Nonprofit Board Meeting Agenda Template

nonprofit board meeting agenda template

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Nonprofit Board Meeting Agenda

Purpose: To oversee the organization’s mission effectiveness, ensure fiscal responsibility, and strategize on fundraising and program development.


  • Attendees: Board members, Executive Director, and occasionally special guests (donors, partners)
  • Frequency: Bi-monthly, quarterly
  • Duration: 195 minutes


  • Call to Order (5 minutes)
    • Formal opening and recording of attendance
  • Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes (10 minutes)
    • Review and approve minutes from the last meeting to ensure all decisions and actions are documented
  • Mission Moment (10 minutes)
    • Share a story or testimony that highlights the impact of the nonprofit’s work, reinforcing the mission
  • Executive Director’s Report (20 minutes)
    • Update on organizational activities, staffing, and any significant changes since the last meeting
  • Financial Report (20 minutes)
    • Presentation of current financial status including budget updates, cash flow, and financial forecasts
  • Fundraising Report and Planning (30 minutes)
    • Review of past fundraising events and campaigns
    • Discussion of upcoming fundraising activities and strategies
  • Committee Reports (30 minutes)
    • Updates from key committees:
      • Governance Committee – Recommendations on policy changes or board development
      • Audit Committee – Compliance updates and any issues with financial controls
      • Program Committee – Updates on program delivery and any changes in program scope
  • Old Business (15 minutes)
    • Follow-up on previous unresolved issues or ongoing projects
  • New Business (20 minutes)
    • Introduction and discussion of new initiatives, partnerships, or projects
  • Board Development (15 minutes)
    • Training topic or discussion to enhance board effectiveness
  • Executive Session (if needed) (20 minutes)
    • Private session for the board to discuss sensitive issues
  • Announcements (5 minutes)
    • Informing the board of upcoming events, important dates, or critical changes in the organization
  • Adjournment (5 minutes)
    • Formal closure of the meeting with an outline of the next steps and meeting dates

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