Request For Hybrid Work [Email Template]

request for hybrid working (email)

Here’s exactly how to request a hybrid work schedule for your team. Below, you’ll find an email template to request hybrid work permanently. 

Copy and paste the email subject and body you see below. Then, customize the template to fit your situation. 


Part-time/hybrid working request email

Subject: Hybrid Schedule Proposal

Hi [Boss’s first name],

I hope you’re well. After experiencing remote work and considering our team’s dynamics and project requirements, I’d like to propose the option for our team to work on a hybrid schedule. 

This flexible approach could enhance productivity, work-life balance, and job satisfaction, offering benefits for both the company and employees.

Here are a couple of scheduling options I believe could work well for our team:

  • 3/2: Working remotely on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with Tuesdays and Thursdays spent in the office. This pattern supports deep work while maintaining regular in-person collaboration and team building.
  • Flexible hybrid: Give the option to work from home or the office so each person can find their most-optimized situation. Some recurring meetings and events could be made mandatory.

I would love the opportunity to discuss this proposal in more detail and explore how we can tailor the arrangement to meet our team’s needs. 

Could we set up a time to talk through these options? Here are some days and times to pick from:

  • [Day]: [Time slot]
  • [Day]: [Time slot]


[Your name]


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