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staff meeting agenda

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Staff Meeting Agenda

Purpose: To focus on department-specific objectives, projects, and strategies for one team only.


  • Attendees: Department Members
  • Frequency: Bi-weekly/Monthly
  • Duration: 30-60 minutes


  • Introduction (5 min)
    • Discuss anything that comes up, personal or professional updates
  • Progress Update (10 min)
    • Have each team member update what they are working on
    • Review the past week’s accomplishments and highlights
    • Discuss challenges and solutions
  • Department Performance Review (15 min)
    • Review key metrics and achievements
  • Challenges and Collaboration (15 min)
    • Address specific challenges that need to be cleared
  • Feedback and Open Discussion (15 min)
    • Discuss how to clear the noted challenges
    • Share ideas and suggestions
    • Have an open discussion about anything that was missed


How To Run A Remote Staff Meeting

Henry working remotely in the eveningBefore Buildremote, I worked at a fully remote marketing agency for eight years. I ran the company for six of those years. That’s where I learned how to run a remote team meeting. Here are my best pieces of advice:

  1. Show up on time, be ready, present well on camera, and end on time. 
  2. Set aside intentional time for non-work talk.
  3. Always encourage video for team meetings (you need the non-verbal cues).
  4. Set an appropriate meeting length and stick to it.
  5. Write an agenda beforehand and share it.
  6. Prepare all of the numbers, metrics, and updates beforehand and share them.
  7. Keep the presentations, updates, and metrics short (those can be done asynchronously if needed) to clear more time for the discussions, solutions, and ideas. 
  8. Screen share when you are showing numbers, metrics, and progress updates.
  9. Do not screen share when having discussions (to put the focus on the people).
  10. Record tasks that are decided upon in the meeting, then revisit progress on the tasks in the next meeting.

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