28 Justifiable Excuses To Work From Home

Excuses to work from home

Look up ☝️. See our company name is Buildremote (emphasis on remote)? We don’t think you ever need an excuse to work from home.

Most companies should just embrace it and go fully remote. But on the off-chance you work a hybrid schedule or for a company mandating you be in the office, you might need a solid, last-minute excuse to work from home for a day (or maybe even permanently).

We asked our list of contributors to share their best excuses to work from home (WFH). We received 200+ responses and organized the best ones into categories below. Click one of a link below to jump to a category:

Most convincing excuses | Best last-minuted reasonsReasons to WFH permanently | Funniest ones


The Absolute Best Excuses To Work From Home

We surveyed our list of 1,000+ remote workers to ask a simple question: “What is the best excuse to work from home?” Here are the 12 most convincing reasons:

  1. Dental emergency
  2. Doctor’s appointment
  3. Domestic crisis
  4. Family emergency
  5. Home inspection
  6. Household emergency
  7. Important package being delivered
  8. Injury
  9. Mental health day
  10. Pregnancy
  11. Religious celebration

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Reasons To Work From Home Last Minute

In our survey, we discovered the 10 best reasons to work from home last minute. If you’re in a pinch and need to stay home for just that day, consider one of these reasons:

  1. The 24-hour flu
  2. Car trouble
  3. Jury duty
  4. Death in the family
  5. Have a fever (and I’m contagious)
  6. Irritable bowel syndrome
  7. Not “100% me” today
  8. Sick child or relative
  9. Tradespeople appointment
  10. Road work

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Excuses To Work From Home Permanently

Maybe you’re sick of the ping-ponging back and forth between the office and remote. If that’s the case, and you want to work from home permanently, consider one of these reasons:

  1. Distractions in the office
  2. More productive at home
  3. Need uninterrupted time
  4. Avoid the commute
  5. Daycare costs
  6. Not a people person
  7. We don’t live in 1870

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The Funniest Excuses To Work From Home

  • Alarm never went off
  • Bad weather
  • Case of the hiccups
  • Death of your beloved gerbil
  • I’m an emotional support human
  • I’m too good at my job (people are getting jealous)
  • Keeping the pet therapist bills down
  • Misplaced car keys
  • New puppy
  • Parking malfunction
  • There’s a moose on the highway


Good Excuses For Working From Home (If You Need Explanations)

Below, you’ll find the same list of work from home excuses you saw above… but this time each one has some explanation. This is just in case you need a little backup if your excuse comes under fire.

Alarm never went off

My alarm didn’t go off when the power went out last night, and now I have to take away everything in my refrigerator before something mutates and I’m completely to blame for the first-ever zombie outbreak.

– Paul Somerville of Electric Scooter Guide


Avoid the commute

Traffic congestion, inclement weather, and long commutes can all be avoided by working from home. And with gas prices always on the rise, working from home can also save you a lot of money in transportation costs.

– Erin Zadoorian of Budpop


Bad weather

This one is a bit more tricky since bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s unsafe to travel. However, if there’s a major storm or other weather event that is causing disruptions, it’s probably best to work from home rather than risk coming into the office only to have to turn around and go back home again. Plus, working from home in these situations can actually be pretty fun since you don’t have to deal with commuting in bad weather!

– Rohit Bimbra of HomeHealthcareShoppe.com


Car trouble

Car trouble, in my opinion, makes for a great justification for staying inside instead of heading into the office. Inevitably, most of us will encounter automotive issues. It doesn’t matter if your car has a dead battery or a bent wheel from a collision. Rather than wasting time learning unfamiliar public transportation routes if your car breaks down, you’d be better off putting in some productive hours at home.

– Travis Lindemen of Nexus IT Group


Case of the hiccups

One could say they have a case of the hiccups and need to be in a quiet environment.

– Zach Larsen of Pineapple Money


Daycare costs

Working from office involves hefty daycare expenses and thus most employees are often on the hunt for better paying jobs. Working from home allows keeping an eye on the kids and saving on these expenses. It helps to offer more liquidity and flexibility to the employees and loyalty to the employers.

– Smriti Tuteja of Yogic-Experience


Death in the family

Unfortunately, death is a part of life. If you’ve recently lost a loved one, it’s understandable that you might not be in the right frame of mind to go into the office. In these cases, it’s best to work from home and take some time to grieve.

– Stacy Lewis of Eternity Modern


Death of your beloved gerbil

The best humorous excuse to work from home is to claim that your pet gerbil died, leaving you heartbroken and in desperate need of some quality time at home to mourn its loss. You and your gerbil had grand plans to drive across the country and, in its absence, you feel compelled to embark on this journey in memory of your gerbil. How could any manager deny you such a heartfelt and legitimate reason to work remotely during your now solo travels?

