75 Companies That Offer Paid Sabbaticals (June 2023)

paid sabbatical companies

This post was written on March 23, 2022. We updated the research and post on January 19, 2023. Then, we updated the post again on May 3, 2023 and June 1, 2023.

Sabbaticals (or extended breaks from work) lead to “a decline in stress and an increase in psychological resources and overall well-being,” according to one study, and the “positive changes often remained long after the sabbatical.”

Breaks from work help the employee, which in turn, helps the organization. In 1977, McDonalds introduced the first well-known paid sabbatical program in the corporate world (sabbaticals had happened in academia for years before that).

Since then, many companies have added sabbaticals as a benefit for long-time employees.


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Companies That Offer Paid Sabbaticals

Here are all of the companies that have publicly shared their paid sabbatical programs. Next to each company, you’ll find a link to find jobs at each company. I’ll update the list every time a notable announcement comes out.






4 weeks after 7 years


4 weeks after 5 years 

5 weeks after 10 years

Office Simplify

"Offers up to 4 weeks of Sabbatical to employees who have been employed for more than 5 years and 5 weeks of Sabbatical to employees who have been working for 10+ years. "


4 weeks after 5 years


20 days after 5 years

Built in Chicago

"Eligible employees get 20 days of paid sabbatical after their first five years of working at the company."


20 days after 4 years

Best Companies

"Working is 100% flexible and 95% say they are trusted to do a good job without managers looking over their shoulders. Staff can buy or sell a week of holiday for 5% of salary and there are 20 days paid sabbatical after four years' service."


6 weeks

Most Loved Workplace

"Paid volunteer time off; a six-week sabbatical every four years; a “week of rest” each December; equity awards so every employee has ownership in the company; and a wellness reimbursement program, giving employees the flexibility to support their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing."


3 months after 5 years


"We were stretched super-thin,” said McLeese, global head of human resources at Automattic, the online publishing and commerce company behind WordPress.com, Tumblr and others. “I was starting to wonder if I still enjoyed doing this type of work.”

Avanos Medical

4 weeks after 7 years, then 4 weeks every 5 years thereafter

Email to Buildremote from the Global Benefits Leader for Avanos Medical

"We offer 4 weeks of paid leave after 7 years of service, then 4 weeks of paid leave every 5 years thereafter. We implemented this benefit in 2023 because we are committed to ensuring that our employees have the break and balance that they need!"

Bank of America

4 weeks after 15 years


"Bank of America Corp. is starting a paid sabbatical program to reward its long-term employees, starting with four weeks off for those who have spent 15 years with the company."


1 month after 6 years


2 weeks after 5 years

4 weeks after 10 years

NY Times

"In February, Ralph Lauren announced a sabbatical program that gives employees of the fashion house two weeks off after five years of employment, and four weeks off after 10 years (and every five years thereafter). In a statement, the company said it believes extended time away from the office allows employees “to pause, refocus and come back more energized.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield

4 weeks after 5 years

Bluedog Design

1 month after 5 years


"Every Bluedogger who celebrates 5 years of working with the company is eligible for a sabbatical."

Thanks to Michelle Hayward, CEO of Bluedog Design, for letting us know. 


4 weeks after 5 years


"The company is claiming to now offer an “enhanced” holiday allowances to staff, who now qualify for a fully paid month long sabbatical every five years. It also introduced a salary cap ensuring no one can join the business and is paid more than seven times the entry level position wage in our business."


6 weeks after 5 years


"To combat burnout and set Buffer up for long-term success, we’re now experimenting with sabbaticals. After every 5 years of working at Buffer, we’re inviting teammates to take a 6-week break, fully paid."


3 weeks after 4 years


"Centro offers a paid three-week sabbatical every four years a person is employed by the company. Centrons have taken full advantage of this opportunity. This year alone, we have Centro employees traveling Europe and Oceana, visiting Bruges, Amsterdam, New Zealand and Australia."

Charles Schwab

28 days after 5 years

Course Hero

"Charles Schwab offers employees a 28-day paid sabbatical leave every five years of service and even more lucrative is that the company Deloitte also offers this same sabbatical leave as well as a “three- to six-month sabbatical that can be taken to pursue personal or professional growth opportunities in the areas of career development or volunteerism."

Clif Bar

6-8 weeks after 7 years

Business Insider

"After every seven years of service, employees become eligible for a six-to-eight week paid sabbatical, which they can use to spend time with their families, travel, and accomplish longstanding personal goals — no strings attached."

