Remote

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How To Work From Anywhere (In My Experience)

My Three Months Of Working From Anywhere

Our work from anywhere trip

I’ve worked remotely since 2014. Once my wife left her job to work for herself, we were both free to work from anywhere in the world. So we jumped at the chance.

We put our stuff in storage and headed out for a three-month trip where we worked while seeing parts of seven countries. In Europe, our meetings all took place between 2 PM – 10PM so we would see the sights every morning and work in the afternoon. 

If you have the chance to work from anywhere, I highly recommend it!

How to find work-from-anywhere jobs

In the article above, you saw all of the truly WFA companies. While researching them (and weeding out posers), I compiled some advice for those looking for a company that will support working from anywhere.

Go for…

  • A bigger company: Big companies are legally set up to operate in tens or hundreds of countries. If they offer WFA, they’ll have a better chance allowing you to move for a few years to a new country, for example. I doubt most companies would want to jump through the hoops to establish a new operating country just for your one year of experience.
  • A fully remote company (no offices): If you don’t want a bigger company with a set WFA program, look for one with no offices. That’s what I ran for eight years. We would post a remote job for anywhere in the United States (where we operate), then get set up legally in a new state when we hired someone. A fully remote company will also be more open to you traveling while working anywhere in the world.
  • An async company (so time zones aren’t a limiting factor): Companies that operate asynchronously won’t be hampered by time zone differences. If you want to move or travel far away from where most of your team lives, make sure you don’t have a ton of meetings.
  • Or all of the above, obviously.


What to check before you travel (and work)

Since 2017, I’ve worked from different states and countries for about 1-2 months per year. Some of my travel was before kids; now it’s all with the kids, so I don’t want to make it sound too glamorous. We used to work in an apartment in Prague and then Vienna; now we just visit the grandparents.

I’ve learned a lot about setting out on a work/travel trip. Here’s what you should do before you book anything:

  • Consider time zones: If you have a lot of meetings, you don’t want to be taking them at 1 a.m. consistently.
  • Have your accommodations run a Wi-Fi speed test: If your Wi-Fi doesn’t work, it shuts you down completely. That happened to me once in Slovakia for a few days. Make sure the Wi-Fi speeds will be able to handle what you need.

work from home wifi speeds

  • Book a place with multiple workspaces: If you’ll be somewhere for more than a week, make sure you have at least two tables (one for dining, one for work). If you work where you sleep, eat, or relax, your work and your rest will suffer in a downward spiral. Try to find a bit of separation physically.
  • Search for Wi-Fi cafes nearby: It may get cramped in your Airbnb or hotel. Before you book anything, search the areas you’d like to stay for cafes that have internet. That opens up a second workspace for you and allows you to see some of the town at the same time.
  • Search for coworking spots with free trials or daily rates: Many coworking spaces will offer one day free or a daily pass to open up another workspace option.


What to bring anywhere you go

When traveling, I’ve always felt like it was important to present professionally on Zoom calls. There are a few lightweight products you can bring or software tools (no weight) to help you present consistently and professionally from anywhere.


Want to add a missing WFA company or job board?

We update this post every time we find a new work-from-anywhere company policy. We’ll also update it if we find a new job board with a dedicated section for WFA.

Do you think we missed one? Contact us for a chance to add a company or job board you’ve come across.

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