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emergency board meeting agenda

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Emergency Board Meeting Agenda

Purpose: To address and make quick decisions on urgent, important, unexpected situations.


  • Attendees: Board members, CEO, relevant people to the emergency 
  • Frequency: Ad hoc
  • Duration: 95 minutes


  • Call to Order (5 minutes)
    • Quick opening and attendance
  • Statement of Emergency (10 minutes)
    • Explanation of the emergency situation or critical issue
  • Discussion of Immediate Actions (40 minutes)
    • Brainstorm and discuss necessary actions to address the crisis
  • Approval of Emergency Measures (20 minutes)
    • Formal decision-making on proposed actions
  • Communication Plan (15 minutes)
    • Outline of how to communicate decisions to stakeholders
  • Adjournment (5 minutes)
    • Quick closure with a summary of agreed actions


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