Course Hero

4 weeks after 5 years


"We value our time both inside and outside of work, offering 15 paid vacation days per year for the first year, 20 days vacation per year beginning your second year, 1 month paid sabbatical after 5 years, plus 10 personal days and 12 paid company holidays in the U.S"

CS Recruiting LLC

1 month after 10 years


Charlie Saffro, Founder and President, said the conmpany offers this benefit "to recognize hard work, and show appreciation and gratitude. And I can't deny that it's also a recruiting and retention tactic."

David Weekley Homes

4 weeks after 10 years


"Builder of upscale homes offers employees the opportunity to pursue their own “visionquest” after 10 years of service with a four-week paid sabbatical. It can be extended with another two weeks of unpaid time off, and the company will kick in a grant of $2,000 for such things as travel and education expenses."


4 weeks after 6 years


"Edelman Financial Services LLC, headquartered in Fairfax, Va., has only 250 employees but offers a four-week sabbatical for every six years of employment."


4 weeks for 5 years

USA Today

"McCormick is among veteran employees at Emma, a Nashville email marketing firm, who have taken advantage of the company's policy that rewards those who have worked there for five years with a four-week sabbatical."


4 weeks after 5 years

CNN Money

"Sabbaticals are still pretty rare at companies, and usually getting one requires putting in a lot of years. Not at Epic Systems, a software provider for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Epic employees can take a four-week paid sabbatical every five years. "

General Mills

6 weeks after 4 years


"General Mills offers employees two kinds of sabbaticals — one paid and one unpaid — at the end of seven years. The sabbaticals at AARP, Intel, Kimpton Hotels and Resorts, and Clif Bars are also triggered every seven years. But this is a malleable concept that companies have shaped to their particular needs. Autodesk requires only four years of service before tendering a six-week sabbatical."


6 weeks after 6 years


"Since then, sabbaticals have become part of the Genentech culture, where every full-time employee has the opportunity to take six weeks of paid time off every six years."


4 weeks after 5 years

Hubspot Careers

"After five years with HubSpot, you get a four-week paid sabbatical, with the equivalent of $5K US bonus."

Hyland Software

4 weeks


"Hyland established its four-week sabbatical program in 2014 to give eligible full-time employees the opportunity to spend significant periods of time away from work while still receiving a paycheck. This gives them the ability to focus on whatever interests them – spending time with family, traveling or learning something new. The goal is for Hyland to show its appreciation for loyalty and give eligible employees a chance to take breaks from work in order to return recharged and re-invigorated."


4 weeks after 4 years


"We encourage our tenured employees to take longer breaks and truly unplug by doing something they love – typically four consecutive weeks around the four year mark."


8 weeks after 7 years

4 weeks after 4 years

Stories Incorporated

"Intel offers a sabbatical program to its US-based employees who can choose to take 8 weeks off after every 7 years of service, or 4 weeks off after every four years of service. This is on top of your regular vacation."


3 months after 7 years


"From Intertech’s early days work-life balance was always a focus – not just talk. So, we put our money where our mouth was and implemented a 3-Month Paid Sabbatical program. The Sabbatical program has been a part of our culture now for over 15 years and is offered to employees every 7 years of service with the company. "

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

4 weeks after 7 years


4 weeks after 5 years


"Employees with 5 years of continuous service get a 4-week paid sabbatical to recharge, travel, spend time with family, develop a new hobby, or whatever else fills their cup."


4 weeks after 5 years

(+4 additional weeks unpaid)

Built in Colorado

"Eligible employees get 4 weeks of paid sabbatical after their first 5 years of working at the company. You can also take an additional 4 weeks unpaid at this time too."

Mayer Brown

12 weeks


"The firm also announced the start of a program that will allow both its lawyers and staff to request up to 12 weeks of sabbatical. The firm has also pushed back the start date for its U.S. associate class from fall 2020 to January 2021."


8 weeks


"McDonald’s Corp., which revolutionized the fast-food industry by placing metrics on every step of the food preparation process, has no formalized return-on-investment computations for its paid sabbatical program, yet “it’s worth every penny to provide this benefit to our employees,” says Richard Floersch, executive vice president of worldwide human resources."


3 months after 7 years


"After seven years at Meetup, we offer our employees a three-month, paid sabbatical (I’ll be taking mine in just a few months!). This allows our employees to enjoy a well-deserved break, returning to the office refreshed, energized, and with a new perspective, which is a “win/win” for the employee and for Meetup."

Men’s Wearhouse

3 weeks after 5 years

Google Books

"Men's Wearhouse offer it's employees tuition reimbursement, merchandise discounts, a 401(k) savings plan, an employee stock purchase plan, a wellness program devoted to personal exercise and smoking cessation cost reimbursement, training and educational opportunities and a three week paid sabbatical leave program after five years of work."


