4 Project Management Meeting Agendas

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Here are four project management meeting agendas to choose from. Click below to jump to a template that fits your needs:

  1. Standard project management meeting (30 min)
  2. Project kick-off meeting (60 min)
  3. Daily standup meeting (15 min)
  4. Sprint planning meeting (60 min)
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Standard Project Management Meeting Agenda (Standard)

Project management meeting agenda

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  • Attendees: Everyone working on the project
    Frequency: Weekly/Monthly
    Duration: 30 minutes


  • Tasks From Last Meeting  (5 minutes)
    • Status update on action items from the last meeting
    • Note completed tasks and update on ongoing tasks
  • Project Update (5 minutes)
    • Overview of the project’s current status
    • Review of major milestones achieved since the last meeting
    • Discussion of changes to the project timeline or scope
  • Project Planning (15 minutes)
    • Confirm upcoming deadlines
    • Adjust timelines and resource allocation as needed
    • Plan for critical activities and milestones before the next meeting
  • Next Steps (5 minutes)
    • Write down/remind of the tasks created for this meeting
    • Confirm the next meeting’s date and time


Internal Project Kick-off Meeting Agenda

internal project kick-off meeting agenda

Purpose: To get the key people on the same page at the start of a new internal project.

Kick-off Meeting Agenda Template:

  • Attendees: Everyone who will be working on the project (or managers all of all teams working on the project)
  • Frequency: Adhoc
  • Duration: 1 hour


  1. Project Overview (10 minutes)
    • Presentation of the project’s origins, goals, and purpose
  2. Roles & Responsibilities (10 minutes)
    • Introduction of all team members
    • Clarification of responsibilities for each team member
  3. Project Plan & Timeline (15 minutes)
    • Review of the project timeline and phases
    • Discussion of key tasks, milestones, and deliverables
    • The first set of deadlines
  4. Systems (5 minutes)
    • Overview of the project management tool to be used, Slack channel, and other software tools that will be used
  5. Questions (15 minutes)
    • Open Q&A
    • Discussion of potential roadblocks and ideas
  6. Next Steps (5 minutes)
    • Immediate tasks and responsibilities that need to get done
    • Booking of the next meeting


Standup (Daily Scrum) Meeting Agenda

Daily standup (Scrum) meeting agenda template

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Purpose: To synchronize activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours in a development team or a team working on a project together.


  • Attendees: All team members working on the project, Scrum Master
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Duration: 15 minutes


  • Start and end on time
  • Set a consistent time for the meeting to occur each day
  • Screenshare your project management board
  • Go around one-by-one to share updates


  1. What did you work on yesterday?
  2. What will you work on today?
  3. What is getting in your way?


Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda

Sprint planning meeting agenda template

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Purpose: To outline the work to be performed during the sprint (a set period of time like one, two, or four weeks), the goal of the sprint, and the capacity of the team during the sprint.


  • Attendees: All project team members, Scrum Master, Product Owner
  • Frequency: At the start of each sprint (1, 2, or 4 weeks typically)
  • Duration: 1 hour


  • Previous Sprint Review (10 minutes)
    • What was completed?
    • What wasn’t?
    • What got in the way?
  • Capacity (5 minutes)
    • Do people need to make adjustments to their typical sprint workload? (ie. vacations, priorities outside of the sprint like hiring or quarter-close projects)
  • Sprint Goals (5 minutes)
    • Discuss: What needs to be accomplished in this sprint to consider it a success? Why is that the focus?
  • Backlog Planning (30 minutes)
    • Which priorities should go into the backlog to be completed during this sprint?
  • Next Steps (10 minutes)
    • Who is assigned which priority?
    • What needs to happen next to get started well during this sprint?


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