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Mentoring session agenda

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A mentor/mentee relationship can develop naturally. But if you’re looking to structure the relationship to help the mentee more, you can host a recurring mentoring session. Below, you’ll find a mentoring session agenda, how to prepare for the session, and mentoring session topics to discuss.

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Mentoring Session Agenda Template

Purpose: To provide a structured approach for effective mentoring sessions, ensuring goals are met and both mentor and mentee gain valuable insights.

  • Attendees: Mentor and mentee (one-on-one meeting)
  • Frequency: Adhoc, quarterly, annually
  • Duration: 60 minutes


  • Introduction (10 minutes)
    • Personal chit-chat, rapport building
  • Last Meeting’s Tasks (5 minutes)
    • Review the tasks that were agreed upon from the last mentoring meeting session
    • Discuss progress, roadblocks, successes
  • *Discussion Topic (30 minutes)
    • Focus on a predetermined topic (see “Mentoring Session Topic Ideas” below)
    • The mentor asks a series of questions to help the mentee self-assess 
    • Share relevant experiences and best practices
  • Goal Setting (10 minutes)
    • Set SMART goals for the mentee until the next session to improve directly in the discussion topic area
    • Agree on up to three action items for the next meeting
  • Next Steps (5 minutes)
    • Mentor gives final advice or words of encouragement
    • Mentee shares immediate thoughts and provides feedback on the session

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How To Prepare For A Mentoring Session

If you want to structure your mentor-mentee relationship, the key is to have both sides prepare for each mentoring session. By doing that, you’ll have productive discussions around specific topics with action items to propel growth for the mentee.

Here’s how both sides can prepare:


How The Mentor Should Prepare

  1. Send an email one week before the next mentoring session to ask questions:
    1. “Which topic would you like to focus on today?” (Send examples from here)
    2. “Have you made progress on your tasks from the last session?”
    3. “Is there anything you’d like me to prepare for the call?”
  2. Plan the discussion topic based on the mentee’s response.
    1. Prepare questions to ask.
    2. Think about stories or advice from your background to share.
  3. Prepare some key ways to learn.
    1. Think about books, courses, podcasts, or articles you’ve read that helped you in the area you’ll discuss.
  4. Review the mentee’s progress from previous meetings.
    1. Review the previous 3-5 meeting notes and write down questions:
      1. “How are things going in X area?”
      2. “Have you been working on Y?”


How The Mentee Should Prepare

  1. Review and complete tasks from the previous meeting.
  2. Review the previous agendas and prepare questions.
  3. Think about your personal goals, challenges, and ideal career path.
    1. Has anything changed since the last meeting?
    2. How are you doing on progress toward your goals?
  4. Pick a specific discussion topic (examples here)
  5. Prepare questions to get the most out of the session.
    1. What would you like guidance on?
    2. What are you curious about within the discussion topic?


Mentoring Session Topic Ideas

Each mentoring session should include a specific topic to structure the discussion. Here are some ideas to pick from:

  1. Career path
  2. Career goals
  3. Job performance
  4. Opportunity/path within the company
  5. Key areas of growth in current role
  6. Personal goals
  7. Managing work and life
  8. Leadership development
  9. Skill development
  10. Networking/social development
  11. Time management
  12. Communication/presentation skills
  13. Technical skill development
  14. Strategic thinking/planning
  15. Emotional intelligence
  16. Entrepreneurship path
  17. A specific challenge being faced now
  18. Personal brand path
  19. Financial planning, growth
  20. Personal management (health, meditation, exercise, diet)

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