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1) Work Hours Calculator

Use this work hours calculator to calculate the number of working hours between two dates. With a few inputs to customize, you’ll be able to calculate hours worked for your specific schedule, job, or company.

Work hours calculator

👉 Use the work hours calculator.


2) Work Days Calculator

I’ve counted business days using my finger on a calendar. I’ve calculated work days in Excel with formulas I could never remember. Enough was enough. I finally built this business day calculator to solve the hand-counting issues I faced as a manager. I built it for myself, but I hope you’ll find it useful, too.

Business day calculator

Use the business days calculator.


3) Work Week Calculator

In this calculator, you’ll be able to figure out the amount of working weeks that occur between two dates. Customize the calculation by changing the days you work, holidays you take off, and more.

work week calculator

Use the work week calculator.


4) Time Card Calculator

Use this free time sheet/time card calculator to determine the amount of hours worked in a given work week based on start time, end time, and time allotted for a lunch break.  Customize the report by adding an employee’s name and the time period. Print or save the PDF version of the time sheet.

time card calculator

Use the time card calculator.


5) Headcount & FTE Calculator

Calculate your company’s headcount and full-time equivalents based on full-time employees, part-time employees and work hours.

Headcount calculator

Use the headcount calculator.


6) Salary To Hourly Calculator

Quickly determine your hourly earnings from your annual salary. You can also the way you calculate salary to hourly earnings by changing the inputs: currency, salary, hours worked per week, and weeks worked per year.

Salary to hourly calculator

Use the salary to hourly calculator.


7) Hourly To Salary Calculator

Quickly determine your annual salary from your hourly rate, hours worked, and weeks worked in a year. You can also customize the annual salary calculator for six common currencies.

Hourly to salary calculator

Use the hourly to salary calculator.


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