Common Desk (6th & Congress) In Austin: My Coworking Review

Common Desk Austin Coworking Space Review

My Review Of Common Desk in Austin

I visited Common Desk (the 6th & Congress location) in Austin, Texas on Friday, October 6, 2023 @ 2:00 pm.

Common Desk in AustinRating: 4.8 stars

Common Desk’s 6th & Congress location is a beautiful, greenhouse-like space spanning two floors. It’s a hip and trendy spot downtown with a young, entrepreneurial crowd.

Who it’s for: Younger, entrepreneurial, networking crowd

I ranked Common Desk as the second-best coworking space in Austin


Coworking Space Details

Common Desk in Littlefield Building

  • Address: 106 E 6th St Suite 900, Austin, TX 78701
  • Website: The Common Desk
  • Location:
    • Common Desk has the top two floors in the historic Littlefield Building right on 6th Street (popular, touristy street)
    • I noticed a good amount of homeless on the blocks right around
  • Parking:
    • $250/mo for unlimited parking in an affiliated garage
      • $150/mo for 10 parking vouchers in the garage
  • Staff: Friendly, welcoming, always at the desk
  • Hours:
    • Members: 24/7 access
      • Day Pass: 8 AM -5 PM (Mon-Thu), 8 AM -3 PM (Fri)


Who It’s For

A younger crowd (mostly under 40) with a mix of self-employed and remote employees

In my discussions with the staff and my tour around the space, it seems like it’s built for a younger crowd looking for a beautiful space to work and have a community.

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Community & Vibe

Common Desk at 6th & Congress has a vibrant, community-centric atmosphere, ideal for networking. If you’re a remote worker or an entrepreneur and you miss the feel of a sweet, downtown office with a great vibe, this is the spot for you.

  • Location: Popular downtown spot with lots of restaurants and shops
  • Members:
    • Mostly under 40 years old
    • 50% self-employed, 50% remote employees
  • Atmosphere:
    • Community-focused: Coffee shop and wet bar in the office, weekly events, lots of open spaces, ability to visit other Common Desk locations
    • Beautiful design: It’s like a greenhouse with lots of great light and multiple types of spaces
  • Events: Common Desk hosts weekly networking events and happy hours

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Design & Space

This is the most beautifully designed coworking space in Austin. You’ll find lots of greenery, tons of natural light through huge windows and skylights, and a variety of well-designed spaces to work.

  • Common Desk has the top two floors in the building (8th and 9th)
  • Designed like a greenhouse, ensuring abundant natural light and an array of plants
  • Well-maintained and beautiful space
  • Variety of workspaces including common areas, desks, phone booths, zoom rooms, and a wellness room



Here are the amenities that Common Desk highlights on their website:

  • Bottomless craft coffee
  • Fast + secure wifi
  • Weekly community events
  • Access to an open network of locations
  • Conference room access
  • Wet bar + lounge

Here are a few other cool ones I noticed that aren’t mentioned on the site:

  • Wellness rooms
  • Zoom rooms
  • Meeting booths
  • Multiple lounges
  • High-end kitchens
  • Open monitors to plug into
  • Friendly, helpful staff at the front


Pricing & Membership Plans

  • Shared Space (Student Discount): $75/month
  • Common Pass: $150/month
  • Shared Desk: $299/month
  • Shared Plus: $399/month
  • Team Pass: $350/month
  • Private Office: Starting at $800/month

You can book a tour or find out more here.

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