First Team Meeting Agenda Template (Remote)

first team meeting agenda

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This is part of our series on meeting agenda templates. You can edit this first team meeting agenda in Google Docs or Word or print it out. 

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First Team Meeting Agenda Example

Purpose: To introduce team members, set expectations, and establish team goals.


  • Attendees: Entire Team
  • Frequency: One-time
  • Duration: 1 hour


  • Team Introductions (15 min)
    • Brief introduction from each team member (role, location, hobbies, family, etc.)
  • New Team Member Introduction (15 min) 
    • Career
    • Role
    • Personal talk: Location, hobbies, family
  • Team Objectives (15 min)
    • Outline the team’s purpose and goals
    • Discuss team culture and values
  • Roles and Responsibilities (15 min)
    • Clarify each member’s role and expectations


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