Bond Collective In East Austin: My Coworking Review

Bond Collective Austin - Coworking Space Review

My Review Of Bond Collective In East Austin

I visited Bond Collective in East Austin on Friday, October 6, 2023, at 2:30 PM.

Bond Collective, East AustinRating: 4.9 stars

Bond Collective in East Austin is a beautiful, modern coworking space with a slant toward community: people work out in the park, attend multiple events per month, drink coffee and beer together, and bring their pets.

Who it’s for: People living downtown and in East Austin looking for a community of other younger remote workers

I ranked Bond Collective as the best coworking space in Austin.


Coworking Space Details

Bond Collective Austin: Conference Room

  • Address: 310 Comal St Floor 2, Austin, TX 78702
  • Website: Bond Collective East Austin
  • Location:
    • Up-and-coming East Austin
    • Right next to a park (the coworking space has a balcony that overlooks it)
    • I easily biked over from downtown (close to everything)
  • Parking: There is a parking garage underneath the building and I saw plenty of street parking in the area 
  • Staff: Friendly, welcoming, always at the desk
  • Hours: 24-hour access


Who It’s For

The individual worker looking for a community-oriented environment who enjoys fitness and social events, has a pet (or doesn’t mind pets around the office), and likely lives in downtown Austin or on the east side of the city.

It’s definitely not just a place to work; it’s a community. Perfect for individuals who prefer a dynamic and interactive workspace over a quiet, head-down environment.

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Community & Vibe

It was very quiet the day I went there (but it was a Friday – a notoriously quiet coworking day).

But in walking around and talking to the staff, I learned about regular events like workouts in the neighboring park, bagel days, and cookie days. I also heard there was 95% occupancy, so regardless of how full the space was the day I visited, the membership is nearly full.

  • Location: East Austin… quieter neighborhood, lots going on, close to downtown
  • Members:
    • Younger crowd
    • Mix of individual workers and small teams with private offices
  • Atmosphere:
    • Community-focused: Regular events, bagel days, cookie days, pet-friendly environment
    • Fitness-focused: Workouts in the park, shower in the office, indoor bike storage
    • Great open spaces: Huge kitchen stocked with coffee and beer/wine, lounges, balcony overlooking a park
    • Variety of spaces: Phone booths, conference rooms, areas for chatter, quiet areas, balcony tables and couches, podcast recording studios, etc.
  • Events: Weekly bagel and cookie days, monthly social events, workout opportunities

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Design & Space

This coworking space offers a modern, thoughtfully designed environment. Features like six conference rooms, phone booths, and a printer station with unlimited black-and-white printing cater to most people’s needs. My favorite feature is a balcony overlooking the park.



  • Convenience: 24-hour access, IT support, daily on-site cleaning, mail & package receiving, and transportation options including parking under the building, one block from a MetroRail station, and a bike-friendly area.
  • Wellness: Showers with towel service, mother’s room, gym membership discount, gym access in the building, and scooter rentals within a block.
  • Comfort: Inside bike storage, outside tables, phone booths, and conference rooms.
  • Refreshments: Rotating selection of beer, wine, and craft beverages, premium coffee & tea, honor bar & spa water, and fresh fruit.
  • Extras: Pet-friendly environment.


Pricing & Membership Plans

Bond Collective Austin: layout

  • Day Passes: $25 per day
  • Conference Rooms: $50 per hour
  • Coworking: $300 per month
  • Dedicated Desks: $500 per month
  • Private Office Space: Starting at $500 per month

You can book a tour or find out more here.

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