How Many Work Weeks Are In A Year?

How many work weeks in a year?

You’re trying to plan out your businesses’s next quarter or year. You need some trustworthy data so you can plan employee schedules, know when holidays fall throughout the year, and more:


Work Weeks Per Year

There is no straightforward answer to the question, “How many working weeks are in a year?” That sounds ridiculous, but it really depends on how you count work weeks, when your business is open, and if you count holidays and employee time off in the answer. 

In the table below, we’ve included the amount of work weeks in a year based on a number of scenarios:

  Work Weeks Per Year Description
Open Every Week 52 Most businesses are open every week of the year.
Excluding 11 Federal Holidays 50 There are 11 US federal holidays throughout the year. That removes two working weeks total from the calendar.
Excluding 10-14 PTO Days 49-50 If you want to remove 10-14 paid time off (vacation) days for each employee, that takes out 2-3 working weeks per year.
Excluding Both
(Federal Holidays & 10-14 PTO Days)
47-48 If you want to remove 11 federal holidays and 10-14 PTO days for each employee, that takes out 4-5 working weeks per year.
Excluding 15-21 PTO Days 48-49 If you want to remove 15-21 paid time off (vacation) days for each employee, that takes out 3-4 working weeks per year.
Excluding Both
(Federal Holidays & 15-21 PTO Days)
46-47 If you want to remove 11 federal holidays and 15-21 PTO days for each employee, that takes out 5-6 working weeks per year.


How many work weeks are in a year?

52. Most companies are open every week of the year.

We define a work week as a week when the business is open in some capacity (store hours, office hours, employees working) for any part of the week. 


How many working weeks are in a year if you exclude holidays?

50. There are 11 US federal holidays per year which removes about two total working weeks from the calendar. If you remove those holidays, there are 50 working weeks per year.

If you are trying to figure out how many weeks per year your employees will be working, you should remove holidays from the total. To do that, divide your number of paid company holidays by five, then subtract that number from 52.


How many working weeks are in year for an average individual employee?

47-48. A typical, full-time employee will receive 11 federal holidays off plus 10-14 paid time off (PTO) days. That removes 21-25 working days per year or 4-5 working weeks per year. 

Your business may be open 52 weeks per year. But any individual, full-time contributor to your company will work for fewer weeks than 52. After excluding holidays and days for paid time off, an average employee in the United States might work for 47-48 weeks out of the year.


What are the US federal holidays?

There are 11 federal holidays each year. If you are trying to plan out further into the future, remember that the observed holidays change each year. Here are the US federal holidays for 2024:

  1. New Year’s Day: Monday, January 1
  2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday: Monday, January 15
  3. President’s Day: Monday, February 19
  4. Memorial Day: Monday, May 27
  5. Juneteenth: Wednesday, June 19
  6. Independence Day: Thursday, July 4
  7. Labor Day: Monday, September 2
  8. Columbus Day: Monday, October 14
  9. Veterans Day: Monday, November 11
  10. Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 28
  11. Christmas: Wednesday, December 25

Here are some other popular holidays many companies offer as paid days off:

  • Friday after Independence Day (Friday, July 5)
  • Friday after Thanksgiving (Friday, November 29)
  • Christmas Eve (Tuesday, December 24)
  • New Year’s Eve (Tuesday, January 31)


Work Year Calendar Downloads

Want to take work with some of this data for yourself? Feel free to download any of these images and datasets for the recent work years. If you choose to use it on your website, please give credit to Buildremote using this article’s website address.



Spreadsheet: 2023 – 2032 Work Calendar Dataset

We have created a Google Sheets workbook with a tab for each year from 2023 – 2032 and summary tabs for working hours and working days per year. Within each tab, you’ll find total days, federal holidays, weekend days, work days, and work hours by month.

Work hours in a year calculator/spreadsheet

👉 Access in Google Sheets 

To use the spreadsheet, you have two options:

  1. Log into your Google account, then click “File” and “Make a copy.”
  2. Download the workbook to Excel by clicking “File” and “Download.”


2025 Work Calendar

2025 calendar

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2024 Work Calendar

2024 work calendar

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2023 Work Calendar

2023 work calendar

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