8 weeks after 10 years


"Along with the standard time off, Microsoft offers a Sabbatical Policy. Eligible employees who have worked 10 years or more with the company are allowed a paid eight weeks sabbatical from work. This is a significant benefit some employees may not realize they can access if needed."

Modern Times Beer

2 months after 5 years

Modern Times Beer

"Outstanding performers who stick with Modern Times for 5 years are eligible for a 2-month paid sabbatical. That’s a pretty amazing and uncommon benefit. Not many companies will pay you to take 2 months off."


3 months

Employee Benefits

"The online bank, which already offers a one-month unpaid sabbatical per year, has boosted this to allow staff who have been in their roles for four years to take a three months of paid leave either in one block or one month at a time."


6 weeks after 4 years


"In certain of our operations, we offer employees a sabbatical leave. Although the sabbatical policy varies by region, in general, Morningstar’s regular full-time employees are eligible for six weeks of paid time off after four years of continuous service."

New Belgium Brewing

4 weeks after 10, 20 and 30 years

Business Insider

"For instance, employees receive a branded fat-tire cruiser bike — a tradition started in 1999 as a nod to the brewery's flagship beer — at year one, a one-week trip to Belgium at year five, a $1,000 travel voucher at year 15, and a four-week paid sabbatical at years 10, 20, and 30."


5 week after 10 years

Business Insurance

"Employees at Nike are eligible for five-week paid sabbaticals after working 10 years at the company. The company introduced the benefit in 1994. Sabbaticals help the company find and keep employees, because those close to 10 years of service may choose to remain with Nike for the opportunity to take a sabbatical, Ms. Dorado said."


4 weeks after 10 years

Built in Chicago

"Eligible employees get 30 days of paid sabbatical after their first 10 years of working at the company."

One Medical

4 weeks after 5 years

4 weeks after 10 years

4 weeks after 15 years


"OneMedical imposes a requirement: Employees must give a presentation to colleagues and managers about what they did and learned after taking OneMedical's four-week sabbatical, a benefit extended to those with at least five years of tenure."

Pangea Money Transfer

2 weeks after 4 years

The Exchange

"Everyone at Pangea is committed to their jobs and creating the best product possible, but we understand and respect that employees have lives outside of work. Through generous vacation, work from home, and parental-leave policies, we ensure our employees truly have a work-life balance. We offer a minimum of 22 paid vacation days for everyone on top of 5 personal days, unlimited sick time, and paid sabbaticals for four-year employees."


2 months


"Outdoor clothing and accessory retailer Patagonia allows employees up to two months off to participate in their Environmental Internship Program. During this paid time off, employees also enjoy their other regular benefits while working for their chosen environmental group."


4 weeks after 5 years

PayPal Benefits

"Travel. Write a book. Pursue a hobby. Spend more time with your family. With PayPal’s sabbatical programme, you can. After completing 5 years of continuous service, you are eligible for 4 weeks paid sabbatical. All 4 weeks must be taken at once."

Perkins Coie

2 months


"The Seattle-based firm encourages employees to take time off to recharge, offering two-month paid sabbatical leave for all employees, including staff. In response, 77 workers took advantage of it last year."

Plante & Moran

30 days after 5 years

Illinois CPA Society

"Plante Moran began its program in 2001, offering partners a paid sabbatical of 30 consecutive days every five years, explains Chicago office Managing Partner Tom Kinder. “The time is to be used for rest, relaxation and renewal. Contact with the firm and clients during this time is highly discouraged,” he says."


4 weeks

Business Management Daily

"New senior managers and director-level staff can take a four-week paid sabbatical, cobbled together from one week of the employee’s allotted vacation time and three weeks intended as a “gift of time” from the firm. Sabbaticals can be devoted to im­­­proving professional skills, spending time with family and friends or simply kicking back and relaxing."

Principled Technologies

7 weeks every 7 years

Biz Journals

"Our staff made a good case for a new gym membership benefit, so we added one; existing benefits include full medical coverage, parental leave, a fully paid, seven-week sabbatical every seven years, and many more. To help new employees, and to continue our policy of clear, open communication, we created an employee portal full of information on our benefits, culture, and more."


25 days after five years

Fox News

"Employees (called "associates") can accrue up to five days per year for a maximum of 25 days at a time. Typically taken after five years of service."


4 weeks

Biz Journals

"Quad/Graphics began offering a sabbatical program in 1999 as a way to revitalize the company's employees and give them a chance to reflect on their career path at the company."


