Salary To Hourly Calculator

Use this salary to hourly calculator to quickly determine your hourly earnings from your annual salary. You can also the way you calculate salary to hourly earnings by changing the inputs: currency, salary, hours worked per week, and weeks worked per year.

Salary to Hourly Calculator


Hourly Pay:

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Instructions For The Annual To Hourly Salary Calculator

Follow these steps to calculate salary to hourly in the tool above:

  1. Currency: Pick from one of six currencies – US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee, or Bitcoin – to use for your calculation. The calculator defaults to the US Dollar.
  2. Salary: Enter the amount you make per year in this field. The calculator assumes you are entering annual salary, but you can change that in the next field, “Pay Frequency.”
  3. Pay Frequency: This defaults to annual, but you can change the time period. If you’d like to enter your monthly salary, for example, type that figure in “Salary” and change “Pay Frequency” to monthly.
  4. Work Hours Per Week: Enter the amount of hours you work each week (your weekly work schedule). This defaults to a 40-hour work week.
  5. Work Weeks Per Year: Enter how many weeks you work per year. This defaults to 52 weeks (every week throughout the year).

Hit “Calculate.” The salary to hourly calculator will return your hourly, weekly, and monthly pay in a green box just below the calculator.

Uses For The Salary To Hourly Rate Calculator

There are a number of reasons to calculate annual salary from hourly rate:

  • Compare your hourly pay to average hourly rates for your type of position.
  • See what your skills and services are worth per hour based on your annual salary.
  • Figure out how much to pay for a position you are hiring for.
  • Translate a full-time salary into an hourly rate for part-time employees.
  • See how much you’ll need to make per hour as an entrepreneur to hit your desired annual earnings.

How To Calculate Salary To Hourly Pay


To calculate your hourly rate from your annual salary, use this formula:

Hourly pay = Annual salary / number of weeks worked per year / number of hours worked per week

Here are some examples:

  • $200,000 / 52 /40 = $96.15
  • $100,000 / 52 /40 = $48.08
  • $50,000 / 52 /40 = $24.04
  • $25,000 / 52 /40 = $12.02

Google Sheets Or Excel

If you’d rather do your calculation in Google Sheets or Excel, use this spreadsheet template.

salary to hourly calculator
  • If you’re logged into a Google/Gmail account, you can use the Google Sheets workbook by making a copy (File > Make a copy).
  • Or, you can use it in Microsoft Excel by downloading it (File > Download > Microsoft Excel).

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Disclaimer: This calculator is not legal advice. Please advise your HR or legal team first to determine the right work hour calculations and salaries depending on your type of organization, employee status, and labor laws in your state or country.

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