Non-Work (Team Building) Meeting Agenda

non-work meeting agenda

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Non-work Meeting Agenda For Team Building

Purpose: To build personal relationships and company culture without discussing work.


  • Attendees: Entire team (department for large companies, full staff for small companies)
  • Frequency: Weekly/bi-weekly
  • Duration: 30-45 minutes


  • Icebreaker (15 min)
    • Pick from several meeting icebreakers that don’t require any prep
    • Propose a simple question to get an interesting, non-work discussion going
  • Open Discussion (15 min)
    • Discuss anything outside of work: travel plans, family updates, etc.


Why You Should Try Non-Work Meetings As A Remote Team

Even though I’m a huge proponent of remote work, I believe humans connect better in person. That doesn’t mean it’s worth forcing all your employees to return to the office, but it does mean you should invest time into team building.

At the remote company I ran for six years, we fell into a weekly “non-work” meeting over a few years. Our Monday morning team used to include business items like reporting and project management updates, but we always started with open, unplanned chit-chat. That section grew and grew over time.

It made us realize that the real value of this weekly meeting was for people all over the country to connect personally. Eventually, we got rid of the work stuff altogether and the non-work meeting was borne.

Non-work Meeting


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