24-48 Shift Schedule Template (24-Hour Shifts)

24-48 Shift Schedule Template

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This is part of our series on work schedule templates. You can edit this 24-48 shift schedule template in one of three common software tools (Canva, Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel) or print out the PDF.
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What Is A 24-48 Shift Schedule Template (24-Hour Shifts)?

If you are looking for a 24-hour shift schedule (where crews work 24 straight hours), the 24-48 schedule is the simplest schedule to choose. In this 24-48 shift schedule template, three teams each work one 24-hour shift followed by two days off. Over a three-week period, employees work 168 hours (averaged out to 56 hours per week).

  • Type of schedule: Staff
  • Duration: Weekly
  • Daily business hours: 24 hours
  • Shift length: 24 hours
  • Average employee work hours per week: 56
  • Other names for this template: ABC shift schedule
  • Typical industries: Fire departments, emergency services


24-48 Shift Schedule Template (24-Hour Shifts) Pros

  • Each employee gets four days completely off each week
  • After each work day comes two work days off
  • Employees do not have to switch from day to night shift and back (consistent pattern)


24-48 Shift Schedule Template (24-Hour Shifts) Cons

  • Incredibly long shifts (likely only works for certain types of work)
  • Not a lot of rest time between each shift (two days off per one 24-hour shift)


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Definitions For This Work Schedule Template

At the top of this post, we provided seven pieces of information about the 24-48 shift schedule template. This is how we define each of those terms:

  • Type of schedule: Every Buildremote schedule template fits into one of these main categories:
    • Employee: Daily, weekly, or monthly schedules to plan which staff members will work for certain times and days
    • Shift: Work schedules for teams that require shifts (8-, 10-, 12-, or 24-hour work blocks) each day
    • Corporate: Common schedules used by companies with knowledge workers (desk jobs)
    • Hybrid: Schedule templates for companies that have employees split their time in an office and remotely
    • Entrepreneur: Work planners and unconventional work schedules for self-employed people
  • Duration: The length of time that the schedule template covers:
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Daily business hours: The amount of hours that the organization will be open for business in a given day using this template
  • Shift length: The amount of hours employees will work each block of time before ending work (this is used primarily for the shift schedule templates)
  • Average employee work hours per week: The amount of hours each worker will log in a given week on this work schedule
  • Other names for this template: Other ways people refer to the same work schedule
  • Typical industries: The common types of organizations that typically use this schedule


Disclaimer: This template is not legal advice. Please advise your HR or legal team first to determine the right language and structure of your work schedule depending on your type of organization, employee status, and labor laws in your state or country.

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