4 weeks after 25 years


"QuikTrip requires all full-time employees with 25 years of service to take a four-week sabbatical. At 30 years, 35 years and 40 years, employees must take additional sabbaticals. "The purpose is to rejuvenate and reduce burnout of tenured employees," says Kim Owen, vice president of HR."

Rackspace Hosting

1 month after 7 years


"At Rackspace, employees are encouraged to stick around. After seven years of hard work, each Racker is eligible for a full month of paid sabbatical. The potential of taking a month off actually serves to strengthen the resolve of employees, convincing them to improve productivity during their work hours. In the end, the offer of paid sabbatical becomes a win-win situation for the company and for long-term employees."


4 weeks

Outside Business Journal

"All REI employees are eligible for a paid sabbatical, a rare benefit in the retail industry. It’s four weeks of paid time off that increases to five after 20 years of service and six for 25 years of service. An average of 160 REI employees are eligible for sabbatical each year."

Renewable NRG Systems

6 weeks after 10 years


"NRG has offered a sabbatical benefit for a decade now. Employees who have been with the company for ten years are recognized with a six-week paid sabbatical and they’re eligible for another every five years thereafter."


4 weeks after 5 years

Search Reverb jobs

Built in Chicago

"Eligible employees get 4 weeks of paid sabbatical for every 5 years of service."

Ruby Receptionists

5 weeks after 5 years


"Ruby Receptionists provides a paid five-week sabbatical after five years on the job and gives each employee a $1,000 grant to use during that time. On top of that, all employees are given 24/7 access to the company’s office facilities where they’re welcome host events like birthday parties and wedding showers throughout the year."

Russell Investments

8 weeks after 10 years


"The company had a reputation for generosity toward its employees and was recognized by a number of different organizations for its pleasant work environment. In addition to their other benefits, in 1995 Russell began to offer a paid eight-week sabbatical leave to every employee with ten years or more of service. The company also contributed 15 percent of its employees’ salaries to a profit-sharing plan."

S.C. Johnson

8 weeks after 5 years

12 weeks after 10 years


"SC Johnson's eligibility criteria for a sabbatical leave is based on a sliding scale. At five years of service, employees can take an eight-week leave. Employees who have been with the company for 10 years can take a 12-week sabbatical and then every five years thereafter. Both plans offer employees 25 percent of their pay and full benefits during the absence."


4 weeks after 5 years

"My fave @Shopify
perk?! A one month paid sabbatical after 5 years of service to rest and refuel."

- Former Senior Lead, Shavonne Hasfal-McIntosh, on Twitter


4 weeks


"Aside from a flexible work-from-home policy, Skillshare actually offers some pretty unique benefits. For example, at your 3-year anniversary with Skillshare you're offered a one month paid sabbatical or an additional one month bonus pay. Every year, in-office employees are allowed to use a month's worth of time to work from home throughout the year."

Square 2

30 days after 5 years

Square 2

Mike Lieberman, CEO, said they policy was put in place "to reward our best team members."

The Cheesecake Factory

3 weeks after 5 years

Cheesecake Factory

"Corporate staff members with at least five years of service may take a threeweek paid sabbatical on each five year anniversary to pursue educational, charitable, artistic and intellectual interests. We created the program with our Values and our Purpose to nurture bodies, minds, hearts and spirits in mind. "

The Container Store

2 weeks after 10 years

3 weeks after 20 years


"The organization retailer also gives full-time employees who have been with the company ten years two weeks of paid sabbatical. Stick around for 20 years, and that yearly sabbatical increases to three weeks."

The Motley Fool

8 weeks after 10 years

Motley Fool

"You’ll be granted a paid sabbatical for up to eight weeks after you’ve completed ten years of service."

 The N2 Company

3 weeks after 4 years

The N2 Company

"N2’s sabbatical is an extended, paid three-week leave intended to give team members time to recharge and pursue personal interests. Since the start of 2022, team members (both hourly and salaried) with four years of continuous full-time employment with N2 are eligible."


12 weeks after 10 years


"Pune-based Kaushik Ghosh, people head, ThoughtWorks, a software product firm, says his company partially “sponsors" employees who go on sabbaticals to work with NGOs by giving them “50% paid leave". ThoughtWorks has a global sabbatical policy—employees are entitled to 12 weeks’ paid leave when they complete 10 years with the organization and six weeks every five years after that. Employees can apply for sabbaticals otherwise too, but that is without pay."


