Virtual Coworking: What Is It & Where Are The Best Sites?

Virtual Coworking

Remote work cuts out the commute and distractions of the office. Coworking spaces provide collaboration and a sense of community (and many more benefits) that some don’t get with remote work only, but they’re expensive. Then there’s virtual coworking: a nascent product idea where people can work remotely but collaborate digitally.

If you’re looking for a virtual coworking community, platform, or software tool… we’ve compiled the full list below.


32 Virtual Coworking Spaces & Tools



In their own words



Co-work with motivating buddies who keep you accountable & cheer you on, and boost your productivity 200-300%.

3 free sessions per week

Unlimited for $5 per month


Remo is an interactive virtual event platform that empowers you to recreate natural interactions in any type of gathering; from global events to remote work meetings.

Teams: $680/month

Business: $1,560/month

My Focus Space

MyFocusSpace is a place where you know you can stay accountable and push things forward.


Virtual Office

The digital workspace for distributed teams.


Startup plan: $8/user/month

Business plan: $16/user/month


Groove's accountability community helps you get sh*t done, the fun way in on-demand 50 minute focus sessions.



Deskmy is your office desk for working from anywhere, in an immersive space for remote and hybrid teams.


Teams: ​$9 per user/month

Events: $4 per user/day


Welcome to Arthur. Your team's office space. Fully digital.

Flow Club

Join founders, builders, and operators in virtual co-working sessions designed to drop you into flow.

Free trial


Common Desk (By We Work)

On a mission to make days better for professionals of all kinds by creating magical workspace environments and experiences. Located in Texas & North Carolina

Virtual Mailbox: $50/month

Common Pass: $150/month


A more human way to gather online.

Free (up to 10 people)

Members: $5 per user/month

Events: $10 per user


Breakroom is the next evolution in remote collaboration – a fully customizable 3D environment built for all your virtual requirements.

Essential: $15 per user/month

Teams: $13 per user/month

Professional $17 per user/month

Enterprise $17 per user/month


Connect with freelance and remote folks from around the world. We meet in Slack to share ideas and get work done. Pop by every day, or drop in occasionally – it’s up to you.


NexGen Virtual Office

Take Control of Your Remote Work Environment


The digitally native, authentically human workplace for remote teams – a more effective and fun way to collaborate with your team.


Standard: $8 per user/month

Enterprise: unknown


All-in-one collaborative browsing platform for remote teams that want to save time and get work done together.

Individuals: $15 per user/month

Teams: $30 per user/month


A leader in productivity software for professional and financial services.

Professionals: $30 per user/month

Grapevine Network

We are Grapevine! Our online platform serves to help you and your company host seamless and one of a kind virtual events.

5 attendees: $30 per month


meetingRoom enables enterprise teams to collaborate as a group using virtual reality meeting rooms, from anywhere.

Kosy Office

A virtual office where remote teams work and hang out. Kosy makes spending time with your team just as fun & productive as real life.



Your place to collaborate, socialize and hangout with your remote teammates



Modernize your client interaction workflows with your OneStop Client Interaction Hub.

Starter $100 per user/month

Business $480 per user/month

My Digital Office

An interactive online office and event space for a distributed world.


Metaverse for virtual parties


Sococo is the online workplace where distributed teams come to work together each day, side-by-side. No matter where team members might be. Down the hall, across campus, or halfway around the world – working in your organization’s online office is even more productive than being on the same floor or in the same room.

$15 per user/month

$25 per user/month (unlimited minutes)


Virtual space platform to help remote teams collaborate. Business but fun.


Regular: $6 per user/month


The only team chat solution that incorporates a sense of place and presence.


Startups and small businesses: $17 per user/month


Feel like a team again in your own virtual office.


Seed: $15 per user/month

Business: $25 per user/month


Your office, online.

Free (up to 25 users)

Organizations up to 250: $8 per user/month


Bringing remote teams closer together. A virtual workspace where teams collaborate side-by-side, from anywhere

Lite: $2 per user/month

Pro: $9 per user/month


Work from Anywhere with our latest product suite - WorkInSync

Standard: $2.50 per user/month Professional: $4 per user/month Enterprise: $6 per user/month


An online workspace to gather, and better cultivate culture and spontaneous communication in Hybrid and Remote Teams.

Free (up to 25 users)

$25 per user/month (up to 249 users)


Work with documents, get any work done, and communicate in a way that truly matters.


Enterprise: $30 per user/month

Video meeting platform where hosted in a digital space where everyone can move around and participate in creative team activities in real-time.

Free for teams of 8
$30/month for teams of 20


What is virtual coworking?

Virtual coworking (Other names you may have heard are virtual coworking space, virtual coworking community, or virtual coworking platform) is the process of performing work in a digital space with others.

A virtual coworking space is an online environment in which multiple people can collaborate and interact. Since the concept is so new, virtual coworking could mean different things to different people. Here are some of the different uses of virtual coworking:

  • Connect virtually with another person to hold each other accountable for work you plan to get done
  • Connect virtually with a community of people who share a common interest (like remote work or solo entrepreneurship)
  • Set up a virtual office space with meeting rooms, common spaces, and avatars

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What are the best free virtual coworking spaces?

If you’re a solo-entrepreneur or remote worker looking for the benefits of a coworking space online, there are plenty of free options. I recommend the following free virtual coworking tools for depending on the use you seek:

  • Focusmate or My Focus Space for peer accountability: You get three free coworking sessions per week
  • Myworkhive for an online community: Connect with remote workers from around the world in a Slack channel
  • Deskmy for teams of five and under: A virtual office space with avatars, meeting rooms, and common areas
  • Bramble for virtual worlds: For 10 people or fewer, build virtual spaces for your headquarters, conferences, or events


Did we miss a virtual coworking space you like?

Tweet @buildremote with your recommendation. We’ll take a look at the virtual coworking tool or community, then include it in our list if it’s a good fit. We’re happy to give you credit for the tip.

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