– Bryan Driscoll of Bryan J Driscoll JD LLC


Dental emergency

While most of us do our best to plan ahead for routine dental checkups, sometimes accidents happen and we need to see the dentist immediately, whether for a cracked tooth or a missing filling. Working from home can save you time, energy, and possibly pain compared to the alternative of commuting to and from work, then going to the dentist, and finally commuting back home.

– Sandra Rios of Buzz Agency


Distractions in the office

If you find that you’re constantly getting sidetracked by office politics or other people’s conversations, working from home can help you stay focused on the task. You can create a more productive environment for yourself where you won’t be interrupted every few minutes.

– Ryan Bolling of Bolling Behavioral Consulting


Doctor’s appointment

Telling your employer that you have a doctor’s appointment or any other medical issue is the best excuse to work from home. Remember, your company can’t ask you to come to the office if you’re sick. Plus, prying more into your situation will be unprofessional and going down that road is a big no for HR, so you’re honestly in the clear. Just let them know that you won’t be able to make it on time to the office because of the appointment and would like to work from home instead, but don’t make a habit because that will be a problem.

– Karen Comen of Zodiac Signs


Domestic crisis

Suppose you awoke to find your basement flooded or your roof leaking. If you have a domestic issue that will require your time and attention while you bring in professionals, it is recommended to take time off from work. Thus, you can handle the problem with a clear head and prepare your home (and your psyche!) for a fresh start when the repairs are complete.

– Edward Mellet of WikiJob


Family emergency

Family emergencies are always taken seriously by managers. Especially after the pandemic, workplaces are quite lenient when it comes to the health of family members. So, they will cut you some slack.

– Peter Varadi of MarketGap


Have a fever (and I’m contagious)

You don’t want to infect your coworkers, so it’s better for you to stay home and rest. Stay in touch with your supervisor and let them know how you’re feeling and when you expect to be back at work.


Home inspection

If you rent a home or apartment, you will have to go through a rental inspection at least once per year and sometimes even twice. It is in your best interest to be there when your landlord inspects your home. This way, if any problems come up, you can take care of them right away.

– Andrew Dale of CloudTech24


Household emergency

Imagine you awoke to find water in your basement or a leaky roof. In the event of a household emergency that necessitates the hiring of professionals, you should take time off from work to deal with the situation. Having a level head during an emergency situation will allow you to get your house (and your head!) in order so that you can get back to work with a fresh start after the repairs are complete.

– Helen Ferris of Imagine Maids


I’m an emotional support human

I am a full-time emotional support human for my cat. She had a couple of rough days, and I must be there for her.

– Dr. Tali Ditye of Mommyhood101


I’m too good at my job (people are getting jealous)

Are you worried that your phenomenal work is demoralizing your co-workers? Do people at work often describe you as an overachiever? If so, then working from home could be a great solution! That way, your coworkers won’t have to be constantly reminded of how much work you’re getting done. This excuse can also be used if your work is just average. No one will know.

– Rika Osterbuhr of Kosmo


Important package being delivered

You can inform your employer that you have to sign for a delivery that would arrive at an unexpected time. Relay the importance of the package and how not being there to receive it would cause you to pay extra. It would be best to declare the price of the said item so that the employer recognizes its importance.

– Elisa Bender of RevenueGeeks



At some point in our lives, the vast majority of us will sustain an injury that is not immediately life-threatening. Even if you have one of these injuries and your job requires you to sit at a desk or in front of a computer for most of the day, you won’t be unable to keep working. But they’re a hassle and could make it harder to move around. Working from home for a few days will let you heal from a minor injury without slowing you down at work.

– Mike Owens of Web Hosting Advices


Irritable bowel syndrome

The stress of working life is a common cause of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Working from home gives you easy access to your favorite restroom, and there’s no one there to judge you for your frequent trips. It’s a great excuse, as no one wants someone in the office breaking wind all the time!

– Alex Trevatt of Medistudents


Jury duty

Jury duty to the rescue. You can simply excuse yourself and ask for some leniency on the day. It’s your responsibility as a citizen to become a juror and give your verdict on a case. It’s an excuse everyone can relate to, and you’ll get work from home.

– Fraser Matthews of Netcoins


Keeping the pet therapist bills down

My best excuse for continuing to work remotely is that my dog has become so accustomed to my being around, her separation anxiety (and now depression) has gone through the roof. I looked into the cost of a pet therapist, to try to learn some techniques to help the situation, but I soon found that ongoing treatment was way out of my price range. Therefore, I prefer working from home because I can still get my duties done while being near the pooch.

