New Client Onboarding Meeting Agenda

Client onboarding meeting agenda

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Here’s the exact client onboarding meeting agenda I used after eight years of running a remote marketing agency. This 60-minute agenda covers every aspect needed to launch a new client relationship successfully.


  • Attendees: Agency point person and team, client point person
  • Frequency: Adhoc
  • Duration: 60 minutes


  • Team Introductions (10 minutes)
    • Introduce key team members on both sides
  • Company (Client) Overview (15 minutes)
    • The client presents their company’s background, values, and mission
    • The client presents their company’s product, buyer, market, and competitors
  • Goal Review (5 minutes)
    • Review and get on the same page about the goal of the partnership (as set during the sales process)
  • Project Overview (5 minutes)
    • Review/screen share the agreement
    • Go over the key deliverables coming up for the first month
    • Review what is required from the client to achieve success
  • Systems & Tools (10 minutes)
    • Before the meeting: 
      • Invite the point person to all of the software tools – like experience platforms, project management tools, Google Drive, etc. – that will be used to deliver the service
      • Send emails with instructions on how to use each tool
    • During the meeting: 
      • Give an overview of how each system will be used and what is expected of the client
      • Do a quick demo of how each tool will be used
  • Discussion (10 minutes)
    • Open the meeting to questions or discussions from the client
  • Next Steps (5 minutes)
    • Outline exactly what will happen next and when it will be delivered


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