Fields Corner Business Lab: Dorchester Coworking Space Review

Fields Corner Business Lab

My Review Of Fields Corner Business Lab

I visited Fields Corner on Monday, December 18, 2023 at 11:00 AM.

Rating: 4.4 stars

Fields Corner Conference Room

Fields Corner Business Lab offers a functional coworking space for local entrepreneurs and professionals. It’s been around for 10 years and has grown into new floors of the building along the way, so membership is growing.

It’s an affordable, simple coworking space with all of the necessary amenities but none of the extravagance you’d find at a WeWork. 

Who it’s for: Fields Corner predominantly serves the Dorchester community, with a whopping 98% of its members living locally. Most people come on foot, bike, or the T. If you have a small startup or you’re a solo remote worker, there is availability since Fields Corner just recently opened a new floor.


Coworking Space DetailsFields Corner Conference Room

  • Address: 1452 Dorchester Ave 4th Floor, Dorchester, MA 02122
  • Location: On Fields Corner in Dorchester – busy area, it’s a bit rough with homeless people around, but it didn’t feel unsafe
  • Website:
  • Parking: Street parking without restrictions and a free municipal lot within a few blocks
  • Staff: Friendly, available, helpful
  • Hours: 24/7 key-less access for all memberships
  • Community:
    • All local Dorchester entrepreneurs, startups, and remote workers
    • Mostly people in consulting, recruiters, lawyers, and life sciences people (but not limited to those professions)
    • ~200 members as of the end of 2023
  • Events: Networking events once per month

Want to see some coworking spaces downtown?


Why People Choose Fields Corner

Fields Corner Business Lab: Coworking Space

  • It’s a short commute (most everyone lives in Dorchester) – most people walk and bike
  • The Fields Corner T stop is about a block away
  • It’s much cheaper than most coworking spaces around Boston (high value for what you pay)
  • They offer flexible memberships: you could switch from a private office to a coworking membership and back
  • Good community for specific industries – consulting, recruiters, lawyers, life sciences – with 200+ members and 85 small businesses


Community & Vibe

Fields Corner Coworking Open Area

There are about 200 members (as of the end of 2023), 98% of whom live in Dorchester.

I’d characterize the vibe this way: it’s a simple, nice space in an old building for an affordable rate. That attracts people primarily looking for a space closeby to focus on their work a few days per week. Or, it’s for small businesses (2-10 people) that want a space to work together. Secondary to that is the networking and community (with one networking event per month)



The facility spans three floors (2-4), accessible via an elevator that leads to a securely locked 4th-floor lobby equipped with surveillance cameras. Members enjoy 24/7 access to the building, ensuring work flexibility and convenience.

  • Within a block of a T-stop
  • Free 2-hour street parking and a free municipal lot nearby
  • 9 conference rooms
  • Lockers ($25/month)
  • High-speed WiFi
  • Printer access
  • Unlimited coffee and snacks
  • Simple kitchen areas
  • Mailing addresses for all members
  • A directory for member businesses


Costs & Packages

Fields Corner Open Private Office
Open Private Office

Fields Corner Business Lab offers a range of membership options to cater to varying needs:

  • Private Offices: Starting at $600/month
  • Dedicated Workstations: $325/month
  • Flexible Workspace Options: Starting at $125/month

Final Thoughts On Fields Corner Business Lab

Fields Corner Business Lab stands out as an affordable coworking space that effectively serves the Dorchester area. While the building is old, the management has done an excellent job of ensuring that the space meets modern professional needs. The simplicity of the setup, from the kitchen to the workspace areas, speaks to the lab’s commitment to providing a straightforward, efficient environment for work without unnecessary distractions (and cost).

Despite the somewhat sketchy surroundings of Fields Corner, this coworking space has locked doors and surveillance cameras, so I’d feel totally safe with the security.

Fields Corner Business Lab is a gem in Dorchester, offering a practical, community-focused workspace solution that has resonated well with local remote workers for a decade.

For more information, visit their website: Fields Corner Business Lab.


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