– Gerald Lombardo of The Word Counter


Mental health day

With the recent transitions in the workspace models in the last couple of years, mental health has become just as important as physical health, and sometimes we need to take a day to focus on ourselves. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just need a break, don’t hesitate to ask your boss for a work-from-home day.

– Daniel Golson of Best Roofbox Guide


Misplaced car keys

If you don’t want to take the all-too-common route of saying you have a doctor’s appointment, this is the next best excuse. It’s quite believable and you may even get a chuckle or two out of your supervisors, making it a lighthearted excuse to stay home without having to worry your team about your health.

– Harry Morton of Lower Street


More productive at home

This is a great reason to suggest working from home, especially if you have a good track record of being more  productive when you work remotely.

– Jennifer Spinelli of Watson Buys


Need uninterrupted time

If you’re in the middle of a big project, it can be tough to get anything done at the office. Use this excuse to work from home where you can focus and get things done.

– Shaun Martin of The Home Buying Company


New puppy

A great excuse to work from home is if you recently added a fur family member to your household. Puppies need a lot of attention in the beginning. You need to be home to help it adjust to its new environment and start the bonding process!

– Christian Kjaer of ElleVet Sciences


Not “100% me” today

With the rise of mental health prioritization and well-being, offices should normalize the idea of not being at your best every day. If you’re feeling off or down, it’s perfectly acceptable to work from home. In fact, it might even be encouraged by your company in order to avoid putting yourself in a difficult or uncomfortable situation.

– Sarah Watson of BPTLAB


Not a people person

One of my employees told me that he isn’t a people person and it would be safer for everyone if he could work from home, as he has what he calls “an adverse physical reaction to stupidity” And that’s why he’s now our senior staff writer, as it was, and is the best reason I’ve ever heard for not being able to come into the office.

– James “Jimmy” Watts of Own The Grill


Parking malfunction

Couldn’t find a perfect parking spot at work today. So I just went home and will be working from here. Looks like there are enough people at the office today!

– Nathan Brunner of Salarship



A pregnant woman’s stress levels can be reduced, and she can focus on herself and her baby during her maternity leave. However, before that time comes, you have the option of requesting a work-from-home arrangement. If you are pregnant with a high-risk baby and feel that being at work is not in your best interest, this is a great option for you.

– Tia Campbell of Practice Reasoning Tests


Religious celebration

Even if your company doesn’t observe the holiday, you should be free to practice your religion. Any religious holiday is indeed a great justification for taking time off of work, and you shouldn’t face harassment because of it. Ask for a day in advance, give it the attention it needs, and have faith that your employer will take care of business without you.

– Adrian Paul of NC CuttingTools


Road work

Roadworks on a commuting route can make the journey back from a long day excruciating. On a good day the traffic will flow, on a bad day you will be sitting in your car for hours long into the night. Walk into work after sitting in traffic for hours with a face of thunder and tell your boss you are sick of the roadworks, fearful that you are ready to quit over traffic your boss will let you work from home.

– Dominic Lill of Trafiki Ecommerce Marketing


Sick child or relative

There are a few reasons why this excuse is the best to work from home. First, it is a genuine reason that can’t be easily disputed. If you have a sick child, then, of course, you need to take care of them. Second, it shows that you are a responsible parent willing to put their child’s needs first and this can be a positive attribute in the eyes of your employer.

– Mahamudul Kabir of FootInsider

Illness is inevitable, and we must all take time off to heal. Even though permanent workers in the United States are not promised any paid sick time, most companies will nevertheless let you take off work if you need to tend to a serious health issue. Care for dependent children or elderly relatives should be included in sick leave benefits in an ideal society. In spite of the fact that you need to stay at home to supervise and offer care, you are not ill and so can continue working without incurring any additional expenses.

– James Rehm of Skuuudle


The 24-hour flu

This one is great because it can be used again and again. You can even get your coworkers sick so they have to take a day off too!

– Ed Shway of ByteXD


There’s a moose on the highway

A couple of years ago, in Ottawa, Canada, a moose became trapped on the highway, stopping all downtown traffic for two hours. No one got to work that morning!

– Georges Thébault-Dagher of Maddle


Tradespeople appointment

If there is a lack of qualified carpenters, plumbers, and electricians in your area, you may have to wait months for an appointment because of how busy tradespeople are. A better solution than having to cancel due to work is to just do it from home. You might have to deal with loud noises all day, but if you buy a good set of headphones that block out noise, it will be easier.

– Steve Elliott of Restoration1


We don’t live in 1870

Today we have access to incredible technologies that enable workers to do their job without having to be in the office. Virtual meetings and sales calls are the new normal, preferred by many. Business leaders should ditch their old school mindset of controlling workers by having “butts in seats” and instead let them work from home, where they are happier and more productive.

– Matiah Fischer of RetireBetterNow.com


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