12 and 24 weeks


"The footwear company offers employees opportunities for paid community service or a service sabbatical. Employees can take between 12 and 24 weeks."


4 weeks after 5 years


"The promotional product company offers a four-week sabbatical for every five years of service for all full-time employees in good standing. Called VistaBreak, the sabbatical leave policy became so popular it was extended to employees who refer talent."


3 months after 5 years


"VMware, a software company, offers three-month sabbaticals to participate in projects within the company or with the company’s nonprofit partners that are outside the scope of their regular job. Offered to employees with tenures of five years or longer, part of their sabbatical leave program’s goal is to encourage collaboration between teams that don’t usually work together."

Whole Foods

6 weeks after 3 years (unpaid)


"Whole Foods Markets has a less formal sabbatical plan of six to 12 weeks (depending on length of service), after only three years of employment. The leaves are unpaid."


3 weeks paid 3 weeks unpaid


"For the 3,000 or so employees at the real estate marketplace Zillow Group, an opportunity awaits those who stay loyal: staff members who hit the six-year mark are gifted a six-week sabbatical (three weeks paid and three weeks unpaid) to recharge, whether that means traveling abroad, reconnecting with family or community volunteering."

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Our Definition For A Paid Sabbatical

A period of time in which an employee takes uninterrupted time off from work (without using vacation days) and retains his or her salary and employment with the company. Here are a few other notes for our list:

  • We did not include paternity or maternity leave in this list at all
  • There are also unpaid sabbatical programs, but our list includes paid ones only


Common Paid Sabbatical Policies

Nearly every paid sabbatical program is framed in this way: X weeks of paid sabbatical after Y years of employment with the company

  • The most common length of time is one month, which makes up about 50% of the list (companies may state this differently like “four weeks” or “30 days” but it’s the same idea).
  • Sabbaticals are most commonly offered to employees after five years with the company. The earliest sabbatical offered is after four years with the company.
  • Some sabbaticals are offered every five years of employment, for example, rather than only at the five-year mark.

On the whole, these companies acknowledge that uninterrupted time away from work can help the individual and the individual’s approach to work. The programs are often framed as a chance to spend more time to learn, volunteer, spend time with family, travel, or focus on health. In an exchange of value, the incentive also helps retain good employees for longer.  

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What is the difference between PTO and sabbatical?

  PTO (Paid Time Off) Sabbatical
Purpose Short-term personal needs (vacations, sick days, appointments) Longer breaks for personal/professional development
Duration Limited number of days per year (e.g., single day or a week) Several weeks to a year (less frequent)
Eligibility Standard benefit for full-time/part-time employees (accrues upon hiring) Specific requirements (e.g., minimum length of service)
Pay and Benefits Regular salary during time off Paid (full or partial) or unpaid (depends on company policy)

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What are the benefits of a paid sabbatical?

  1. Reduced burnout and stress
  2. Improved work-life balance
  3. Enhanced creativity and innovation
  4. Opportunity for new experiences and perspectives
  5. Personal and professional development
  6. Growth and learning
  7. Increased employee satisfaction and retention
  8. Strengthened skills and knowledge
  9. Greater employee loyalty and commitment
  10. Positive impact on company culture


How do paid sabbaticals work?

Here are some typical steps an employee would go through with their employer to use a paid sabbatical:

  • Eligibility: Employees generally need to meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify for a paid sabbatical.  These are typically based around years of service with the organization.
  • Duration: Some companies offer sabbaticals that last a few weeks, while others may allow for up to a year. Some sabbatical durations are based on other requirements (like if the employee has been with the company for five or 10 years). Once the duration is set, the employee can request to use the sabbatical.
  • Pay, benefits, job security: During the sabbatical, employees at the companies in our list continue to receive their full salary and benefits. Some companies offer unpaid sabbaticals. The company will ensure paychecks and benefits continue during the sabbatical.
  • Purpose: Depending on the type of organization, a company may offer different types of sabbaticals like these:
    • Research sabbaticals (for professors at universities)
    • Volunteer sabbaticals
    • Personal development sabbaticals
    • Travel sabbaticals
  • Approval process: Employees generally need to obtain approval from their manager or HR department before taking a sabbatical. This may involve submitting a formal request, discussing the proposed plans, and negotiating the terms and conditions of the sabbatical.
  • Work coverage: The employee and/or manager will work to sort out coverage for the employee while he or she is out. This could mean spreading the work around to coworkers, hiring a contractor, or pausing that type of work altogether (if possible).
  • Sabbatical return: After returning from a sabbatical, employees might be expected to share their experiences if the sabbatical had a specific purpose.


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